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  1. I am more of a Captain Hindsight person than Captain Obvious.
  2. I guess you are better off win only 20 wins if they are the right 20.
  3. JeanGuy


    It is always hard to know why guys can't make the jump from high school to college and from college to beyond. Sometimes it is skill set. Sometimes it is commitment. Sometimes it is the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes guys just end up being true tweeners and don't have a good weight class for them. I have never wrestled (ice hockey) but this is an extremely difficult sport that you really need to be all in to be successful. So much of life is changing between 18 and 26 that it is easy to see guys become distracted by other ventures. That is why I hate the term busts.
  4. Even as a Penn State fan, I think that it is hard to deny that Iowa is still the gold standard from a program perception. If you are an average sports fan that doesn't follow wrestling you instantly think of Iowa. Maybe it is a function of my age (54) that I think that way.
  5. I think I have to disagree. Wrestlers have their personality long before they get to NCAA. The motor of a guy like Nick Lee isn't taught. Just like I don't believe you will see Beau Bartlett become a scoring machine at 141 compared to 149. These guys have their pace and they wrestle at it. Coming in to Iowa Murin's profile looks like he was a lunch pail guy who may have outperformed his credentials.
  6. I hate to say it but as a coach you should be trying to recruit over your team every year. There are times when it is not possible but you should if you want to stay employed. It is too bad for the kids that commit to you but your job is really to be the best and if Iowa believe Real Woods makes them better than Wyatt Henson they should get him. It is bad for competition if a handful of teams get all the top guys but that is a fact of life and will only become more prevalent now that college sports has free agency.
  7. I understand that thinking but as a niche sport how much impact are you really going to see from a very minor player on campus?
  8. Ok, so he is 53. If he can get down to 125 who wins him or a broken Spencer Lee? Or maybe he goes 133 and Daton Fix loses his fourth final to him. I have a lot of other questions but we will see if Kevin Jackson can get him to the scale on time
  9. I don't want to make this personal towards Real Woods but, he isn't a guy you would give six figures to. This might sound anti-wrestling but there is no wrestler that should get $100k. They aren't bringing enough eyeballs to any university. Look at Iowa. They traditionally have the best attendance numbers and in 19/20 they averaged 12,568.4 per home meet or 87,979 and that was a record. That's one home football game.
  10. This new expanded eligibility is getting ridiculous. There is no way Terry should have another year of eligibility.
  11. I think that Joe Lee has really suffered a mental block in wrestling. I have a feeling that the coaches are trying to clean up some of the things that he does that is reckless and it has hurt his aggressiveness. It is one of those things that he just doesn't seem to get the difference between being aggressive and being loose. At least that is my thought. I haven't seen Matt Lee at all but he seemed to have a decent RS year.
  12. That is one of the reasons I said about Lee, "whatever fullyhealthy is".
  13. Ah, the transitive property of sports. Common opponents really mean very little. All that said if we are talking a fully healthy Lee (I 'm not even sure what that means) and RBY at each's ideal fantasy weight that ends up being similar I would probably go with Lee. His top game is so dynamic. I do think it would be much closer than many believe.
  14. For me it is hard to see if it reached 45 degrees. I think everyone would agree that Dean had every 50/50 go his way. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. He got lucky this time. I wouldn't want to count on that in the future.
  15. Is there really no protection? Isn't the bigger problem from a protection standpoint not wearing it while practicing?
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