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  1. The answer is Taylor, Olympic weight medals count more than nonolympic medals. I hope they can both stay healthy this entire cycle
  2. I’m sure he is, his whining has gotten borderline pathetic.
  3. He is highly offended by those online cracking jokes, he wants the people that continuously make fun of him to now congratulate him.I don’t think he knows how the internet works lol. He is still blaming others and taking zero responsibility, it’s a really sad look imo.
  4. Definitely not denying his skills, he’s hands down one of our best. He just comes off like a total douche.
  5. Still whining and blaming others, he still hasn’t taken any responsibility
  6. Building to be an 86er, Mark Perry said he didn’t want to go 79 and lose progress.
  7. Fix does seem like a major upgrade from our last few reps at 61, still Colon has a bronze and Graff wrestled for one. So that gives some hope.
  8. JB sounded like he was staying at 79 until 2024, then I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave 86 a shot. Zain didn’t look big to me at all, I would have liked to see him against one of the true 70kg guys. Moore making 86 may be a stretch and what’s the prize wrestling DT? Not likely, he’s fit for 92 but unfortunately Cox is their.
  9. However the NLWC does already have 30% of the team.
  10. He said after he won his last junior world title that he would never make 74 again, that the cut was way too hard.
  11. He has said he’ll only wrestle 86kg moving forward.
  12. It’s best not to engage with that clown, He’ll argue even the most logical points.
  13. I’m about as far from a PDIII guy as their is but seeding him 13 is criminal.
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