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  1. josephe

    college wrestling on ESPN+

    Finally figured it out after I posted. Thanks for your reply. Surprised it's just the Ivy league.
  2. I see some matches have been on ESPN and usually ESPN+ (upcoming Princeton matches on ESPN+) 1- anyone have a list of matches on ESPN - can't find such anywhere? 2-and is ESPN+ pay subscription (believe it is) or do the matches end up on ESPNU or their other feeds that are online streams? Thanks
  3. josephe


    Big congrats on the team GPA 3.02 for the Fall semester. Awesome. Would've never bet on it - pleasantly surprised. Great job wrestlers, coaches, tutors, advisers and all involved!
  4. josephe


    First off, kudos to the staff, wrestlers and all involved to get the program where it is today. Hope this is viewed as constructive critique. As a fan I want them to ascend higher in the B10 but with conduct, recruiting, etc have concerns if they are on the right path. Agree, disagree? Observations from matches over the weekend: -prior to match OSU team on the mat, drilling, moving with purpose, Smith watching the entire time on side of mat -prior to match RU coaches talking and mingling with those in the crowd, not all the team on the mat, most just wasting energy walking around in circles -for Ashnault match skirmish at the end - Smith chewed out his kid not once as he came off the match, but another as he walked he away and called him back again ( I watched it) He was major league pissed at him. Goodale in his presser passes off Ashnault gun action as having fun, no big deal. -Smith mentioned he likes coming up here because good for recruiting too. Does RU recruit down there? -Suriano showboating after win in WI match that 2 more days until the big match. Both their top guys do this kind of crap. I notice most other teams (coaches and wrestlers) in the B10 (especially those at the top) conduct themselves in a more professional and purposeful manner. Recruiting - who are they landing? Need more than 2 AA's to be a real solid competitive team in the B10. Ash was only signature recruit, Suriano they got lucky with. Granted the studs who can go anywhere will be tough to keep home but how come solid AA's such as say a McFadden go elsewhere? Why'd Lewis go to VT, Howard going to PSU? RU needs like 5 AA's to get to next level.
  5. josephe

    Howard commits to . . .

    Did Rutgers have a shot at getting Howard, did they recruit him hard? Another loss of a top NJ wrestler to a school other than RU. Granted they've made great strides over the years but their recruiting is fair at best. Lucky Ashnault wanted to stay right down the road from home and Suriano coming back home was a gift. They have 2 AA's this year and maybe 1 or 2 more. They're going to get rolled in their big10 matches. I'm a fan and pull hard and admire the work put in thus far but tired of seeing them lose out on the best NJ wrestlers. And they're not even landing the McFadden's, Lewis, etc - solid AA contenders. They need at 5-6 solid AA's to compete in b10 and finish 4,5,6 spot.
  6. -USA MFS did great with 7 medal haul. Feel it should've been better. JB, Gilman just missing on higher placement. Knew Steiber and Green were question marks and hunch Snyder not his self. -John Smith is an excellent commentator - one of the best I've heard in wrestling. And he was down on the refs, which was a correct observation. Changes needed in international freestyle wrestling -The seeding needs work. Travesty what occurred. -The refs were bad again. They're too involved. Is wrestling morphing into gymnastics where the refs seem like judges. All the challenges and reviews seem unnatural to the sport. -Leadership of UWW is still bad. Too much BS in seeding, refs, rules, politics -Still want some tweaks in the rules. Not a fan of the easy points for exposure, ref being able to put wrestler on the clock. -Just seed the guys right and let them wrestle - it's that simple. ALL OF THESE ISSUES CAN BE RESOLVED WITH STRONGER LEADERSHIP Future of USA wrestling -Most in the know had a sense Snyder would go down this year. Knew Sads was all in for the rematch and the kill. There were many examples of Snyds being off this year. He looked fearful during the handshake at the start of the match with Sads. -if Dake comes down next year JB could be done. JB's problem is his speaking out. And I'm a big fan of his. If he didn't lay claim to surpassing 6 he wouldn't have this self imposed pressure. Tiger Woods did the same thing saying he wanted to surpass Nicklaus. Hear Snyder talking like this, Sads? Nope. Not once did I hear John Smith during the broadcast talk about his career, not once. Humble pie would've gone a long way to a few more golds for JB as I don't think his age is an issue as much as he and others make it to be. It's more his head. -Near future is strong for but need more medal contenders in first 4-5 weights.
  7. I'm with what rcoates says and I'm a JB fan since his HS Jersey days. He has the Tiger Woods syndrome - set himself up for failure by saying he wanted to surpass J Nicklaus 18 majors and stuck on 14. Same with JB. Let your record speak for itself when your days are over. None of the 'greats' ever talked about wanting 6 golds or whatever. Just let their records speak for themselves and talk history when their career is over. JB needed a bit of humble pie - his biggest downfall. This is exactly why is lost in Rio -way to much pressure on himself by running his mouth. And IMO, you need at least 2 Olympic Gold to be considered GOAT compared to those he wants to surpass. Look at Baumgartner with 13 medals total!
  8. josephe

