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  1. And what is your metric for determining if someone is all American caliber?
  2. Personally I wish the best wrestlers could compete for gold regardless of their nation. We get more than one rep in track and field and swimming and various other sports. If they’re good enough to qualify they should be able to compete.
  3. Maybe there’s no time limit. If he continues to get good recruits, they have results on the mat and graduate as students. Sometimes it’s reasonable to expect that there may not be a better option available for the foreseeable future unless his name is Sanderson. So be happy with what you’ve got.
  4. Well we have very different experiences. I’m curious where you live to find a couple hundred FS/GR matches per year before middle school with 0 chances to wrestle folk. I live in west central IL and our pre middle schoolers can wrestle in multiple tournaments and Probly get 30 matches + in a season. At the same time there are 0 FS/GR opportunities at all within 100 miles Even outside the season. There are very few coaches that know anything about the international styles let alone would be considered proficient or even expert. Im 43 by the way.
  5. I agree we would be better but high school and youth participation would suffer and there would be a severe lack of knowledgeable coaches. This transition could take years to recover numbers wise. Currently only a small percentage participate in international styles and they are the elite for the most part.
  6. I never said he didn’t slow down in some of his matches as a freshman. But he never looked dead like he did as a sophomore
  7. Please be specific as to which matches we can compare. I can recall no matches his freshman year where he looked like he did in the Mackall or Russell matches first semester or the glory and Rivera matches from midlands.
  8. You’ll have to be more specific. He never reacted this way his freshman year. He never looked mentally frustrated. He looked completely exhausted after piss pounding guys for 3 minutes. Why would he be mentally weak after destroying Alex Mackall for a period then being completely dead? And as as far as getting shut down this spring. I’m not in the Hawkeye room but Spencer Lee has two major surgeries before he was out of high school. Shoulder and knee. Know a speculated major illness that almost sidelined him this season. Maybe they’re doing it so he can be 100% next year for his junior season or a possible Olympic run or both....
  9. You can have your opinion but many that follow inside posters were talking about him having an illness before the ISU meet and his stamina showed. I’m going to take their word for it because it passed the eye test for me. They also said his recovery would take time and his conditioning improved as the year went on and was best at nationals. I just disagree that he goes out and wrecks guys for 3 minutes then mentally shuts it down. His body language changed in many matches after he worked his ass off and scored points then looked completely exhausted. Never looked like mental frustration. And I haven’t brow beat you I just don’t think your view makes sense from what I saw. I’m not on the inside but I’m going to take the perspective that now he can have the time off to get well.
  10. Yes. I’d like to hear your thoughts on why Spencer Lee had a drop off for a portion of his sophomore year.
  11. So your thoughts are he suffered no physical issue this year. A few guys just figured him out and when he wasn’t dominating he turtled up.......until NCAAs when he beat all comers and looked his best since the first few matches of the year.
  12. How bout we watch his 2018 NCAA run and his first match with Pat Glory. You would say his issue was “mental” and not a physical?
  13. Yes I think he’s as tough as anyone n the NCAA. I don’t know if he had an illness but the speculation is there and the way he wrestled throughout the season makes sense to me. I never blamed his losses on anything. Never said a word about them. I’m only talking about his toughness. And his conditioning did improve and I think he beat picc to avenge that earlier loss if I remember.
  14. I watched plenty of his matches and sophomore Lee gassed much quicker than Freshman Lee. You questioned his mental toughness. He wrestled his senior year after having mono and a torn ACL. Then wrestled his true freshman year 9 months post reconstruction. I disagree that he has a toughness issue. And his conditioning was much different from the beginning of the season and then ISU match and after.
  15. He didn’t have the fatigue issue as a freshman or at the beginning of the season. So he just developed some mental weakness this year?
  16. You must be in the camp that believes he was suffering no physical ailments to cause his fatigue this year then?
  17. Wondering if you could specify where Lee showed spotty toughness?
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