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  1. “Cornell’s just up the road” ... Ithaca, NY nearby Iowa City, Iowa now-a-days??
  2. This may be a hot take, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Jack Mueller doesn’t even qualify for Big Tens.
  3. I get it, I’m anti-follow your dreams. It’s an unwelcome take. So be it. But if you’re battling for a starting spot, a R12 guy, low AA there is no reason for an extra RS. Here’s the list. Please tell me they all are Olympic hopefuls and need that year to prep. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6520887-updated-list-of-olympic-redshirt-qualifiers
  4. That’s great, and I’m of the opinion those 4 if they took ORS it makes sense.
  5. Which are weak sauce. Perhaps that’s where my issue lies. Meh
  6. If you want to qualify as an NCAA wrestler, wins NCAAs. If you want an extra year of redshirt you run the risk of coming up empty. It shouldn’t be a free year. If they can’t make OTT then why are they deserving of an Olympic red shirt?
  7. I propose a new rule. If you do not qualify for OTT, no Olympic red shirt.
  8. Mueller removing the souls from bottom wrestlers is impressive to watch. Word on the street, Sebastian Rivera still hasn’t gotten off the mat from his ncaa semi-final.
  9. OKst and the Cowboy bulk job? I feel like Nebraska usually has a muscled squad Princeton for Brucki alone. No one makes a muscle 125 pounder like Az st though, Robles
  10. Will Spencer go undefeated this year?
  11. ...The 2nd place trophy? kidding, they’ve got the PSU faithful worried I’m sure.
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