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  1. JeanGuy

    NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results

    Hasselrig won one state championship (SR) despite not wrestling the regular season as his school did not having a wrestling team.
  2. JeanGuy

    Best at 157 in College

    I would have like to see what would have happened had IMar stayed at 157. I think he lost the ability to be a bull at 165 and that hurt him style-wise. At 157 he seemed like the most physical guy.
  3. JeanGuy

    Cael to sit Mark Hall vs. Mich

    Love me some "Wheel of Fish"
  4. JeanGuy

    133 - Meatgrinder of Parity

    I think sometimes weights with a great wrestler get overlooked as weak. Take 157 for instance. If Nolf wasn't head and shoulders above the rest that weight might be looked at differently. You would have Berger, Deacon, Hidlay, Young, and Hayes as your top 5 with a few other guys that could rise up and beat anyone of them. That doesn't make the weight better or worse just a different view. That said I really like Desanto at 133. To me he has the speed and strength to win it all as well as that little bit of edge that makes him hard to wrestle.
  5. JeanGuy

    Nebraska at Penn State

    I don't disagree but this is the same issue that the NHL has. Rules that are not easily understood by the casual observer, and no place to view for that person on a regular basis.
  6. JeanGuy

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Sitting guys out is bad for the sport as a whole. It would be nice if they had something better than Flo as well. Sport won't grow when neither PSU v Wisconsin or Nebraska isn't viewable to anyone beyond the hard core fans that are paying for a service. I wonder how many of today's guys could wrestle 150+ career matches like in the past.
  7. JeanGuy

    Celebrations: response to Gf and Ash

    I'm not a fan of celebrations in general, but I realize that I am in the grouch camp. As long as you don't direct it at your opponent it really isn't a big deal. I think kids of this generation expect the celebrations to come win our lose.
  8. JeanGuy

    Ryan Deakin

    I'm not sure that was saving face but too each his own. Competing would have been better. How close to a DQ were his actions?
  9. JeanGuy

    Excape? WTF?

    Someone already got my supposably. My other is the use of mute instead of moot. Reading is fundamental
  10. JeanGuy

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    I hope they wrestle. Reward Pipher for his efforts. Guys want to compete and they want the best from their opponent, or they should. I didn't like the Smith v Smith forfeit.
  11. JeanGuy

    Lack of Transparency

    plus you are talking about confirming or denying a twitter post. Flo chose to make a report without PSU confirmation. That is journalism in 2018/19
  12. I think them show that more AD's used Title IX to reduce men's opportunities than to grow Women's. You know sitting in a room saying, "all we have to do to save wrestling or baseball is to add women's crew. Nah, let's blame Title IX and cut both."
  13. JeanGuy

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    Really going to interesting to see where Cassar is after the Scuffle.