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  1. Maybe schools start looking for the ice hockey waiver so D2/D3 could compete at the D1 level.
  2. I don't like comparing FS and Folk results. If you are talking about college wrestling and ranking college wrestlers in my mind it should be based upon collegiate results. Snyder is kind of an odd duck to be a 3 time champ and to have only wrestled 80 matches and 34 of those came as a FR. Lee hasn't even really wrestled internationally since starting his collegiate career. If I was a coach I would probably take Lee for his higher bonus rate.
  3. I always feel like if a guy is truly dominant their competition is downgraded in some people's opinion. Can't really compare guys that come from very different eras. Just call them both great and be done with it.
  4. Aparantly the NCAA users of to do their calculation. It is like arguing with computer rankings. You may not agree but the algorithm is the algorithm. Stats are facts they are one way to look at them.
  5. It is a stat posted by the NCAA. it is their star so it is correct. You may not agree with it but it isn't wrong.
  6. I think the way wrestling is going the importance of total matches will continue to shrink. There really isn't anyone other than S. Lee
  7. I would imagine in some scramble situations the danger call could be confusing to the wrestlers. There is a lot happening and when involved you might not see it as it appears from the outside. Watching it live, I thought it was clear that Kemerer was the guy in danger. You could see he was confused right after that position.
  8. It seems that once other elite guys feel his strength and pace, he is less effective in future matches. First time A D's seems to overwhelm guys, but those that are elite adapt and have answers for him.
  9. I would be ok with criteria if shot clock/passivity wasn't part of it. I hate subjective rules. If a step out is a point then if you step out you know you are giving up a point. If you are being ridden and can't get out (Picc vs Lee) and you get hit with a stall from bottom a couple of times you give up a point even if you are working hard to get out.
  10. Spats is now part of the Allen Street Grill above the Corner Room.
  11. I don't know about what Tom Brands thinks but I believe that this thread should have to stop.
  12. The website isn't necessarily the roster.
  13. No Clem's around anymore (for sit down). Jim's is ok but not a must hit place. I would add: http://www.americanalehouse.net/ http://barrel21distillery.com/ I could even add https://www.spatsatthegrill.com/
  14. I personally hate the tavern. I can say good things about the Carnegie House. I have heard good things about RE Farm Cafe. I haven't been but reviews are good. I haven't been to the Nittany Lion Inn since the changed to "Steakhouse" format but it is generally good. Kelly's Steak and Seafood in Boalsburg is good. Barrel 21 is hit or miss, but the menu is different. All American Ale House is also good and diverse menu. The bottom line is there isn't really any "fine dining" in State College, but there are places that you can go for a good meal. BTW all the places listed are less than 10 miles from the Bryce Jordan Center
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