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  1. I do wonder if Lee's body will hold up. Long injury history for a young guy.
  2. The passivity clock is just a free point that everyone seems to be fine giving up. I no increased urgency when a wrestler was on the clock. This was my first extended dive into freestyle. I understand it is different than folk so I don't try to compare the two.
  3. Ok. Looked like he slipped into a little folk style catch and release.
  4. Was anyone surprised that the Ref put them back on their feet instantly after the first takedown with about 10 seconds left? Gable stood up and the ref said ok. I thought he would have to be on top for a period of time.
  5. rule [ro͞ol] NOUN rules (plural noun) · Rules (noun) one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere. "the rules of the game were understood" synonyms: regulation · ruling · directive · order · court order · act · law · bylaw · statute · [More] control of or dominion over an area or people. "the revolution brought an end to British rule" synonyms: control · jurisdiction · command · power · sway · dominion · government · [More] (the rule) the normal or customary state of things. "such accidents are the exception rather than the rule" synonyms: procedure · practice · protocol · convention · standard · norm · form · routine · custom · habit · wont · praxis a strip of wood or other rigid material used for measuring length or marking straight lines; a ruler. synonyms: system · standard · units · scale VERB rules (third person present) exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people). "Latin America today is ruled by elected politicians" · [More] synonyms: govern · preside over · control · have control of · be in control of · lead · [More] (ruled) make parallel lines across (paper). "a sheet of ruled paper" synonyms: ruled · feint · scored · striped · stripy · banded · streaked · striated pronounce authoritatively and legally to be the case. "a federal court ruled that he was unfairly dismissed from his job" synonyms: decree · order · direct · pronounce · make a judgment I don't see guidelines to be interpreted to satisfy fans desire for a different outcome anywhere in that definition.
  6. Saturday night Mat 3 was a highlight.
  7. Since he hasn't been mentioned and everyone knows he is unbeatable I will offer Pico
  8. How much over would be ok since he doesn't wrestle until 6:30? 10 lbs as long as he cuts and is on weight at 3pm? I am amazed at how many on here (who have wrestled) support Cox. I am sure everyone has received that same grace period when overweight at the time of weigh in.
  9. Like some on here I think the KJ blame is an end around as part of the appeal process, but that is just an opinion. Letting him wrestle could become messy. If they grant the appear and he has to wrestle Moore and loses, does Moore get another shot at Snyder to let the whole process play out? I believe USA Gymnastics allowed the Karolyis to select the final Olympic team members. In Rio the women that finished 5th and 6th were left off the team for the ones that finished in 7th and 8th. Even though they all competed at the trials. Do you give Cox the berth and tell Snyder we think Cox is better right now?
  10. Nick Lee is still in college as well. I don't know how the benefits work but I doubt that Snyder was on his own dime going to international tournaments while at Ohio State.
  11. Maybe the answer is life's work not a new training site. Not everyone is cut out for a long run in FS.
  12. My favorite part of that clip is Bob Watson of the Astros getting that single line.
  13. Why Some Olympians Compete Against Their Home Country - The Atlantic
  14. Is he their best wrestler? Is he a slam dunk to beat Kyle Snyder? I looked at J'Den credentials at 97 kg and have to say they are impressive.
  15. The thing that I find inconsistent is that you have to make weight at a certain time determined by the tournament. If you continue working on a cut for an additional 5 minutes you are gaining an advantage unless you believe that a guy that cuts 20lbs is the same size as a guy that cuts 5lbs.
  16. J'Den Cox isn't the only guy trying to reach a dream. You have to be fair to all competitors.
  17. I love that Cox is a certain gold/silver medalist and Snyder is just some random jobber.
  18. I guess when guys have to make weight the weigh in time matters to me. It isn't like he is just late.
  19. That is the question. What is the right amount of leniency? I would say that if you must weigh in at a time you need to weigh in by that time. Pretty simple concept.
  20. Was he trying to get down to weight, possibly?
  21. Please fill us in on what happened to cheat J'den Cox.
  22. 86 looks like it could be a barn burner.
  23. The guys that go MMA are no better off. They fight for little unless/until they get into the headliner category. That said WWE is no picnic either. Get the right gimmick and you're golden, but you are also on the road for over 250 events. Look at the Undertaker. He had a 20 year run. A ton of injuries that will likely leave him in bad shape as he ages. Anyone making a living in combat sports "real" or staged is doing themselves no favors except in the bank account.
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