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  1. Their world titles weren’t the same imo. One was an Olympic weight, one was a non-Olympic weight during an Olympic year. As far as world titles go that’s kinda low on the totem pole. Still impressive, just not on Taylor’s world gold level.
  2. I thought it was funny that Pyles wouldn’t even acknowledge that the rumble on the roof was was even happening. Askren tried to bring it up on an earlier FRL and pyles blew it off like Askren was making it up that wrestling matches were taking place.
  3. Mike Evans was a bit of a scumbag, he took many cheap shots when he was losing. He tried to elbow Matt Brown multiple times.
  4. Jeez give the guy a chance to screw this one up too. They’ll figure out what everyone else knows, that he’s a scumbag.
  5. As was DT and Cael with that fiasco 3rd match with Cox.
  6. I think we’ve found the latest member of the Downey family on these boards. Only family members could ever think PDIII is a good guy, he’s no doubt a good wrestler but he’s most definitely not a stand up guy.
  7. No surprise, I had you pegged for a crack head anyway lol.
  8. If was really the #1 on the national team he would have went to pan-ams to qualify the weight. Instead they sent someone who they knew would get the job done.
  9. What does that say about your boy?? He lost by 5 to the guy who couldn’t stand afterward.
  10. He tried to create a little flurry with a few seconds left but it was t much of an attempt.
  11. JO had the game plan to keep it close by not engaging and try to score late. Absolutely pathetic imo in an exhibition setting.
  12. PDIII’s lungs may explode next month. I’m excited to see it, it couldn’t happen to a better guy.
  13. I think you may be the only one not surprised, I would be surprised if DT doesn’t tech him.
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