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  1. The Flo crew and Askren touched on the Desanto incident and Brands press conference today. Their discussion lasted not very long about a minute. Seemed about the right amount. Nobody thought it was a big deal. Certainly not an 8+ page deal.
  2. I don’t think he should waste a year of eligibility sitting. If Kerk is the guy next year he can redshirt if not Nevills wrestles. I don’t know what his goals are but I’m not gonna say it’s stupid to train with those guys. Like I said he stays next year he doesn’t really lose anything. Where do you think he goes to get better?
  3. I don’t know that there’s any rush for him to leave. He has a redshirt and he’s in one of the top 3 training environments in the country. Kerkvliet also has a redshirt and a history of knee injury as a heavyweight. Why not stay and get better for at least a year practicing with Kerkvliet, Snyder, Sanderson and Varner. Could be even better places to land after a year or two and he’ll be even better prepared.
  4. I don’t really do that well with innuendo. Lewis or Amine? I’m not calling Kemerer a lock but he’s ranked #1 for a reason. If he’s in the finals this year I’d say as of right now he’s a favorite to be in the finals again next year until proven otherwise. I didn’t say he’d be a favorite to win. I think they’ll be fun and exciting matches.
  5. I was not. And if I’m Abe Assad no way I’m redshirting with the possibility of being on two National championship teams. i just think Kemerer-Assad>Brands-Kemerer.
  6. Kemerer isn’t that tall for a 174 pounder. Plus he’s going to be a finalist favorite this year and next at 174. Brands at 174 and him at 184 would be two question marks. I think Assad is an AA next year and maybe this.
  7. Maybe, maybe not. Both he and Kerk have redshirts available. Unless it’s a money issue or he can go to another team competing for a title I think I’d stay till I didn’t have a spot. Plus with Kirkvliet’s injury history he could still be the man.
  8. Definitely a good point but they have four years to replace him. They must be seeing considerable improvement behind the scenes. I thought he’d be in redshirt all year too. Another possibility is they really want him to have the post season experience this year and be prepared for next years run also.
  9. How’s that conversation go? Hey Cass. I know we pulled you away from NW and it looks like you’ll be a 4 year all-America. But Gable wants to come in now. So we’re gonna need your money for next year. It boils down to integrity and you can’t repeatedly do this and think recruits won’t notice. Not everybody likes slimey.
  10. Maybe I’m mistaken but I feel like he did suggest that Massa look for a way also.
  11. He lost 8 times and 7 were to Chris Pendleton who was champ the 2 years he wasn’t.
  12. And what is your metric for determining if someone is all American caliber?
  13. Personally I wish the best wrestlers could compete for gold regardless of their nation. We get more than one rep in track and field and swimming and various other sports. If they’re good enough to qualify they should be able to compete.
  14. Maybe there’s no time limit. If he continues to get good recruits, they have results on the mat and graduate as students. Sometimes it’s reasonable to expect that there may not be a better option available for the foreseeable future unless his name is Sanderson. So be happy with what you’ve got.
  15. Well we have very different experiences. I’m curious where you live to find a couple hundred FS/GR matches per year before middle school with 0 chances to wrestle folk. I live in west central IL and our pre middle schoolers can wrestle in multiple tournaments and Probly get 30 matches + in a season. At the same time there are 0 FS/GR opportunities at all within 100 miles Even outside the season. There are very few coaches that know anything about the international styles let alone would be considered proficient or even expert. Im 43 by the way.
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