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    moose41 reacted to ShakaAloha in 4 Match Minimum   
    The guy getting left out if Woods gets in would be Martinoni from CSUB who is ranked #64 and has a 4-1 record on the season.  Woods beat him head-to-head at Pac-12 championship and Martinoni has only 2 more matches on the season.  Not the greatest travesty in world if Martinoni is left at home imo.
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    moose41 reacted to Husker_Du in Chamizo Tweet   
    please stop saying  'keggers'
    - All Of Us
    Also, i  don't think Chamizo-Burroughs was for  the same card as Nolf-JO. Pretty sure it was/is for a card Flo is trying to put together.
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    moose41 got a reaction from jchapman in HWC and the women   
    I know a 16u boys soccer coach that’s pretty adamant they were beating the USWNT as well.
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    moose41 reacted to HokieHWT in Why Folk/Collegiate/Scholastic Style for The U.S.?   
    I think it comes down to lack of experience. Everyone that has ever wrestled started with folk style. Most, never tried FS and even less tried greco. Now think of all the coaches, from youth league to college who are, and some that aren’t, experienced enough in folk style to actually teach it. Now take that number and divide it by 99 and that’s how many of them are qualified to teach/coach FS/GR.
    There just aren’t enough coaches to make a systematic change that eliminates folk style. Kids, today, aren’t going to listen to a coach who can’t talk about their personal successes.
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    moose41 reacted to uncle bernard in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    "Spencer Lee is so utterly dominant that it bores me, and therefore I think the award for the most dominant wrestler should go to someone else."
    All this says is that you either don't watch much Spencer Lee or you don't understand what you're watching. Spencer hits his tilts because nobody can stop them. However, he could also take just about all of these guys down at will. Look at the second Medley and Schroder matches. Go watch his US Open run. He scores mostly on takedowns and hits a wide variety of them. If somebody could stop his bread and butter at the college level, you'd see that more often, but he's so incredibly dominant that you don't.
    Spencer could have been 18-0 with 18 first period pins and people would still argue that Moore should win because Spencer missed 3 matches even though Moore wrestled at the weakest weight in the country and didn't even hit any of the top guys anyway, while still being far less dominant. To argue that Moore deserved the award is to de-legitimatizes the award itself because the entire argument rests on him not missing matches and being a senior, not that he was the more dominant wrestler.
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    moose41 got a reaction from tommygun in New numbers(c19)   
    Our Hy-Vee is installing shields and announced raises and bonuses for employees.
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    moose41 reacted to SamStall365247 in Campbell University New Coach   
    The silver lining of this covid thing is you get to find out who actually knows about wrestling and who doesn’t. In another thread, there’s a guy with over 1k posts asking what a crackdown is and in this thread you’ve got another guy with over 1k posts who has no idea who Scotti Sentes is. 
    Sentes is hugely respected and very well liked in the southeast. This is a great hire. 
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    moose41 reacted to crossface21 in University Affiliated Travel Ban   
    UW-La Crosse in Division 3 announced a suspension in all travel last night about 10:30, including all spring break competitions and the NCAA Championships for wrestling in Iowa and Track and Field in Virginia. Pretty big outcry and protests this morning. Early this afternoon they let up on the travel ban and allowed the teams to travel. UWL has 5 wrestling in Cedar Rapids this weekend. 
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    moose41 got a reaction from southend in No fans at NCAAs   
    With that said if there were no Coronavirus you would almost guarantee an indirect death from the spread of influenza.  
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    moose41 reacted to PSUMike in Coach that could make Cael-like splash   
    Wright is a local boy who was probably going to Penn State regardless of who was there. I'm fairly certain Ruth was committed before Cael even got the job. Molinaro was already at Penn State when Cael came in. Frank graduated HS in 2007.
    The Altons...who knows. 
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    moose41 got a reaction from Panther78 in Why?   
    Not a scientific study but my own anecdotal experience as a first responder is many more fatal accidents not involving drugs or alcohol.  One double fatality involving suspected alcohol.   I can think of 8 other accidents with a dozen fatalities from inexperience, bad decisions or bad luck.  
    Personally I think being a poor driver or distracted driver while sober should receive much more scrutiny....it means you just suck at driving and decision making which scares me more.
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    moose41 got a reaction from Ohio Elite in Tom Brands Says Post-Match Antics from Austin DeSanto Need to Stop!   
    The Flo crew and Askren touched on the Desanto incident and Brands press conference today.  Their discussion lasted not very long about a minute.  Seemed about the right amount.   Nobody thought it was a big deal.   Certainly not an 8+ page deal.
