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  1. Not a very competitive card, Bartlett Merideth match was the best of the bunch.
  2. I’ve been on the mute lbj for a while now. Dudes an absolute clown
  3. Thanks for posting, tough to ask people to pay $30 to watch that lot. Maybe they’ll have Spencer vs a big name to make it worth it.
  4. I didn’t think the HWC had 7 good male wrestlers left in there room, and didn’t all the women leave?
  5. And you had to edit this post. What a winner you must be.
  6. Haha maybe!! My point was people don’t know how good they have it. We came across some boxes of papers while in Iraq and many had execution orders handed down from Saddam for offenses that were similar to Afkaris. Just a reminder I am in America so that is my priority.
  7. Those kneelers should be happy they live in America. Clearly protest like this can end badly in other parts of the world. But keep rioting clown
  8. sad news. That part of the world functions much differently than us. And these scumbags still have the nerve to disrespect the American flag with no repercussions.
  9. Plenty, so they can be used as scapegoats when necessary
  10. I can’t believe they missed the opportunity for a Gilman Micic match. I’m sure they tried and one of them said no, my guess is Micic was the no-go.
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