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  1. No. Being tied promotes inaction. Nobody wants to take a risk. Folkstyle should move to criteria. Someone always losing promotes guys trying to score.
  2. Maybe it’s just about money and increasing his brand.....Paul reportedly received over a million dollar payout for the Robinson fight. $750000 to show and 1/2 the ppv payout.
  3. I know a 16u boys soccer coach that’s pretty adamant they were beating the USWNT as well.
  4. Do you have a source for this. I’ve seen this would be the soonest possible and that would be record time.
  5. They all lost their jobs because of that recent bias. Iowa floundered under Zalesky, while successful at Stanford Maryland had no success under McCoy, Iowa State was on the downturn as well. Im sure there fine coaches. They lost their jobs because their programs were stagnant. My point was their names and accolades weren’t bringing them current success. The other coaches I spoke of built their programs without the name and hardware. Brands has been a top 4 coach since he’s been at Iowa and my opinion had he stayed at V-Tech they’d be a perennial Top 10 and bring home team trophies routinely.
  6. Our Hy-Vee is installing shields and announced raises and bonuses for employees.
  7. So true. For every Gable, Sanderson, Smith Brands, Kolat there’s a Kevin Jackson, Kerry McCoy, Jim Zalesky.... While Scotty Sentes May not be Cary Kolat he could be Brian Smith, Pat Popolizo, Tom Ryan, Tony Ersland, Scott Goodale, J Robinson. Hope he’s the latter and keeps Campbell on the upward trajectory!
  8. Yet somehow as a month ago 14000 have died from seasonal influenza in the US. And you think no one would spread the flu after ncaa’s.
  9. With that said if there were no Coronavirus you would almost guarantee an indirect death from the spread of influenza.
  10. 5 seems generous considering he doesn’t get the benefit of three national champs who were already in the stable before he shows up. Probly also tough to pull other local PA hammers Retherford, and Nolf to ISU. With Rob Koll is the other possible choice he’s also a current top 5 coach and keeps those guys home with the benefit of the NLWC. i think Sanderson and company win a few at ISU but not 5. Just my opinion. Maybe two or three.
  11. Maybe I’m wrong but weren’t molinaro and Wright already there plus Ruth committed. Hard to imagine any of those three who were at PSU before he was leaving to go to ISU. I agree he wins titles at ISU but definitely not the same dominance.
  12. Well Brands and company just signed on for 6 more years so I guess that leaves Spencer Lee 2 Olympic cycles and then he’s next man up.... But brands are in there early 50s if they still have the fire could see them going after this contract..
  13. Personally I don’t think Dake, Taylor, Burroughs is one of the next multiple national title coaches. These guys are earning their chops competing and are able to do it for a longer period of time as a job. Brands, Sanderson, Ryan, Smith were all coaching, recruiting and competing at the same time. Most likely the next coach to win multiple titles is going to go to one of those programs. Brands Probly there 10 more years, Sanderson and Ryan too. Who goes to OSU and can they put them over the top?
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    I’m sure those are headline grabbers as it’s the nature of the media. As I said in my ten years in the fire service a vast majority of the accidents I have been involved in have been due to poor/distracted driving and not impairment.
  15. moose41


    Not a scientific study but my own anecdotal experience as a first responder is many more fatal accidents not involving drugs or alcohol. One double fatality involving suspected alcohol. I can think of 8 other accidents with a dozen fatalities from inexperience, bad decisions or bad luck. Personally I think being a poor driver or distracted driver while sober should receive much more scrutiny....it means you just suck at driving and decision making which scares me more.
  16. The Flo crew and Askren touched on the Desanto incident and Brands press conference today. Their discussion lasted not very long about a minute. Seemed about the right amount. Nobody thought it was a big deal. Certainly not an 8+ page deal.
  17. I don’t think he should waste a year of eligibility sitting. If Kerk is the guy next year he can redshirt if not Nevills wrestles. I don’t know what his goals are but I’m not gonna say it’s stupid to train with those guys. Like I said he stays next year he doesn’t really lose anything. Where do you think he goes to get better?
  18. I don’t know that there’s any rush for him to leave. He has a redshirt and he’s in one of the top 3 training environments in the country. Kerkvliet also has a redshirt and a history of knee injury as a heavyweight. Why not stay and get better for at least a year practicing with Kerkvliet, Snyder, Sanderson and Varner. Could be even better places to land after a year or two and he’ll be even better prepared.
  19. I don’t really do that well with innuendo. Lewis or Amine? I’m not calling Kemerer a lock but he’s ranked #1 for a reason. If he’s in the finals this year I’d say as of right now he’s a favorite to be in the finals again next year until proven otherwise. I didn’t say he’d be a favorite to win. I think they’ll be fun and exciting matches.
  20. I was not. And if I’m Abe Assad no way I’m redshirting with the possibility of being on two National championship teams. i just think Kemerer-Assad>Brands-Kemerer.
  21. Kemerer isn’t that tall for a 174 pounder. Plus he’s going to be a finalist favorite this year and next at 174. Brands at 174 and him at 184 would be two question marks. I think Assad is an AA next year and maybe this.
  22. Maybe, maybe not. Both he and Kerk have redshirts available. Unless it’s a money issue or he can go to another team competing for a title I think I’d stay till I didn’t have a spot. Plus with Kirkvliet’s injury history he could still be the man.
  23. Definitely a good point but they have four years to replace him. They must be seeing considerable improvement behind the scenes. I thought he’d be in redshirt all year too. Another possibility is they really want him to have the post season experience this year and be prepared for next years run also.
  24. Maybe I’m mistaken but I feel like he did suggest that Massa look for a way also.
  25. He lost 8 times and 7 were to Chris Pendleton who was champ the 2 years he wasn’t.
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