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    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Gilman Colon Yianni Green (Lock) JB (Lock) Dake (Lock) DT (Lock) Cox (Lock) Snyder (Lock) Gwiz
  2. herma48852

    Men’s freestyle WTT day 1 thread

    Most unfortunate as this most enjoyable up until now.
  3. herma48852


    Really enjoyed the entire event, including the marching band and awards. My hats off to FLO!
  4. herma48852

    UWW steaming up and running.

    For anyone that was actually able to watch the stream (mine keep freezing and pixelating) would greatly appreciate a run down of what transpired between Yaz and Taylor.
  5. herma48852

    UWW steaming up and running.

    Lots of pixelation, frozen screen and now no audio.
  6. herma48852

    I Hope Flo Dies

    Hi Angry_Fish, Like many others here, I had only minor pixelation problems with the broadcast and really enjoyed the event. If you successfully tested other streaming video services as you said you did, I would suggest contacting Flo and let them know your region and who your ISP is.
  7. herma48852

    Final X Lincoln

    I don't believe there was any malicious intent on Gadson's part.
  8. herma48852

    Spencer Lee vs Suriano prediction thread

    First time poster. Going with Lee; abuses Nato and now seems inhuman without the brace.