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  1. His Dad always wanted him to go to Iowa. I was very surprised he commit to Minn, especially so early. Cody is a tireless worker, with an amazing training schedule. he did some boxing at an early age and has that very physical, very heavy hands mentality.
  2. Cleveland may have been my favorite host city of the last 10 yrs
  3. Parkland wrestling logo, & named flying cement job, Well we may have crossed paths over the years.
  4. I heard the same about 125 in 2022-2023
  5. Pittsburgh was the worst I have attended. I have been to Okla city, NYC, Philly, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis 2x,
  6. Fargo champ Lenny Pinto just commit to Nebraska. Lenny like Jagger is from Pa District XI same area as Nebraska Asst Head Coach Bryan Snyder
  7. It’s an awesome facility, they will share it volleyball, fencing & gymnastics. We were in for a freestyle camp last weekend, Coach Ryan said they started planning & fundraising 9 yrs ago.
  8. Having NJRTC on site a few days a week with Reece Humphrey is going to help recruiting & the development of existing talent.
  9. RTCs are the easiest and most effective way to recruit local (250miles)high school athletes yrs earlier than normal. I have seen 8th graders who were RTC eligible giving the local schools 2+yrs of legal contact
  10. Staying at the Hampton downtown seems close but how is the area
  11. Never heard anyone who chose one event over the other because of competition, money now that is a possibility but not because they couldn’t peak in time. Parents & club coaches especially need to promote the idea that should just kids go wrestle. Don’t make it more than it is, don’t cut 20lbs .... just wrestle, get better and focus on the long term development
  12. I have 10 and regret none of them. I waited until I was 22 and out of college. I don't like seeing children in JH or HS getting tattoos unless it's for family or loved ones. All of mine tell a story
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