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  1. Erminio8


    My point was that many people say freestyle is better as if it's a known fact and not just an opinion.
  2. Erminio8


    Totally agree. No idea why many people say freestyle is better like it's a fact.
  3. Erminio8


    I personally love college wrestling the way it is. I think it's the best sports product in the world. Yes, folkstyle could maybe use some tweaks but please don't ruin it by changing to freestyle.
  4. Erminio8

    Muhamed McBryde

    Where in the world did he come from??? He graduated from Buffalo at age 18! Did he ever do anything while at Buffalo? This is an insane story.
  5. Erminio8

    Who wins the team title next year?

    Cassar had serious injuries for 2 seasons where he didn't wrestle at all. I think he may have withdrawn from school one of those years. So it was not due to his inability to crack the lineup. Also, he may not even come back this year.
  6. Erminio8

    Chris Donathan

    Any idea what other schools he was looking at? If you can't divulge that info I understand.
  7. Erminio8

    Chris Donathan

    As a Pitt wrestling fan I was hoping they would recruit Chris Donathan as Rahmani's eventual replacement at 157. I noticed he is going to Tiffin. I'm not trying to disparage Tiffin but I'm curious as to why he would go there instead of a major D-1 team. Anyone have any insight?
  8. Erminio8

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    Kemerer was 145 as a high school Senior and seemed like a 149/157 recruit. No need to go after him hard when you had Zain and Nolf already there and Joseph already signed.
  9. Erminio8

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    I think they think they have a real chance at taking out PSU this coming year and are more concerned with that.
  10. Erminio8

    Nolf to 74kg

    Pretty disappointing for Nolf fans. Now he has no chance.
  11. Erminio8

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    I agree with you but I think PSU has been trending towards national recruits lately...Nickal, Hall, Bravo-Young, Nick Lee, Joe Lee, Berge, Nick Nevills, Seth Nevills, Teske are all guys who are not only not from PA/NJ/NY but not even from the Northeast.
  12. Erminio8

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    Valid point...if they can build a wall around NJ and steal PA kids as well (Aragona, Vulakh & Britton are 3 Rutgers recruits from PA this year) they could certainly hurt PSU a little but PSU has been getting kids from all over the country so they don't rely strictly on the Northeast.
  13. Erminio8

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    I said I think he would. That's just my opinion. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion, considering Brooks ideal weight is probably 174 right now.
  14. Erminio8

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    I'm assuming he has Rasheed as the starter and Brooks red-shirting. I think Brooks would beat out Rasheed if he didn't red-shirt. So my question was asking him if he thought Brooks was willing to red-shirt after grey-shirting. I'm not sure Brooks would want to sit out 2 years in a row but that's just from an outsider's perspective.
  15. Erminio8

    Rumor - Beau Bartlett will flip to Penn State

    It's not the same school. That's like saying Michigan and Michigan State or Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are the same school.