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    BobbyGribbs reacted to 2td3nf in Thanks Kyle   
    Love Kyle's heart. His wrestling is pretty good too.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Greatdane67 in What was wrong with OSU   
    I have to agree with this, he looked tired and on the defense which we all know Moore has a motor and always on the attack
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Coach_J in PSU v tOSU   
    OSU looked rushed, uptight, desperate, and at times completely unaware of what the team needed (as far as getting/not giving up bonus points).  The B10 tournament will be interesting to see who makes the necessary adjustments.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to repechange in Spencer Lee   
    Both of you stfu
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to GuillermoBilletas in Queens for a day!   
    college athletes don't respond to spam the same way delusional wrestling dad do?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in tOSU's next few weeks.   
    First off, the introduction of anything political on these threads is a serious indictment on the individual raising those political points.  Either you're a child, an attention seeker, or simply a nuisance, it is seriously not welcomed here by most of us.  If you would like to share your political sentiments, please find another board.  This isn't "snowflakism" in response, but rather, a rational adult knowing that politics and your individual perspective is one of but 330 million unique perspectives, and carries no more, or no less, weight, than the others.  Basically, it's insignificant, so stop.  
    Now... what is significant, is your opinion and POV on the wrestling matchups.  I'd love to hear more about those, as it is the intention of the forum.  
    Keep it classy... 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    I strongly disagree that Ohio State fans have shown anything like poor class. Quite the contrary, they have been showing good class in this situation. No true fan would applaud a great athlete being injured.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Cradle1 in What to do about 141?   
    I know he's not a fashionable choice, but I think people are writing off McKenna based on the Thorn match a little too quickly.  74-8 career record, multiple world level medals, wins over guys like Meredith, Zacherl, Ashnault and Kolodzik. He could end up being the "forgotten man" who surprises everyone.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to nom in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    Ok, saw it on BTN replay. Didn’t seem too bad and then Nolf leaned in. And the PD call I think. Untangled and it was after untangle that it became clear something was wrong.
    Rutgers was wisely keeping the ankle. From what posters are writing they make it sound like he grabbed toes and torqued. He did not. I can’t see blaming Rutgers based on what I saw.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Perry in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    Reminds me of what Zain tried doing to Pico in several of their freestyle matches. I will never forget Pico's comments about Zain clubbing him and roughly saying "if you want to wrestle me, let's wrestle. If you want to box, well, we can do that too buddy..". Penn State fans didn't comment on any of that but seem quick to call it when others do it to them. I suppose that's how biases work, though...
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Plasmodium in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    Sh!thole comment.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from BigTimeFan in The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)   
    Looked very frustrated and then looked as he was either gassed or just conceded
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from ironmonkey in The most robbery match in NCAA wrestling history ever   
    There should have been an arrest of that robbery
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to NickyTheEar in The most robbery match in NCAA wrestling history ever   
    I would also add Ian Miller getting robbed against Realbuto in the Semis in 2015.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to PSUMike in You favorite storys 2018 so far   
    Gotta be Gross/Meredith. You never see that anymore. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to BigTenFanboy in Ohio State v Iowa   
    No no no! Mark Hall repeated kindergarten 17 times! Hes not a true sophomore, he's a "True sophomore!"
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Eagle26 in Year Round Wrestler Killing Sport?   
    Sport specialization has become a problem in all sports, but more so in wrestling because there is so much technique involved that the year round wrestler really does have a huge advantage. It definitely does drive the avg kids away, but unfortunately I don't see a viable solution. With the exception of upper weights (where so many are football players tha wrestle), it takes an incredible athlete to partipate in multiple sports and compete with the year round wrestler. If you want to wrestle in college, you almost have to wrestle year round. As a high school coach, I still promote the multi sport athlete because if I didn't I would have 3 kids on the team. I believe coaches of all sports need to come together and promote this and the only exceptions should be the rare kid that can legitimately get a scholarship. In my experience, your lucky to have one kid per year in the school who this applies to. Problem is we have all these crazy parents that want to start this in youth wrestling because they all believe their kid is going to be the rare one to get a scholarship. And I just don't see a way to stop these parents because they are right in what it takes to get a scholarship... They are just wrong about their kids athletic ability and/or work ethic/determination. The tough kids benefit from this and the majority burn out. What can you do?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to ionel in Heading to Columbus Gents for the Meat   
    Pretty sure he meant the "Meat," been around much? ;)
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to silver-medal in Iowa at Ohio State   
    In fairness to Pletcher, his arms and legs are so short he has no choice but to wrestle his style.  
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in Gross vs Meredith Thursday night   
    I find it interesting that folks (including myself), across so many industries and verticals, use this one word incorrectly... "illegal".  We're ALL guilty of it!
    So... if Gross started the dual at 141, and then ended it at 133, would any laws be broken?  Would anyone go to jail/prison?  Nah... it's just against a rule/regulation, put together by an agency that has zero law enforcement capabilities.  Now, if they violated rights along the way.. different story... someone's in trouble... 
    Fun times... 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Serial_Thriller in Iowa at Ohio State   
    I watched Snyder uproot a huge oak tree once. No way does Stoll beat him.
    (*correction* It was not an oak tree, it was Connor Medbery, but same diff)
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Aviator12 in Iowa at Ohio State   
    Crazy saying that about a 197 pounder but I guess that's a testament to why Moore is so special. His activity is insane for a 197.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.   
    He is referring to the program and their source of funding via the pharm sales...I think
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Peso in NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.   
    He is referring to the program and their source of funding via the pharm sales...I think
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to madcat11 in NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.   
    was too busy watching NaTo tech Lizak.
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