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  1. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Suriano vs Micic

    Suriano and his popcorn muscles can’t finish against these good 133 lbers.
  2. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Who is going to screw up seeding this year?

    Wouldn’t he have to wrestle a certain amount of matches at 165 to qualify for an at large bid?
  3. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    Brands won’t do it if it means an ass whooping. Maybe in the future in PSU is in a rebuilding year.
  4. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Biggest threat to Nickal?

    The only threat left is If a Rutgers wrestler manipulates his joint alla Nolf
  5. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Daniel Lewis Pins Valencia

    6-4 Valencia
  6. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    What is the record for duel meet wins in a row?
  7. Wow a bunch of sensitive Sally’s in this thread.
  8. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Flo big match promotion - question

    It’s certainly not flo’s fault ducking has taking place. They have a job and they are doing it they have no control if the matches actually take place. Kinda ridiculous people are trying to blame them.
  9. The coaches don’t give a Sh*t what we think.
  10. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    If Spencer is sick why did he wrestle 48 hours ago?

    I guess you haven’t followed Wrestling at all this year lol. Brands has been ducking left and right.
  11. Ogalthorpe Haywood


    It’s Brands and his mangina, it just sucks seems like were let down every week by a great match not taking place. The season means nothing let’s just get to March already
  12. Ogalthorpe Haywood


    It seems like each time he takes a step up in competition he loses badly. He was a huge favorite too, went off at -630
  13. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    National Tickets

    Of course the brokers get there scumbag hands on a good amount of tickets. Same goes for the Super Bowl. They make damn near impossible for regular fans to get tickets without paying extra. They should make that illegal and send those JO’s to jail
  14. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    133 - Meatgrinder of Parity

    The round of 16 at NCAAs is going to be crazy this year
  15. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Suriano screwed up

    Always an excuse every time he loses, it’s getting pathetic. And national champions want to be in that hick town. Rutgers is in the arm pit of America