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  1. Erminio8

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    Where's Kemerer?
  2. Erminio8

    More Jordans

    I know Jeff Jordan's sons are Bo, Micah and Rocky. Jim Jordan's sons are Ben and Isaac. But now I see Tanner Jordan from St. Paris Graham just committed to SDSU where another Jordan also from Graham currently is (Garrett). Who are these other Jordans? How are they related? How many more are there?
  3. Erminio8

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    I guess you walk a lot faster than me.
  4. Erminio8

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    Yes, it's a 10 minute walk at max. Downtown Pittsburgh has some bar/restaurants but it is mainly office buildings. It's not where people go for bar/restaurants. The closest area for that would be the Strip District which is probably a 20 minute walk or short cab/Uber ride Northeast of the hotel. The South Side, which is South of your hotel and across the river has the most bars but you would cab/Uber that for sure. Also, anyone who visits Pittsburgh must go up to Mt. Washington. There's nice restaurants up there and the views are spectacular. You can take a cab up to the top or ride one of the 2 inclines up from the South Side.
  5. Erminio8

    Dalton Macri?

    I noticed Macri is not on UNC's '18-'19 Roster. Did he quit wrestling?
  6. Erminio8

    Nolf v. Joseph - who wins?

    Nolf v Zain?
  7. Erminio8

    Next Rising Program?

  8. Erminio8

    FRL - Nomad is growing on me

    He moved home to Easton, PA
  9. Erminio8

    2019 NCAA individual champion predictions

    I think Fix will go 125 so he can wrestle Lee as much as possible before 2020.
  10. Erminio8

    149 next season

    I thought Heilmann graduated.
  11. Erminio8

    Julian Chlebove???

    Thanks, that's by far the most info I've heard about it.
  12. Erminio8

    Julian Chlebove???

  13. Erminio8

    Julian Chlebove???

    Zero replies...is this a taboo subject? I have no idea why he disappeared and I'm extremely curious. Was possibly going to be a 4 time PA champ.
  14. Erminio8

    Julian Chlebove???

    Is Julian wrestling this year? Is he still going to Arizona State?
  15. Erminio8

    Penn state line up

    Does that mean Moore is going to go Heavyweight next year?