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  1. That’s the crazy thing about rules, their shouldn’t be wiggle room to make exceptions for a few.
  2. Crazy thing is they just had a tournament that people qualify for and the winner, get this... wins a spot on the Olympic team. Crazy thought I know, sorry you missed it. It was really a lot of fun.
  3. The deadline for making weight was 11 hours not 11 hours and 10 minutes. Pretty cut and dry, nobody to blame but Cox himself.
  4. Not in the allotted timeframe, therefore he didn’t make weight. He way have been under weight the day before also, is that considered making weight?
  5. Losing in the world championships wrestling for gold no matter how is not embarrassing. Zains loss at pan ams to Argentina was however embarrassing!! Much different circumstances.
  6. He had no shot the way he was wrestling, I think he knew it. He was probably the favorite before the injury.
  7. It wasn’t a prize fight, it was a tournament with multiple competitors.
  8. I think we have a legit shot at 4 medals this Olympics. 4 out of 6 ain’t bad at all.
  9. If Dake got the wrong info from his coach and missed weight he wouldn’t have been able to wrestle. KJ was giving Cox info as his coach not as a USA employee. This employee excuse is them reaching and hoping something catches, it’s such a bs excuse.
  10. I agree, they are either Missouri people, mad we missed out on the Snyder Cox match or just a Cox fanboy.
  11. Taylor brought Bo in 18, I think Brooks will be his choice here I’m sure Bo will transition to MMA fairly quickly. I also think Snyder always brings his brother as his training partner.
  12. He was on time and weighed in overweight initially, you do know that right? He than attempted to lose the weight but got back too late.
  13. Than Zahid should’ve wrestled better Friday night.
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