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  1. I believe Gilman will be the one seed no matter what because he qualified the weight for the Olympics.
  2. He was scheduled on a NLWC card against Nate Jackson but dropped out a week or so before, Beard stepped in.
  3. Yianni dominated Ashnault. Ashnault backed up most of the time and was still teched
  4. Also moving weight classes to a much weaker weight helps. He’s aggressive against lesser competitors, it’s one of the reasons he’s not as popular as many of our less accomplished athletes imo.
  5. I don’t know if Zain looked good or Bajrang looked bad.
  6. Flo can’t make these guys show up. I’m sure Zain and Yianni both got invites, JO called them both out when they announced this mini tournament and Zain responded he would see everyone in April.
  7. That ref was not on Gilmans side at all.
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