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  1. 125 Glory 133 RBY 141 Lee 149 Lugo 157 Hidlay 165 Griffith 174 Hall 184 Zahid 197 Darm Heavy Parris
  2. At first I thought this was a joke, and personally would have voted for Mekhi, but I like the rationale.
  3. Rivera-Glory very similar to 2016 New Jersey State Championship final. Glory had lead until very end and Rivera got points in last seconds.
  4. His matches with Glory this year are telling - there is a fine line between a quick tech fall and a close match. In one case he looks like Superman, in the other, he doesn't. But he's the same guy in either scenario.
  5. Not a bad article about Woodly and Askren: http://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/26075817/how-bond-tyron-woodley-ben-askren-changed-missouri-wrestling
  6. The title of this thread could also be used to describe the New Jersey High School State Championship.
  7. I heard something about an out of town wedding.
  8. Wow the hate on this thread is amazing. Yes, Nick has high goals and he will share them if you stick a mic in his face. But whenever he loses, he does so with grace. He's got no body fat and has been 125 for at least the last three years. He's allowed to move up if it makes sense for him and the team, which it does. Personally I think his technique from neutral will give him a good chance against Gross and Micic. Fix could give him problems. But at this point it is like ten year olds arguing about whether batman would beat the green lantern in a fight.
  9. Are grants of in-state tuition to out-of-state student-athletes common? Arizona is not fertile recruiting ground, so covering half of tuition as an out-of-state resident is a big ask. Also, schools attracting kids with high grades (Michigan, Stanford, Cornell, etc.) probably dole out academic scholarships to help with what the wrestling scholarship doesn't cover. Duke does ok with zero wrestling aid.
  10. Didn't Pitt try to nab him last year?
  11. Are they going to be able to simultaneously use McFadden, Mekhi Lewis, and Connor Brady?
  12. Nolf is amazing, but he only beat Pantaleo 6-4 earlier this year, and that was before he injured his knee. Hidlay seems like a slightly better version of Pantaleo. Yet at the same time, Hidlay has won close matches against guys that aren't title contenders (3-2 over Berger, 4-2 over Rahmani). Who should be favored in this match? I watched both semi-finals and I have no idea who to pick.
  13. At least eight players on Pitt's basketball team are seeking to transfer to other schools after their athletic director (Heather Lyke) fired their basketball coach. This is the same AD Lyke also was criticized last year in her failure to land several candidates for the vacancy of their wrestling head coach. What a mess.
  14. Ramos gift of the year to Lujan.
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