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  1. D3UC157

    YanniD vs McKenna

    Any reason this match doesn’t go down on Friday? Who ya got to win?
  2. D3UC157

    141 seeds at Big Tens

    I felt like Lee had McKenna gassed at last years dual, ran short on time to finish off the win.
  3. D3UC157

    No. No. No. No!

    Right, because PIAA states is a world audience draw. I’m sure Flo could get the rights to post marquee matchups, ex post facto. In the past 5 years there have been maybe 2 matchups that were nationally significant. And one was only because of the result, (DeSanto - Lee) the others being Chance going undefeated. Who is watching the other 138 individuals finals? Pennsylvanians.
  4. D3UC157

    Suriano vs Micic

    I can’t unsee the Micic v Pletcher drubbing, Micic probably just low-leg turked him for another set of 4. Micic is brutalizing opponents, Suriano is very stingy giving up points. I’ll roll with Micic by 3.
  5. D3UC157

    Mizzou...overrated yet again?

    Could they be the Notre Dame football of college wrestling?
  6. D3UC157


    I’ll bite.
  7. D3UC157

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Shaq is downstairs drilling with RBY
  8. D3UC157

    You have one month to develop a go-to TD

    Tbert with the win.
  9. D3UC157

    Best backups?

    149 is weak enough to consider whom ever does not start for PSU Verkleeren/Berge as a quality backup.
  10. D3UC157

    You have one month to develop a go-to TD

    Teaching a newb? Most people know how to tackle so I’m teaching a blast double.
  11. D3UC157

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I don’t think we see RBY Heinselman dec 3-0 Pletcher maj 7-0 McKenna maj 11-0 Jordan tech 16-0 Nolf pin 16-6 Cenzo dec 16-9 Hall maj 16-13 Martin dec 19-13 Nickal dec 19-16 Cassar dec 19-19 PSU wins on criteria, pinfalls
  12. D3UC157

    Is David Taylor over rated?

    I’d say he’s underrated, he hasn’t been in the NCAA’s ranking in years. Pretty disrespectful for a two time champ and hodge winner.
  13. D3UC157

    Nolf is winning the hodge race IMO

    Most of the weights are actually pretty weak in terms of depth. 133 is outrageous but the other 9 you could probably pick three guys per weight and get all the champs. 197 has been weak for a while now unfortunately; and HW has been lacking parody and completely emptied out. I think 157 is more of a Zain-149 type scenario where the nation ducks an entire weight class. I admit, I’m 100% Team Nolf, next question.
  14. I’ve been kicking around the idea of coming up with some way to add value to regular season matches/duals Nationals two part ranking system: regular season ranking: wins x % of team matches wrestled bonus points for wrestling 100% of league matches (Does SOS need to be taken into account) i.e. wrestler A is 12-8, wrestled all team matches(20) 12 x 100% + bonus 12 + bonus(2?) 14 wrestler B is 15-3, skipped 2 matches(20) 15 x 90% + no bonus 13.5 League championship: points based on placement [not sure how to value in-season tournaments] Ranking/Seeding for NCAAs, the total amount of points from regular season points and league championship points