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  1. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Should I quit?

    You gotta love the grind, in my eyes you have 3 choices embrace the grind, stop doing the run in the morning and lifting at night and just go to practice or quit and possibly spend the rest of your life regretting your decision. Put some real thought into your decision and good luck.
  2. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Howard commits to . . .

    OK st and Iowa had these runs as well in their respective hay days.
  3. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Matt Brown placed his first year after backing up Ruth but wasn’t a finalist
  4. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    OSU vs. Wyoming

    I’m impressed by his top game as well,
  5. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Cliff Keen - Toughest Tournament? (Nov 30-Dec.1)

    I just hope everyone shows up
  6. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Is Minny less jack'd than they used to be?

    They can’t focus on weight lifting, aderol pipeline is gone lol
  7. Ogalthorpe Haywood


    I had no idea you had access to my email, I guess I’ll have to change my password again.
  8. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Foxcatcher Movie

    I agree, the documentary was worth a watch. That movie came out a few years ago, weird to be this outspoken now.
  9. Ogalthorpe Haywood


    I got an email from track apologizing for there terrible worlds coverage saying I had access for the rest of the year for free so hopefully this event is included.
  10. Ogalthorpe Haywood


    Thanks on track?
  11. Ogalthorpe Haywood


    When is this happening?
  12. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Keystone Classic

    Cassar looks like he’s going to be a handful for this weight class
  13. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Keystone Classic

  14. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Keystone Classic

    Anybody know when the next round starts?
  15. Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Keystone Classic

    I was thinking the same thing. I thought he would at least get a few wins today