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  1. These coaches wonder why their wrestlers and teams are not performing up to their expectations? Where is the mirror for both of them?
  2. Been a huge fan of JB for what 11 yrs now. Really, really want him to make the team and go out with the gold. But I have a lot of pause. Beating Dake, because he's gotten so good, will take such an immense and perfect match(s) from JB it will be like winning the gold. I don't feel it's so much JB's physical and skills that are holding him back. Though he is not 25 anymore and his gas tank does seem low near the end of matches. 1) I think it's his belief in himself. He talks about being old, near the end, etc. Never had that mindset before. He use to have unwavering belief. Wonder if it's still the same. Because he still has the skills to get the job done and with Dake he can still get in his head because Dake still can get rattled. 2) I wonder about his training. Same place, same thing all these years. We all saw Synder after the losing saying he needs a change of scenery and better and stronger partners to workout with. Often wonder if what happens in Lincoln is the best scene for JB. Plus he's a family man now, living that life, just had his third child 2 weeks ago and in about 3mos will have the biggest match of his life. Also, the boys in Dagestan and the like live and train a much more focused life. This is all outside observation so no crucifiers.
  3. If Fix and his coach were focused on wrestling, not the officiating, the outcome may have been different for Daton. Right before Suriano takes him down Fix is pointing at his head gear and stops wrestling. Cost him the match as Suriano took him down at that point. That's crap about the headgear affecting it - Fix stopped wrestling. Plus he didn't do much in the match anyhow. And karma is a b_ _ _ _. Payback for Suriano for what went on in Jan in the RAC with the BS officiating. Yet the rules do need a fixing - headgear, hands to the face. It should be for flagrant violations. IE, for headgear - the guys head needs to be pulled down or back - a very noticeable, violent pulling of the head via the head gear. Same for hands to the face. Give a warning, and than if the guy is really slapping the face, than hit him with the point. This is sissy crap what's going on. And the coaches are trying to game the system with all the challenges. And in the Suriano, Fix match, if I'm the ref, there is no way I'm making headgear call (he was on other side of it anyhow) in OT in a Nat Champ match. No way am I deciding and handling a title to a kid on a BS penalty. And can't even tell, and didn't appear Suriano pulled on it, if he did Fix's head would've come down - like a genuine facemask in the NFL. Suriano had hands on it. Anyhow - this is trivial. What I say prior stands.
  4. Interesting facts. PSU only had 2 of this years 16 AA's from PA. Rutgers (RU) had 2 of 10 from NJ. I've been all over RU that they need to recruit better and keep the studs at home. But Cael also isn't keeping most of the PA studs home at PSU. So recruiting isn't so much about keeping your in state studs at home. More about the school, reputation, program, coach, RTC, etc that is the main draw to a recruit. So for RU, not so much about keeping most of the in state studs at home (doesn't happen) but about being the best destination for the stud recruits. They have to up their game on this. Hate to criticize as I'm a fan but outside of Ash and Suriano, they are real thin, even with the recruits coming in. And it's been 10 years. Look at what Cael did in 10 yrs. And he went to PSU to keep the in state studs at home but he's built a dynasty and the best want in.
  5. josephe


    Frustrating watching with ESPN -hard to find all the 'mats' thus channels. had to search all over the espn site for every session -a lot of sessions didnt come live until after the matches started and believe Sat there were no scoreboards until 141 -can't find 8 awesome wrestling announcers to cover the biggest event of the year? find the guy on 8 in a local bar? -no split screen. had to open multiple browser and flip back and forth I do pay for this so...sucks when you're biggest event of the year is flawed and again, work on finding announcers next time
  6. Very arrogant. Granted he was geared up for the impending match and bad time for an interview but not the first time he's been in front of a camera so being the 'CEO' of Cornell wrestling, he should know better what and what not to say publicly.
  7. Will Suriano go up to 41? 25 and 33 should be insanely tough next year, regardless of who moves up so maybe him going up to 41 be a tad easier or Yanni staying at 41?
  8. How did Lewis (from NJ) end up at VT and his HS team mate Glasgow ends up at RU? Would love to know the inside scoop on that! One is Nat Champ the other didn't even qual for the tournament (granted hurt but won't have the career Lewis will)
  9. Poor officiating tonight across the board. Sorry refs - really need to up your game - you're hurting these kids who have so much on the line. McKenna wrestled the better match. Poor call at the end. And not overturning anything. The challenge, hands to face rules need to be changed asap. D1 officiating is getting like FS worlds - refs way to influential on the outcome.
  10. Been watching Nick here in NJ for years, especially the last 2 at RU. Interesting character. H'es got some issues, I hope he gets his head straight. Regardless, way to go Nick! So happy for you on winning the National Championship! A month ago I said no way would you win. I even told Donny - you have to work on your head and be a more complete wrestler (on top). You turned it around big time and got it done! Awesome
  11. josephe


    Getting scorebaord for all matches on every channel, just volume
  12. josephe


    shame on ESPN - this is awful
  13. josephe


    where are the scoreboards? just getting video feed for each mat, no scoring. c'mon
  14. josephe


    Dear ESPN, It's a challenge to find these matches on your website. For instance, session 3 is on ESPNU and that you can see on your website. But if one wants to see all the mats, where do you find that? I've had to do a search for 'ncaa wrestling' on your site to find it. Appreciate the full coverage but is it that hard to find 8 decent broadcasters? I'm finally watching most in silence with the volume down because they're so bad, especially mat 8. Few tweaks and you'll get it right. At least you're way better than Flo!
  15. what about tonight, rd 2 - only on ESPN? Bummer - want to see all the matches like you could this afternoon
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