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  1. stonerd7

    Handsomest Wrestler Award

    Bryce Meredith's to hand off from recent years, correct?
  2. stonerd7

    Iowa v Illinois

    Might be my favorite of the year
  3. stonerd7

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    This has happened before, but my wife reminded me about one of PSU's duals last year having this happen and it not being an issue. Pretty sure they delayed the dual....Hopefully Big 10 Network realizes this.
  4. stonerd7

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    starting at 125....Rutgers basketball making a comeback and bringing my worst worries a little closer to happening.....OT basketball game runs over Desanto/Suriano
  5. stonerd7

    Flo Mic'd up

    another good one today from Goodale https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6274170-oklahoma-state-vs-rutgers-2019-ncaa-wrestling/videos?playing=6316753&limit=60
  6. stonerd7

    Straps controversy

    Straps controversy Everyone agree that this is a bit much?
  7. stonerd7

    NCAA Tix Needed

    Here is something I came across in case anyone is still looking. LINK to request for Michigan's section. No guarantees that you get the tickets, but at $240/upper level/all session and $290 lower bowl/all session passes, it is a deal and worth a shot
  8. stonerd7

    Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Enjoyed the loquaciousness in this edition, Flap......To Papadatos' credit, they put out a full lineup and did not have any forfeits this past season. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6117063-hofstra-goes-full-season-without-giving-up-a-forfeit
  9. stonerd7

    Super 32

    I enjoy this kid and get the vibe that he just doesn't worry about his weight at all....wrestles and wins at wherever.
  10. stonerd7


    Listened to on computer this morning, and it sounds fine on my phone now as well.
  11. stonerd7

    Minnesota - 18/19

    There is an argument to make that Dhesi is the least talked about guy who is all but in top tier of their class. Any others in the top 3/4 of their weight who is talked about/mentioned less?
  12. stonerd7

    Hawkeye Strenth and Cond Coach Still Open $40k a year

    Somewhat related, Flo did a video walking around touring Wisconsin with Bono the other week. Around the 10-11 minute mark, they talk with their nutritionist. Amazing that they have different foods packed for different guys, depending on their time from weighing in to actually wrestling. They definitely look at every detail they can.
  13. White took Cenzo to OT at NCAA's as well....165 still going to be one of the more open weights next year
  14. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6213983-sam-stoll-suffers-gunshot-wound-to-knee Just when things were looking great for Iowa...hope he is okay
  15. stonerd7

    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    I didn't know they did this until I got there, and personally was not a big fan of it. You could tell that the kids really knew each other, and usually made for much lower scoring matches with a lot less action...That, and it seemed like those teams' fans did not know who to cheer for. I do not mean to hate on their state tournament, but what irked me more than anything is that they have 6 different classes with 20-25ish schools per statewide. Of those, 16 kids are making the state tournament.....made for a watered down level of competition with losing/.500 records all over the brackets.