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  1. This was first time at Nationals. Of course I loved the location, I am from NWPA. I have read this entire thread and have a few questions.

    I read where someone mentioned move to a warmer location and out west. People want to complain about the traffic and costs at Pitts.

    Check out the hotel costs and traffic in places like La, Pho and SD. These locations are nuts. And also throw in the crime rate in these locations.

    And when talking about the weather. Wait till next year (Minn is colder and more snow fall that Pitts)

    And it seemed a lot of folks liked NYC, from my looking hotels there at least double the costs of any other normal city.

    And also it looks like there are not many hotels with in 4-5 city blocks from US Bank in Minn.

    Just a few things I noticed.




  2. Since it is going to be in the Burgh 2019, and that is my home area (live out west now). I will have to plan the family vacation around that. I have never been able to attend the NCAA's in the past. I am trying to go this year in Cleve. but cant find any tickets yet.

    Do they normal sell tickets to the public for these, or do you have to know someone.

  3. Thanks for the info. Since I live in Idaho and from Pa. And just thought it would be a cool thing to do with some HS buddies, with it being close to home. I guess I didn't know the entire story. Well it was a good idea, but doesn't sound like it is going to happen. Thanks for the info.

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