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    BobbyGribbs reacted to superbowlhomeboy in More Wrestling Media Coverage But,   
    We have to do everything we can to get marquee events on ESPN and NBC Sports, where they are accessible to everyone, instead of Flo, where only the die-hards pay for subscriptions. Start there!
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to steamboat_charlie in NaTo hurt   
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from pjm46 in Indiana Wrestling   
    That's not true...MSU is the laughing stock
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to gowrestle in Beer and wrestling?   
    Beer is served in my house when wrestling is on!
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Gantry in GrAb BaG of topics   
    Master of Puppets, Metallica University
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to gimpeltf in GrAb BaG of topics   
    Not sure what your point is, you're not supposed to get pinned at all.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to headshuck in GrAb BaG of topics   
    Do you ship small batches to guys that only compete for their family's affection?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Perry in Now that Suriano is gone, who is your Pre-Season Team Favorite?   
    He turned 20 in january, 3 months before winning ncaas.. and if you reset hall to bottom as the rules State (had bojo' s td been called correctly on the challenge) then the final score changes as well. Had hall properly been hit for stalling during his 40 second back pedal in the 3rd the score would have changed (every non psu fan at scott trade was screaming for it). The only reason hall scored a td at the end was bc bojo had to go for the nothong shot that was immediately countered. The ref won hall that match more than hall did. I am not a tosu fan and have no skin in the game, but that match start to finish was called phenomenally worse than stieber/jo. Interestingly, both matches lead to rule changes..
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Perry in Now that Suriano is gone, who is your Pre-Season Team Favorite?   
    Mark hall as a "true freshman" is about as old as I was when I graduated college. Not the Jordan was any younger, but I don't believe hall will see the usual progression curve that "real" true freshman see.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Perry in Now that Suriano is gone, who is your Pre-Season Team Favorite?   
    Cenzo battled and created his own "luck". Hall had the benefit of horrendous reffing in the finals more than once to "earn" his title.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to andegre in WrestleStat - Weekly Pick'Em Contest   
    No cost. In years past, I've been giving WrestleStat shirts for the top 3 placers at the end of the season.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to VakAttack in Men's freestyle, day 1   
    Personally, I don't care. I like a little villainy. But you can't say stuff like this and not sound douchey.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Crotalus in Men's freestyle, day 1   
    Yep. I think all USA fans are disappointed, but you should be there to support your fellow countryman. Especially considering that if Taylor hadn't jacked up J'den's knee, he may have been more prepared and ready to go (no way to prove that, of course).
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to silver-medal in Men's freestyle, day 1   
    In fairness to Stieber, the two guys he lost to were light years better than anyone that the other Americans have wrestled excluding the Turkish Hvy who destroyed Gwiz.  Cox got caught in two of his matches and it cost him one.  He has wrestled well otherwise.  
    Stieber had a brutal draw and couldn't overcome it.  That said--he looked over-matched.  
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to MA_Wrestler in Men's freestyle, day 1   
    You cant call Steiber's title last year a fluke, he beat the 4 best guys at that weight in a row and earnd that title. That said, there are guys at the weight now that are just on a whole different level. Steiber lost to the two best guys in the bracket, no shame in that, but would have liked to see it be a bit more competitive than being shutout and teched twice. Aliyev is on that level too, should be a great final.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to matts1w in High School Numbers Down AGAIN   
    The every Saturday from 6 Am to 9 Pm marathons are killing the sport.  Kids, parents, and fans dont want to sit in a gym every Saturday for months on end.  Bring back the dual meet.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to TobusRex in High School Numbers Down AGAIN   
    Nothing. Face the facts: most kids are lazy slobs and would rather spend a couple hours a day playing FarCry than working their butts off in a stinky 100 degree wrestling room.
    Look at the bright side. In 25 or 30 years the only guys in this country that will know how to wrestle will be the old timers. We'll be able to kick the crap out of the youngsters with impunity using our lost art.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to pamela in Suriano to Rutgers?   
    Thank you, Simone.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Idaho in No one is a lock this year   
    There are no "locks" in wrestling….just hand locks…which can be penalties and make a lock not a lock because of a lock. Locks are mythological, such as the lock ness monster. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to steen-hooph in Suriano to Rutgers   
    It won't be akward. He will just give a Louden Swain speech about wrestling being an individual sport and climb the peg board and all will be fine.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to TheOhioState in More breaking news   
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in More breaking news   
    You are quickly becoming The Onion in this wonderfully mundane Olive Garden Salad of wrestling posts...
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to websterk149 in Suriano Theory   
    That'd definitely make Cael throw another chair lol
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Perry in It's A Shame   
    Mark hall stalled worse in the last minute against bo Jordan than Cox did against taylor. Please stop your crying now.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to redblades in It's A Shame   
    I think both Cox and Taylor will both get over it.  Penn State fans... Maybe not.
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