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  1. Just saw that a new Joe Rogan podcast came out today with Jordan...3 hours long....it might not be eyeballs watching on ESPN/tv in March, but this will have way more ears listening...starting it right now!
  2. Hey Yankees... you can take your apology and your trophy and shove 'em straignt up your ass!
  3. Takedowns and Falls...followed Central Dauphin HS (PA) for a season in the middle of their run at the top..
  4. BTN is running wrestling non stop until 6am Saturday morning Wrestling in 60 every hour until 6pm 6-8 PSU/Iowa 830-1030 Minn/Iowa 11-1 OSU/PSU 130am-330am Iowa/Mich More Wrestling in 60 and On the Mat filling in the rest....this is the weekend to get your fix.
  5. I'll counter that with Lizak coming back big time against Picc 125 lbs Dual - Ethan Lizak, Minnestoa vs Nick Piccininni, Okst https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6049500-125-lbs-dual-ethan-lizak-minnestoa-vs-nick-piccininni-okst
  6. There was a time when I was a kid that was a regular thing...just a nighttime thing for me now. Good looking out TFBJR...just the right information I was looking for. Brunch on Sunday morning sounds perfect.
  7. Got my tickets already and tickets for the festival between sessions on Saturday are getting delivered today... question for the Rutgers folk- do they serve beer in the RAC?
  8. What does everyone think of the swearing? Old FRLs- CP would make a huge deal every time Willie would drop a swear word? I enjoyed these treats every now and then, but CP would always say "kids are wtching/listening." He'd really chastise him. Since Askren came on, he has had free reign to say whatever he wants...he is not dropping F bombs, but everything else seems a-okay. I figured this would be the case when Ben came over from the Rudis podcast, as he talked that way there. I didn't figure he'd put on a filter bc FLO said so. Again, I enjoy a swear if used properly....just a thought that I feel like that was probably a small example of how Willie may have felt restricted/limited with his creativity....then to see the next person not have the same constraints.
  9. Already got my tickets to Big10s...anyone know how the view is from 300 level in the RAC? Figure cant be that bad for a place that seats 8kish
  10. I enjoy mingling in the bars before/after sessions ALMOST as much as the actual event.....and if they do $20 upper level, there is no reason for anyone to complain.
  11. I read/saw the same thing, but I feel like that article said this particular configuration was still not 100% confirmed.
  12. My thoughts on this were that I think this may look worse since the one kid is wearing fight shorts vs. a singlet. The fluff from the shorts I think kind of hides or is deceiving to how deep he may have been.
  13. I definitely had this thought while watching.
  14. Right there with everyone else that these guys looked HUGE. Williams looked like he was 190+!! I thought the same that there was more action...small sample size with only 10 matches and shortened clips we were given though, often just starting in the 3rd period. Not sure if the settings were off on my TV, but the leg bands of Iowa were always a lime green when moving around. When standing, not moving, they showed as their normal gold. Out of bounds rulings were throwing me off compared to what I am now used to. During the Guerrero match, I forgot all about just one ride out. I still can't get over that stat about Iowa winning 24 matches in a row at the tournament.....gotta feel like that is a Cal Ripken record that no one is ever touching. As a guy who didn't start wrestling until 1999, this was fun to watch though. I hope ESPNU is planning on doing more of the "college" days like Iowa day. I would be on bard with them showing more of these....definitely could do one on OkState, Penn State....Minnesota the year they had 10 All Americans.
  15. LINK to an article by Tony Rotundo for next year...little bit of insight, but mostly what was already talked about on here
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