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  1. Fix, I think he takes control of this weight for the foreseeable future. Zain, JO takes out Yianni in the bottom semi and Zain beats Frank in the top. Dake, it’s his time if completely healthy. Taylor, if Cox goes down the cut will be too much, nobody else is a threat (maybe Bo if he goes down). Snyder, the move to NLWC will prove to be beneficial. Gwiz, Gable makes it really close but it’s Gwiz’s spot for one more year.
  2. I think we see beard come January, they are going to need some points from 97 come March.
  3. It’s been the same story year after year. Imo if he was our best he would’ve made at least one team by now. It’s not like he has medalists standing in his way.
  4. He just kept getting stronger throughout the day. By the finals he was on another level.
  5. Says something about our greco program. It would be a bad look for USA greco if he made the team.
  6. Like them or not but they have helped wrestling
  7. Pyles and nomad have been pretty open that they weren’t very good wrestlers. Imo they didn’t need to be great wrestlers to be good wrestling journalists.
  8. Why can’t Bo make leaps just as Cox did? Bo is less than a year into training freestyle full time and already looks like he’s made a big jump. To just dismiss him from ever being on “Cox level” is just silly imo. I don’t see Bo winning this year but if he decides to give another cycle a go I could definitely see him catching Cox and passing him in the near future.
  9. Why? 92 is a weak weight. He gave Cox arguably his toughest matches this year
  10. Bo May be the 2nd best 92kg in the world.
  11. Taylor has performed well under the new rules at 86, Cox has not competed under those rules at 86 because he said himself that he had a tough time making weight under the old rules. So that’s where the speculation comes in.
  12. Up a weight though. Cutting 14 lbs will take a toll especially back to back days scratch weight. I can’t see Cox being the same dominant guy as he is at 92.
  13. Sure Cox has improved, he looks great at his optimal weight. He even beat some good guys but no world beaters imo, Taylor beat a laundry list of studs in ‘18. Cox had trouble with the weight with the old rules but you think he’ll have no adverse affects with these much tougher rules? To be honest I think a very good DT wins I don’t think he necessarily needs to be the dominant guy from ‘18. I just don’t think Cox will look himself at 86.
  14. Taylor just said what many were thinking. People think Cox will cut and run through DT, those matches in ‘17 were pretty damn close with the old weigh in rules. Since then DT has won a world championship in a weight that Cox has failed too. I think Taylor is the favorite at 86kg.
  15. They can stay on their parents health insurance until they are 28
  16. Cox has to win gold at an Olympic weight to be considered the best in the US imo.
  17. Cox has to win gold at an Olympic weight to be considered the best in the US imo.
  18. Cox has to win gold at an Olympic weight to be considered the best in the US imo.
  19. I don’t remember the number but I think the penn RTC offered JB a few hundred thousand dollars a year a few years back to move a train there.
  20. Whatever you say idiot. Keep making 0 sense
  21. Well agree to disagree because I think you are stupid.
  22. Wow you are stupid aren’t you? That has nothing to do with anything I said. But what will be his reason for choosing another country? He already used the “I’m proud of my heritage” excuse
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