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  1. FYI: BTN is showing wrestling alllllllll day!
  2. It’s too drastic a change from folk to free. People will not want to abandon what has been “ours” for generations in favor of a “foreign” style. The only way it happens is as evolution over a prolonged period. Push out rule would be a step that direction. Personally, wrestling in PA, where mat wrestling plays such a huge part of folk style, it makes it hard for me to enjoy freestyle and it’s hyper-neutral focus.
  3. FYI: BTN is showing Iowa vs Nebraska (now)
  4. Nico is downstairs drilling right now.
  5. What about best headlocker? HS is easy, Mark Smith, but what about college?
  6. Anyone else out there still working?
  7. If you could make one move that’s currently illegal, legal, which would it be? or vice versa.. Choose a legal move to make illegal.
  8. Vincenzo Joseph shot at being a three-timer is a plateau far above being a two-timer IMO. was also thinking about this recently... The two most highly touted recruits (ever?) Gable and Steveson through 6 seasons have combine for ‘only’ 1 championship and 4 AA. Thanks Corona.
  9. Megaludis put in a really nice match there sucks that he lost that one.
  10. NCAA finals about to start on ESPN supermatch- David Taylor vs Kyle Dake WHO YA GOT!?!
  11. What were your favorite moves to hit in your days? I’ll start.. Bottom: Shoulder roll (“Granby”) especially from standing. Top: Crotch lift with claw Neutral: Anything from a Russian tie.
  12. The tournament was cancelled, not postponed.
  13. If an extra year is granted we could really see something, 0-5 Big10 titles!
  14. In HS I was completed sucked out at 135, mid-season I couldn’t hold the weight anymore, passing out after matches, blacking out, good times. Coach said, no more, gain weight. Two weeks later I was a 152 pounder.
  15. FLO could do a NCAA version of who’s number one. All the 1s vs 2s. Make it happen!
  16. Iowa fans are already calling for stalling against the virus. Maybe gigantic knee braces help fight against covid19?
  17. Kollin Moore is on that next level this year, that being said he’s got a pretty tough road. Pagano, Brucki, Warner/Darmstadt
  18. Aaron Brooks will be going through the BIG10 tourney again to get to the semis Rocky Jordan then Cam Caffeey or Abe Assad
  19. ...moving right along gentlemen.
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