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  1. Is this what you tell your kids when you beat them on the playskool hoop?
  2. Thinking the same thing. So soft. Enjoy the sport.
  3. I wanted to see them wrestle again. It would've been fun to see the adjustments made.
  4. Why are you cheering for Marinelli losing. There's some guys that I like to see lose (Desanto, Suriano, etc.) but Marinelli isn't one of them. Also, it's not like PSU needs him to lose for the team championship so that shouldn't factor into your excitement of him losing.
  5. Not the numbers you want to see if you're NC State and Wyoming. NC State qualified 9 and only 1 made the quarters. Wyoming qualified 7 and 0 made the quarters.
  6. Anybody else think Ashnault looked pin there? Seemed like more than a fraction of a second.
  7. I like the new viewing format. I've been waiting years to be able to see the entire screen without having to go full screen mode. Also, it is now SUPER easy to switch back and forth between events.
  8. My brother makes chocolate flavored blood capsules. Seems like a very inexpensive way to get off your belly while also getting a little sugar rush to help on the restart. Not sure how that would work for weight management though.
  9. Logged on just to post this. I was too late to the punch.
  10. Forgot about Moisey transferring. I appreciate the correction. Also, I figured it was a typo. Just couldn't comment on Flo so I posted here.
  11. Some interesting stuff there. However, Zeke Moisey, Seth Gross, and Daton Fix don't wrestle in the B1G. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6298556-willies-picks-ncaa-odds-to-win-place
  12. Berge Med Forfeited. Finesilver takes 1st (according to FloArena and twitter)
  13. Is the spreadsheet working for everyone?
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