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  1. I don't know about what Tom Brands thinks but I believe that this thread should have to stop.
  2. The website isn't necessarily the roster.
  3. No Clem's around anymore (for sit down). Jim's is ok but not a must hit place. I would add: http://www.americanalehouse.net/ http://barrel21distillery.com/ I could even add https://www.spatsatthegrill.com/
  4. Venz could easily win but I can't see him being "on" the whole tournament. I can't believe that Zahid won't be back in time to earn a spot. Just my feeling.
  5. I personally hate the tavern. I can say good things about the Carnegie House. I have heard good things about RE Farm Cafe. I haven't been but reviews are good. I haven't been to the Nittany Lion Inn since the changed to "Steakhouse" format but it is generally good. Kelly's Steak and Seafood in Boalsburg is good. Barrel 21 is hit or miss, but the menu is different. All American Ale House is also good and diverse menu. The bottom line is there isn't really any "fine dining" in State College, but there are places that you can go for a good meal. BTW all the places listed are less than 10 miles from the Bryce Jordan Center
  6. I can't speak for others but my reply was tongue in cheek and I will leave it at that.
  7. When I see such high level photoshop skills, I must comment. Well done
  8. I don't fault ADS for his reaction. Some guys, especial ones with little to no injury history, can have extreme reactions to that quick unusual pain. I have met and coached athletes that need everything to be right to perform and others that can elevate their health when it is game time. You can really appreciate the games that can play hurt, but you can't fault guys who can't. Not everyone is built the same.
  9. Everybody has their reasons to do whatever it is they do. It doesn't sound like Bo is a lifer for wrestling. Why anyone would choose to do MMA is beyond me but nobody has asked me to do it.
  10. I really can't imagine any ACC team adding wrestling in the future. If anything I can only see schools contracting athletic departments further to keep more money generated by Football and Basketball. I found a 2017 report on Iowa Athletics. Iowa you would think would generate the most (top 5 minimum) income from wrestling. They had $577,719 in income vs. $1,570,460 in expenses. That is a million dollar loser at a place where it is one of the most important sports on campus. An article about Penn State had them losing over $700,000 in 2015. I just can't see anyone taking on athletic department debt beyond what they have.
  11. I am not a fan of their in match antics but I do believe they run a good program and have good kids and their best interests in mind. I don't see any way that Iowa would release them win or lose. Only one team hoists the trophy at the end of the year so there really isn't any shame in not winning. A lot of things have to go right to win.
  12. I am far from someone that knows the technical ins and outs of wrestling but Askren had an interesting take on his twitter feed. He didn't see a problem with the technique and said it is taught at the lowest levels. Your mileage may vary.
  13. Is taking one knee stance in neutral also stalling in your book? I look at it as if the wrestler is presenting himself I'm ok with it. Desanto didn't have to chase RBY to find him. RBY just wouldn't give him his left arm. Too many people want stalling called for too many stylistic reasons. Two guys that are counter guys will have a really boring match most times. Does it necessarily mean there is stalling? The pushing a guy out of bounds, in my mind, should be called on the pusher more often than it is. Just a point on the Desanto v RBY match. I don't think RBY has closed the gap. Desanto is just too physical for RBY. I believe he will win a 4 point decision
  14. Now that this thread has become a Geography class I would like to add that as a true Central Pennsylvanian (Centre County). Dauphin County maybe on the eastern most edge of central but it is really more southern. Berks, Lancaster, is certainly not central PA. Those Dauphin and Lancaster folks don't have a home so they try to appropriate ours in central PA.
  15. Of course they can but I think most would be surprised to see Meredith qualified. One good win.
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