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    moose41 reacted to nom in Teasdale Interview   
    Guys - relax!  This urge to tear others down is pathetic.
    Perfectly fine for programs to give kids another chance. And it is to be expected that some kids go off the rails.   Doesn't make the program evil or bad.  Particularly when the programs have graduated large numbers of fine young men.
    And .. not every kid is going to be a good fit for each program.  Stuff happens, people move on.  All good.  
    Both Penn State and Iowa have storied and revered programs.  Programs to be envied and admired.  
    This incessant urge to find flaws and tear folks down is something that is building in our society.  Not good.  Not good at all.
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    moose41 got a reaction from mistydawn in Suriano vs lee   
    You’ll have to be more specific.  He never reacted this way his freshman year.  He never looked mentally frustrated.  He looked completely exhausted after piss pounding guys for 3 minutes.  Why would he be mentally weak after destroying Alex Mackall for a period then being completely dead?  
    And as as far as getting shut down this spring.  I’m not in the Hawkeye room but Spencer Lee has two major surgeries before he was out of high school.  Shoulder and knee.  Know a speculated major illness that almost sidelined him this season. Maybe they’re doing it so he can be 100% next year for his junior season or a possible Olympic run or both....
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    moose41 got a reaction from hammerlockthree in Suriano vs lee   
    You must be in the camp that believes he was suffering no physical ailments to cause his fatigue this year then?
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