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  1. I feel for Spencer not being able to compete for his 4x, Kollin should of finally got his first. This was the team for Iowa to win it all again finally. And really all the seniors that will never know, now.
  2. The Lee thing, yes he moved prior to HS. But he also took Brown with him. Which was another story itself. But the school they left was really on a up swing, but lost two top notch light weights. Never could cross that line. Plus is not one of the kids on ND a state champ from another state last year? And is one of the top 3 this year at his weight. Here in Idaho we have Bishop Kelly, in every sport accept wrestling. They pretty much run in the 4A. They keep saying they don't recruit, but lets get real no school can run the table in every sport for the past 10-15 years. Open enrollment make a big difference when they are competing against bigger schools but has boundaries. Look up Kennedy Christian basketball in PA. Half their kids are playing D1 bball now. They had kids from all around the world on that team.
  3. we was offered right after the AA rnd for 8 tickets for the finals $80 each. But they was upper level. We decided to go home and watch them on a 70 inch tv.
  4. Idaho has 4 classes 5A ( 18 schools), 4A ( 28 schools) and 3A ( 19 schools) 2A ( 30 schools) so the road to state is not very hard.
  5. This was first time at Nationals. Of course I loved the location, I am from NWPA. I have read this entire thread and have a few questions. I read where someone mentioned move to a warmer location and out west. People want to complain about the traffic and costs at Pitts. Check out the hotel costs and traffic in places like La, Pho and SD. These locations are nuts. And also throw in the crime rate in these locations. And when talking about the weather. Wait till next year (Minn is colder and more snow fall that Pitts) And it seemed a lot of folks liked NYC, from my looking hotels there at least double the costs of any other normal city. And also it looks like there are not many hotels with in 4-5 city blocks from US Bank in Minn. Just a few things I noticed.
  6. I don't care what sport we are talking about. Never STOP action till the Ref blows the whistle. That is why he lost.
  7. I think we have been spoiled by watch Snyder the past 3 years. Normal HWT matches are not a ball of movement. How many OT matches have I seen folks complain on here about at HWT?
  8. If I had not already purchased the tickets I have I would of paid $525 for all sessions. I don't think you will have any problem selling those in Pa.
  9. This will be my first time attending. Since it is in my home area, me and some buddies from HS are going. Not a bad trip since we do not have to worry about food and lodging.
  10. I just bought 5 tickets for section 112 row N last month. I only was able to get for session 5, I paid $235 each. The finals they wanted something like $1000 each. I can watch it on tv for that price! I just checked NCAA.com and there is still some tickets for all sessions with the NCAA experience.
  11. Born and raised just out side of the Burgh. I can not think of anyone there ever refer themselves as mid western's. We are Western Pa or Great Lake Region. And people from my part of the state do not even consider Phili as part of Pa. It is just all NYC to us.
  12. I just want a normal ticket, and it has been saying sold out since mid March. From past experiences, will there be any seats open as it gets closer to March?
  13. Since it is going to be in the Burgh 2019, and that is my home area (live out west now). I will have to plan the family vacation around that. I have never been able to attend the NCAA's in the past. I am trying to go this year in Cleve. but cant find any tickets yet. Do they normal sell tickets to the public for these, or do you have to know someone.
  14. Has it ever been in Pittsburgh? With the following in Western Pa, I cant believe that the Burgh has never had it.
  15. that's the thing, my buddies live with in driving distance. So we really do not need hotels. I was thinking that tickets will be difficult for 2018 since it is being held in the wrestling hot bed of NE Ohio and NW PA.
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