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    I don't think anything matters anymore in today's NCAA. It really seems like things are shifting quickly on NLI, transfers, etc.
  2. Some guys move up without any noticeable change while others you can see a difference. Not that is showed much in his record, but thought IMar was not as good at 165 as he was at 157. His bonus rate was a little lower. He just didn't seem to have the same horsepower up a class. Maybe this is a case where your eyes lie to you.
  3. I have a friend that got his PhD in turf sciences. For hired to a six figure salary job right out of school doing research for a large turf grass chemical company, but I don't get what it has to do with Big Ten dominance either.
  4. I don't believe that schools/coaches should be able to block kids that want to transfer but they also have to have some level of stability. True that I can leave my job but I have a non complete so that I can't take one for a competitor within a certain distance for a period of time.
  5. They need to learn that every decision has a consequence. So they should be allowed to transfer but have to sit out a season.
  6. I may sound like a hypocrite, as I have always favored athletes/student rights over that of schools and coaches, but the trend of transferring seems to have become too prevalent for my taste. Now every athlete that thinks they can get a easier path to playing time is moving on without any repercussions (sitting out). I would support it more if the person transferring had a legitimate reason for needing to move (new coach, family proximity, course of study, etc.).
  7. I think he was a four time state champ in Iowa so it isn't like he came without any credentials. As has been stated so many times wrestle offs are tough due to familiarity of training together.
  8. Not sure that there is anyone that should Redshirt that is project to start. If you start with Hall, he is a guy without an Olympic wight at this point in his development. I'm not sure about dropping to 74kg. Hall has claimed never again at that weight. Bumping to 86kg seems like a nonstarter. He would need time to grow into that weight to complete. I guess you could argue that RBY and Nick Lee would benefit from a RS but that is really about it.
  9. The biggest problem with push outs in folk is how they are called. If the officials called it correctly and consistency it would work, but... In every sport I am all about making rules that improve the quality of officiating. Usually it involves simplifying the rules. It is hard enough to get stuff right when there is a lot of action but if you add subjective decisions by officials it makes fans crazy. I do not like the push out point as offense but it would simplify officiating.
  10. It is always funny that when people see someone truly dominant a lot of times it is chalked up to weak competition. When someone is so good that you automatically take them against the field it really shouldn't reflect on the field. If Retherford wasn't at 149 for his last three years a lot of those wrestlers such as Sorenson are looked at differently. Because Retherford dominated it means the competition was bad. Just because Snyder was good doesn't mean there were no good 285's during his time.
  11. Do you really think the step out rule helps action? I see a lot of guys take the step out in lieu of possibly giving up a take down. Guys seem more than willing to give up 1. I am not experienced in wrestling but I understand the control that is required in folk. I don't get how a leg lace tornado demonstrates the superior wrestler. Maybe if I was a wrestler myself I would get it but I am training to learn.
  12. Personally the only person I think will take a ORS is Mason Manville in Greco. I think all other guys who qualify will wrestle NCAA this year.
  13. Maybe the Bulls pulls a Jordan Spieth. Huge hair comeback. Although he hasn't won since the hair work was done.
  14. I seriously hope that everyone comes to the trials healthy. Seems like there are multiple people at almost every weight that win the Olympic Team spot. Only 97kg seems like a lock as to the rep (assumes Cox drops).
  15. Today we are seeing in all sports a later/longer peak. Athletes are staying competitive longer. Sometimes you age out and sometimes the younger guys take you out. I could see Dake and Taylor hanging around especially because one or both aren't going in 2020. That Olympic dream is hard to extinguish.
  16. Penn State was not involved in this match. This is one of the places that fans really need to change perception. These are FS matches for national/world team. As fans we need to try to shed our own bias.
  17. One thing I hate in sports is overly complicated rules and the NFL has that market cornered for the most part. I will say that even the rules that don't make sense to the viewers are always well explained. Does anyone know the actual ruling in this match. We all know the outcome and everybody has an opinion on what it should be, but I don't think there was ever an in depth explanation for the decision made. Many times that solves a lot of the public perception of the situation. People will still disagree but there becomes a certain level of acceptance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnhVPnYKY7I Not a fumble by rule but...
