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  1. = Austin DeSanto nat’l champ
  2. Flo was talking about JB’s international record 172-7 I believe they which led me to think who else would have really high numbers? First thought, Karelin, and it was a good one, because he was 887-2... Wow. Then naturally, since all all that matters are NCAAs I assumed he would have been 4 time undefeated etc etc. Had to do the due diligence and see who won during his college years 1986-1989 (He won olympic gold in 1988 at 20) Turns our that stretch is the same period that saw Haselrig go undefeated and win 3 championships. To the question... Who wins that match? How many titles would Karelin end up with?
  3. Silly me, I thought every wrestler(under 184 maybe?) could do 30+ pull ups.
  4. I’d say: Sanderson, Steibler, Dake, P. Smith
  5. I’ll admit, I don’t know the history well enough to answer this one. However, you guys will... What do the lineups look like for an all-time Iowa team vs an all-time PSU team? Who wins?
  6. Larry Owings, moving down two weight classes to take on undefeated Dan Gable. This after taking a loss from Gable 13-4, 2 years prior. ambitious. Which may also qualify, he who we shall not be named, De $an Toe.
  7. Would Cunningham ever go to Iowa, thoughts? Out of the question? Would Iowa want Cunningham?
  8. Lefty myself. At the time I didn’t notice or think about any advantages/disadvantages but looking back... I would imagine neutral ties were challenging for opponents. I worked primarily out of a Russian tie in college. That was probably uncomfortable/foreign to have their dominant arm tied and have to defend with their off arm. Shooting I was right leg dominant so I did most of that like a righty. Plus, everything neutral is taught right handed so that’s how I did it as well. High crotch and single with right arm attack so that may have been disadvantage me. Lining up on top seems like a major advantage for lefties since most people line up on the left. All the near attacks and break downs are done with the left hand. Chop, spiral ride, near wrist control, half, cross face cradle, near side cradle, claw. As a lefty on bottom my dominant arm was probably better able to defend since it was closest to the opponent. Seems like cross wrist type moves would be the advantage for a righty. Which for me was definitely true. Having my left arm tied up was difficult to deal with.
  9. On top, which side do most people line up? I feel like left is standard?
  10. Yeah, I’d almost never expect that to happen.
  11. That’s what I assume but would be interested to find some people like BanBasketball to hear their connection or introduction to the sport.
  12. I’ll pencil you down for disagree then, thanks for your participation in this demonstration of differing ideas.
  13. The system has been adapted up to this point and it’s worked out. Why would we stop considering further adaptations? Discussing and disagreeing on ideas promotes growth and advance. It’s actually more advantageous to disagree. If everyone agrees there are no more attempts at improvement. Also, discussing these ideas can lead to other improvements or bring light to items we had not before noticed. There is certainly merit in my argument even if no one else agrees with my stance. There is a point where 4 wrestlers each have two losses: however only two are eligible for 5/6. I understand it does not fit nicely into the current system, which does work well. But it’s a small part I disagree with. ... side tracked/ah-ha moment Perfect example of disagreeing. You’ve shown me exactly where my issue falls “ 0-1-1-2-2-3-2-3” 7th has fewer losses than 6th because of the Semi special Four losses is a lot but puts everyone in order. Adds two losses but also adds two wins. 0-1-1-2-2-3-3-4 Different strokes...
  14. Are there any people here who never wrestled? Im curious how people who didn’t participate end up following wrestling. The group of non-wrestler fans(if they exist) hold valuable insights and information. Their connections show us ways to bring people into the sport who don’t have a direct link to wrestling.
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