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  1. herma48852

    UWW steaming up and running.

    For anyone that was actually able to watch the stream (mine keep freezing and pixelating) would greatly appreciate a run down of what transpired between Yaz and Taylor.
  2. herma48852

    UWW steaming up and running.

    Lots of pixelation, frozen screen and now no audio.
  3. herma48852

    I Hope Flo Dies

    Hi Angry_Fish, Like many others here, I had only minor pixelation problems with the broadcast and really enjoyed the event. If you successfully tested other streaming video services as you said you did, I would suggest contacting Flo and let them know your region and who your ISP is.
  4. herma48852

    Final X Lincoln

    I don't believe there was any malicious intent on Gadson's part.
  5. herma48852

    Spencer Lee vs Suriano prediction thread

    First time poster. Going with Lee; abuses Nato and now seems inhuman without the brace.