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  1. If you were to create the best wrestler using three athletes, one for each phase of wrestling, who would be your three? Neutral: Cael Top: Zain Bottom: Dake
  2. Stalling call on top wrestler resets any riding time accrued to top wrestler. Thoughts?
  3. Thank God Steveson won so we don’t have to hear John Smith call him Stevenson 10 more times.
  4. A new foe has appeared, and he deadlifts 665lbs. Just ask him, or don’t, he’ll tell you.
  5. Josh Terao, graduated, but that’s the answer.
  6. Spencer better buddy up with Austin D. And make sure he doesn’t get kicked out /transfer. Gazing into crystal ball of futures past.. Spencer Lee, going for a 4th title, senior, touted as untouchable, busted knee... Where have I heard this story before, lol.
  7. How about going the other way, bringing down the HWT limit down. 245, everyone gets to suck weight.
  8. Iowa fans, are you disappointed in the final results? I’m sure finally being champs again has to be a relief/exciting. However, looking at expectations vs results where do you stand? The talk was, setting the scoring record, putting an end to the PSU dynasty, 10 AA, upwards of 5 champs. To come out with 1 champ, PSU being close in team score, 40 points shy of the record, does that bitter the victory at all?
  9. Here comes the big one... Kemmerer v Starocci to settle things.
  10. Take a night off!? Drilling, right now, down stairs. PSU doing PSU things.
  11. It’s on ESPN News currently
  12. Also, has anyone told Marinelli his black and gold is for Iowa and not Missouri?
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