    Suriano Happy

    The level of immaturity and hate on this forum is pathetic. But mostly sad. You look at what you write? Easy to hide behind the keystrokes of a computer. Talked to an RU coach recently and Nick was unhappy at PSU and just didn't fit in. At PSU It's a total buy in to Cael's ways and his beliefs. NS now happy at RU but as others say, and I agree, he gave up a lot in terms of resources and who his partners are. He needs to get better. I believe he would be no challenge for Lee and I'm a fan of NS and wish him well. dmm53 in earlier post nailed it and unfortunately I agree with his assessment. NS really has to step it up to content at 25 or 33.
  9. josephe

    Burroughs vs Chamizo

    why tix start at $350? cynical imo to mission of organization. seriously, what father can take their kid to see JB at 700 pair? offensive. why promote it if only a select few can afford it?
  10. josephe

    Top 10 programs of the Future

    Steamboat, spot on in your analysis. I agree with most. I'm a RU fan and agree. They're not on the way up, they will stagnate at this level. Good tournament team but for duals depends on who they wrestle and how they match up - competed with IA but rolled by the big two. Reason being is they only have 2 legit AA's and will stay that way until they take it to the next level and recruit more studs and have 4,5,6 AA's. And a true stud in NJ has many college choices and a free ride so tons of competition against other/better college programs. Even though they run one of the highest expenditures in the B10 they need more funding to land the best recruits. And I think the coaching, nothing against them, applaud their efforts, will hinder from taking them to the elite level. Lehigh kind of in same boat due to geographic location. NC State on the other hand, exceptional HC and due to location, they will flourish and have done so in a shorter time frame. Same for Cornell just to give examples of how geographic and exceptionally awesome HC allow them to flourish.
  11. josephe

    Damion Hahn

    AD at Indiana is fool. Look at the contract he gave Crean, former bball coach. Better yet, fault the President for signing off on that. Nothing against Angel, hope he builds IU up in the B10. Just life, weird how jobs open and who gets them despite many, many qualified HC candidates sitting in the wings. If I were an AD at a big time wrestling school in 5 minutes, if you know anything about wrestling, you could put together a short list of awesome HC candidates.
  12. josephe

    Hahn to SDSU

    Surprised he went there. After spending 12 yrs in the trenches figured he was first up at a bigger name program. Did they give him a look for WI job? Is Grey next up now at Cornell? Like any job, a lot is luck. Lot of assistants go the nod in last 2 years - Minn, Michigan, Indiana. Good luck to Damian, one of Jersey's finest, he was an awesome talent, made it look so easy, was just so smooth for a big man. Kind of like Snyder to a degree.
  13. josephe

    FS rules - like them?

    All good point made - thanks. With these tweaks in the rules I think FS would be that much better. That was my point, FS in a good place but could be excellent and there is room for improvement in the rules and referee involvement. In regard to points raised about exposure - it may be tough to get a leg lace or gut wrench but to endlessly turn one with it is not 'incredibly incredibly hard' nor should one get enough points for a tech fall for doing so. I've only been around wrestling for decades so...
  14. josephe

    Anthony Ashnault

    Who on here speaks the facts and knows the eligibility rule? AA had shoulder and knee surgery - fact. Much needed and did he do it to duck his competition - have to ask him but he was cleary injured and needed surgery. He's wrestled 3 seasons. Because he got injured for his 4th does he get a do over (or the 6th year as they call it)? That's the question and where is it in black and white? Guess it's not because it's the NCAA and they change as they go along as we know. I'm curious to the b&w answer.
  15. Not keen on the last points scored to tie a match makes that wrestler the winner. I'd vote for OT. Not keen on the exposure either as some is so quick and not like an earned turn in Folk and a match could be over in 20 sec. Not different than a pin you could argue but a pin typically seems like it's earned. Serious replies only please. Curious to opinions because most here in US not in love with Folk or FS rules and feel both need modification - again.