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  1. 97 kg has been dominated domestically the last 5 years by Kyle Snyder, he’s not running from Cox. Cox has looked amazing at the non Olympic weight but has never won gold at an Olympic weight. Cox is moving up 11 pounds and will only have a few matches under his belt before they wrestle. I’m curious why you think Snyder should move up to 125kg?
  2. He doesn’t need to wrestle Saturday at 97kg but he’ll need to wrestle the winner of the challenge tournament on Sunday. At the same time the heavyweight will take place, so I don’t know if it’s actually aloud but theoretically he would wrestle the challenge at heavyweight on Saturday win that and then potentially wrestle 6 matches against people like Cox and Gwiz or Gable. Not feasible in my mind.
  3. They qualify at the same tournament at the same time. The loser won’t be granted a special wrestle off for another spot on the team. If either want to go heavyweight they can do so when they register.
  4. I believe it is Iowa trying to dethrone Penn State, they are still the defending champions until someone beats them in March.
  5. JB is 7th in points so no shot he gets seeded so their goes your theory, Sidakov is 2nd so he’s clear of him though.
  6. He can get a good seed, but the draw still remains random. If the other top guys don’t accumulate the seeding points then he could see someone very good in the first round, happened to Taylor and Yazdani.
  7. This is a guy who only competes when he knows he’s the best or when he has too. Depending on his seed he may never win another medal.
  8. After his match Saturday night it won’t be a big loss.
  9. Lee Rivera Lee Kolodzik Deakin Joseph Hall Valencia Moore Gable
  10. They had a chance to meet but Rivera didn’t show up, I’m thinking that will be the bottom half semi anyway.
  11. Rivera hasn’t wrestled any of the “top 5” guys besides gross which he lost. So probably is what I would say.
  12. He’ll probably get the 6th seed, which puts him and Desanto on a collision course in the quarters
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