  18. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/some-american-athletes-competing-different-country-can-bring-rewards-controversy-n850811
  19. It is really crazy that a decision has not been announced. It isn't like there is a big period of discovery where each party has to turn over evidence. USA Wrestling should have already ruled and the competitors should know if it stands or if they have to re-wrestle the second match and possibly a third.
  20. But if you go to the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club website and read how they describe their athletes , there is not a singe mention of Penn State. Even with current students. The NLWC Resident Athlete Program had some outstanding performances during the past season (2017-18). In September, Matt Brownwon a bronze medal at the World Military Championships. Josh Rodriguez and Riley Lefever both earned bronze medals at the U.S. U23 World Team Trials in October. During the month of November, Matt Brown won silver and Riley Lefever bronze at the Dave Schultz International Tournament. In December, Franklin Gomez and David Taylor joined the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club team and led them to a second place finish at the World Clubs Cup Championship in Iran. David Taylor become only the 12th U.S. wrestler in history to win a gold medal at the Yarygin Grand Prix Tournament in Russia in January. During the Month of February, Matt Brown won the U.S. Armed Forces Championship, and Franklin Gomez placed second, Riley Lefever placed third, and Josh Rodriguez placed fifth at the Outstanding Ukrainian Memorial Tournament in Kiev, Ukraine. Nico Megaludis also competed in Ukraine, and Ben Provisor finished in 8th at the Thor Masters Tournament in Denmark. In April, Franklin Gomez earned a bronze at the Bill Farrell International Tournament in New York whileDavid Taylor went undefeated in leading the U.S. team to a World Cup Championship. At the U.S. Open National Championships also in April, Ben Provisor and David Taylor both won gold medals while Jake Varner (competing for the first time after a long layoff) earned silver and Nico Megaludis bronze. A week later at the Pan American Championships in Lima, Peru, David Taylor won gold, Ben Provisorbronze in Greco and gold in Freestyle, and Mark Hall (not a NLWC Resident Athlete but representing the NLWC) also won a gold medal. At the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament in Rochester, MN, in May, Nico Megludis earned a silver and Jake Varner a bronze. Also in May, Collegians Brady Berge won gold, Nick Lee silver, and Jarod Verkleeren bronze while competing under the NLWC banner at the U.S. Junior World Team Trials. In May, Josh Rodriguez lost a close match to the U23 World Champion in the Beat the Streets dual in New York City. In June at the Final X, David Taylor won two consecutive matches in Penn State’s Rec Hall to claim a U.S. World Team spot while Ben Provisor and collegian Mason Manville earned runner-up finishes in the U.S. Greco World Team Trials. In July, Franklin Gomez won gold, Ben Provisor silver, and Josh Rodriguez bronze at the Canada Cup, in Guelph, Ontario. In the late summer, David Taylor pinned four straight opponents to capture gold at the Yassar Dogu International in Turkey. And in early fall of 2018, David Taylorbecame the NLWC’s first World Champion! To win the World Championships, David defeated a returning Olympic Gold medalist from Iran in his first match and in the tournament finals, he defeated an opponent from Turkey by a technical fall. David’s World Championship performance combined with his performance throughout the 2018 season led to his being named the UWW Best Freestyle Wrestler of the year for 2018! We all know who is from Penn State and who isn't but the club doesn't differentiate.
  21. I think it is really funny how this group still looks at these guys as representing a particular university/college. How is David Taylor considered to be representing PSU? Is James Green still primarily a Nebraska guy? Dake hasn't wrestled for Cornell since March of 2013. These guys are all USA wrestlers and should be supported as such. Way too much bickering about where they went/go to school.
  22. What I find most interesting about this thread is that armchair referees disagrees with the actual match officials. Don't you think there is a chance that the referees might be interpreting the RULES correctly?
  23. This ruling is similar to some of my issues in sport in general. The rules are too complicated. It is similar to the catch rule, tuck rule, etc. in football. In efforts to bring clarity to those officiating the rules have become so complicated that what everyone watches and agree should be ruled one way is often contrary to the letter of the rule. If you want to fix wrestling you make them wrestle until pinfall. No scoring. It might take forever and it would be considered dangerous because of the potential time on the mat but it is really the only way to solve these kinds of issues.
  24. You could move Ruth to 174 instead of Hall and place Wright on the first team at 184.
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