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    moose41 got a reaction from VakAttack in Tom Brands Says Post-Match Antics from Austin DeSanto Need to Stop!   
    The Flo crew and Askren touched on the Desanto incident and Brands press conference today.  Their discussion lasted not very long about a minute.  Seemed about the right amount.   Nobody thought it was a big deal.   Certainly not an 8+ page deal.
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    moose41 got a reaction from Erminio8 in Okie State v Iowa sun feb 24   
    Kemerer isn’t that tall for a 174 pounder. Plus he’s going to be a finalist favorite this year and next at 174.  Brands at 174 and him at 184 would be two question marks.  I think Assad is an AA next year and maybe this.
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    moose41 got a reaction from Peso in With these recruits is it "do or die" time for John Smith?   
    Maybe there’s no time limit.  If he continues to get good recruits, they have results on the mat and graduate as students. Sometimes it’s reasonable to expect that there may not be a better option available for the foreseeable future unless his name is Sanderson.   So be happy with what you’ve got.
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    moose41 reacted to 1032004 in Iowa indiana   
    Not that I think Brands is thinking this, but I feel like we’re really only talking about a difference of a couple points at most here.  I think chances are the difference will be more than that (win or lose).  But getting Assad experience at NCAA’s could help him a lot for next year when they’ll likely need even more points out of him.  
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    moose41 got a reaction from jon in It's Official: Cassar Out for the Season   
    How’s that conversation go?   Hey Cass.  I know we pulled you away from NW and it looks like you’ll be a 4 year all-America.  But Gable wants to come in now.  So we’re gonna need your money for next year.  
    It boils down to integrity and you can’t repeatedly do this and think recruits won’t notice.   Not everybody likes slimey.
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    moose41 got a reaction from russelscout in Askren on FRL   
    Maybe I’m mistaken but I feel like he did suggest that Massa look for a way also.
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    moose41 reacted to Lurker in Spencer Lee No Show   
    Maybe, just maybe.....he is much more focused on making the Olympic team than he is on some mid-season tournaments and duals, and he and those closest to him day in and day out have formulated a plan and schedule to that end.  I mean, I could see where his performance last week would have him intimidated and ducking lesser athletes...but I like to think its more of the former.
    I recall people on here talking about Fix' ORS and how we understand but would have been nice to see him do a modified NCAA schedule so that we can see him at NCAA's.  But here we have a guy doing just that and its no good.  I wonder if that difference has anything to do with 2x Champ vs 0x Champ, and champs tend to get more shade thrown their way???
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    moose41 reacted to wrestlingphish in Spencer Lee No Show   
    I think Lee medical forfeiting out of the tournament is funny (as long as he didn't reinjure something seriously) because of the reaction it will elicit out of many.
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    moose41 got a reaction from Mphillips in Askren in the transfer portal   
    He lost 8 times and 7 were to Chris Pendleton who was champ the 2 years he wasn’t.
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    moose41 reacted to DRD5748 in Where does J Renteria Land Next?   
    Sheeshus, if I were a new fan learning the sport from this forum I'd have to assume everybody but the Top 4 suck
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    moose41 reacted to russelscout in With these recruits is it "do or die" time for John Smith?   
    What are the chances a top 100 recruit in the country doesn't know who John Smith is and what he accomplished? I would say 0%
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    moose41 reacted to Housebuye in Cornell and Mike Grey and Kyle Dake   
    Eventually maybe, but going from focusing on your own career to head coach, especially at a powerhouse, doesn’t really happen anymore for good reason. 
    It isn’t just a wrestling job (and even there, I doubt even guys like Dake can coach like our veteran coaches yet - that itself is a skill that takes years to develop). You are a CEO, have to deal with internal politics, infra school politics, ivy politics, fundraising, logistics, leading a team of other type As (or at least intense high level former wrestlers)...
    I also don’t think there is much of a difference recruiting wise to have Dake on staff vs being head coach. What high level recruit would choose Cornell only if Dake was head coach? As long as they get to train with him, especially after he retires which is what this post is about, would be enough I assume
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    moose41 reacted to wrestlingnerd in 74 kg discussion   
    You take one of his six years as evidence that his entire run was a cakewalk? JB has so many losses in worlds/Olympics compared to Smith that he would have to wrestle in 24 worlds to have the same stats as Smith, who lost that once, not 9. I get you're proud to be from Jersey, but there is no question. There's a reason why JB himself acknowledges Smith's unique status in American wrestling history and is chasing Smith, something you can only do from behind.
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