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  1. 6 for 6 is tough to beat, also Burroughs got beat out from his spot for his last 2. I’m not trying to knock JB I’m just think he’s our 2nd best.
  2. Taylor is just so much better than Yazdani. I don’t consider them equals at all, totally different levels.
  3. Yaz has no offense against Taylor without that undertook
  4. Why aren’t the finals on the Olympic channel anymore?
  5. I think they’ve tried a little and got next to no positive feedback from their subscribers. They’re in the business of making money, it’s that simple and US money is dedicated for the most part to folk and free.
  6. Why? Greco has a nearly nonexistent following in America.
  7. The ref in the Volk match was atrocious
  8. I thought Bassett looked undersized.
  9. I think Zain will be up at 70 for at least this year and maybe next, so they have some time to figure it out.
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