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  1. Except they also were off the mat for awhile recently due to Covid. So that adds to it.
  2. The difference is that Yianni didn’t have time to get out of peak shape. Spencer will now be off the mat for 2 weeks and won’t be close to peak shape. When he lost to DeSanto it wasn’t because of his knee it was because he hadn’t trained in a month or two and gassed out.
  3. For guys like Spencer, Cenzo, Hall, etc., yes, I think it has ruined the ability to compare their stats to guys who had 4 chances.
  4. Spencer hasn't won 3 yet but you can't compare 3 timers who had 4 chances to 3 timers who only had 3 chances. There is forever an asterisk for all the guys who had this year stolen from them. Their stats are now in a separate category like Baseball HRs in the steroid era. Basically, this year has ruined all stat comparisons.
  5. Well the NCAA is wrong. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. They made a mistake here and they made a mistake canceling the tournament.
  6. That is not accurate. Spencer Lee has a dominance score of 5...he had 18 matches and totaled 90 points. He would have a 4.50 if you counted Medical Forfeits in Midlands as 2 losses, which of course you do not.
  7. Joe Smith is at 174...Wittlake is at 165
  8. 165 Zach Hartman - Bucknell 197 Greg Bulsak - Clarion
  9. I think he's a pre-med student...so maybe it's just too much for him. (No inside knowledge)
  10. Who's Wood at 197? Did you mean Warner?
  11. Does Spencer Lee get a win for his record/RPI due to the forfeit v Minnesota? Also, does that count as 6 points when calculating his dominance score?
  12. ACC at the very least needs to get up to 8 teams (Dream goal would be 12.) My rankings for which teams would make the most sense for geographic/recruiting reasons... 1. Notre Dame 2. Syracuse 3. Georgia Tech 4. Louisville 5. Boston College 6. Wake Forest 7. Clemson 8. Florida State 9. Miami
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