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    BobbyGribbs reacted to lu_alum in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Zahid is the first #1 seed to make the finals.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from scribe in Cliff Kleen thread   
    60% of the time it works everytime
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Fishhook in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Micah with a nice win over Shields
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to sgallan in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Pletcher, 133 version of Heil!?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Housebuye in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Eh this isn’t NCAAs. I respect him for it. You don’t need to ruin a guy’s year in this situation.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Housebuye in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Pletcher scares me every time he wrestles
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Idaho in CKLV Pre seeds, When?   
    Prior to the seeds. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Perry in Ref gets down on the mat!   
    Man, tough crowd.. I saw this on FB the other day and got a good laugh at it. Worth sharing for those who may not have seen it.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to wrestlingnerd in 125 at tOSU   
    125 and heavyweight are the toughest weights to recruit for and fill every year. Look at Penn State, same issue. With the Brands at Iowa and Smith at OSU, any other school will generally play second fiddle in lightweight recruiting. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to sgallan in Snyder MMA potential   
    I will come out against anti youth football. Adults can make informed decisions with a wealth of information out there now but kids often get pushed or manipulated into contact sports.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to rcoates1 in ASU vs OSU   
    Micah’s bottom game is almost as bad as JD Bergman’s announcing
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Plasmodium in ASU vs OSU   
    Tervel is looking good.  He could make 97kg.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to LemonPie in ASU vs OSU   
    Braken mead looks 12. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to madcat11 in ASU vs OSU   
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to NJDan in Bo vs Zahid   
    Bo needs to grow his hair back out. When he had long hair, he looked like Thor. With that crewcut, he looks like a FedEx driver.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from rcoates1 in Bo vs Zahid   
    I agree kids are nothing but eat, poop, n sleep issues at home. They should be out of the house by 5 earning a living. Haha
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to headshuck in Bo vs Zahid   
    I am and that’s why I feel David Taylor doesn’t have much talent. I mean 0-8 vs Dake who can’t even make the seniors team in what, 4 years?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to hammerlockthree in Bo vs Zahid   
    They shouldn't even wrestle the tournament now that we have you guys. How did Bo and Hall split if one is more talented?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Witherman in Bo vs Zahid   
    I think the thing I like the most interesting piece of this discussion is that we will get to see them wrestle multiple times throughout the year!! 
    I don't believe we will see Hall vs Zahid again until the NCAA's (someone correct me if I'm wrong) we will see Zahid vs Amine tomorrow Zahid vs Bojo on sunday Zahid vs Bojo vs Amine in vegas (course depends on how brackets shake out) possbily see Bojo vs Hall @ scuffle Hall vs Amine @ dual Hall vs Bojo vs Amine @ B1G's What an amazing season of wrestling we will get to watch @ 174!!!
    EDIT:  forgot to mention - this all only happens if everyone starts their studs at these duals.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to squeek in Bo vs Zahid   
    I really want to pick BoJo but it's just so hard to pick against Ryan.
    I would feel better if I knew Bo and his wife had a babysitter lined up and on lock down for Sunday afternoon otherwise..... We all know diapers don't change themselves
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to MSU158 in Hall vs Valencia at 174 in All Star classic   
    If he is finally healthy, I expect him to wrestle a lot this season.  However, all 3 prior seasons were marred by injuries.  Hell, his foot was so bad last year that he wasn't able to use one of his best positions for a majority of the season.  Did you see what would happen almost immediately after any limited attempts he made at throwing in a leg?
    Someone said it much earlier.  BoJo is not getting near the credit he deserves.  At 100%, he is very much at the same level as Hall and Valencia.  Now, if you want to expect him to be less than 100% and as such put him below them that is fair.  His past has earned him that.  But, acting like they both are going to just jump way above him on the learning curve is a mistake.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Housebuye in Kollin Moore   
    He has never lost to him and most recently completely dominated and pinned him
    Good try
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Witherman in Wrestling Season is Upon Us!   
    Hell yes. This is a tbar post I can get behind.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Gantry in NaTo hurt   
    This whole forum has devolved into the same 6-8 people arguing with each other in every single thread.  Seriously, can some of you:
    1)  Simply not need to get the last word in. Tit-for-tat has zero returns after about the 5th reply.
    2)  Agree to disagree
    3)  Make your point and move on
    4)  Put someone you can't stop fighting with on ignore
    5)  Hopefully all of the above
    You're under no obligation to do so, but just keep in mind that you are making the board worse for everyone else.  Thanks for listening...
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to superbowlhomeboy in More Wrestling Media Coverage But,   
    We have to do everything we can to get marquee events on ESPN and NBC Sports, where they are accessible to everyone, instead of Flo, where only the die-hards pay for subscriptions. Start there!
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