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  1. I see the Scuffle on Pitt's wrestling schedule but they don't appear on the Scuffle's participant list. Anyone know which is correct?
  2. Is Wentzel healthy? I believe he MFF'd out of his last matches.
  3. I would pencil in Sasso for a pin or tech. I would be beyond shocked if Matthews upset Pletcher. Rahmani could easily lose.
  4. My beef with Gross was that he's ranked as the pound for pound #1 wrestler in college. I'm not talking about Hodge at all. There's no way Gross should be ahead of Zahid. Gross only has 1 title and didn't even wrestle last year.
  5. Loyal FRL listener from Pittsburgh. You were always my favorite guy at FLO. Very sad when I heard the news. Really gonna miss your input. They're gonna have to add another PA guy. Very interested to see what's next for you. Best of luck.
  6. For what it's worth, Gross's last 2 meaningful matches (before yesterday's duals) he lost the takedown battle 5-0 to Wilson and 4-1 to Micic. He still won both matches because of nearfall points but still. It's not like he's untouchable.
  7. Who's currently in the portal? Is there a way to see it? Please reply if you know anyone in it. Eierman - Iowa Kerkvliet Busiello S. Turner Lipari
  8. Zahid should be #1 Pound for Pound. I don't see how anyone could argue against that right now.
  9. The projected lineup I've seen is: 125: Heinselman 133: Pletcher 141: Hayes 149: Sasso 157: Mattox/Cleary 165: Ethan Smith/Romero 174: Rocky Jordan/Ethan Smith 184: Hoffman 197: Moore Hvy: Kerkvliet.
  10. Interesting. Thanks for the info.
  11. Does anyone know where Jacob McMaster (220 PA AA State Champ) will be attending college? He's the only Class of '19 PA State Champ that I can't find. I'm curious because Pitt could use a heavyweight after Thomas graduates this year.
  12. Erminio8


    I don't know...that's another possibility to add to the list.
  13. Erminio8


    Top 5 last year: Zahid Valencia - Probably moving up to 184/Possible Olympic RS? Mark Hall - Possible Olympic RS Myles Amine - Possible Olympic RS Daniel Lewis - Graduated David McFadden - Possibly moving down to 165 This weight could be insane if all of the potential moves happen. Does anyone have any concrete knowledge on any of these 4 possible situations?
  14. Erminio8


    There hasn't been an FRL since July 2nd. I know Pyles went on vacation for a week or so but did something happen? I don't recall there ever being a gap this long before.
  15. My point was that many people say freestyle is better as if it's a known fact and not just an opinion.
  16. Totally agree. No idea why many people say freestyle is better like it's a fact.
  17. I personally love college wrestling the way it is. I think it's the best sports product in the world. Yes, folkstyle could maybe use some tweaks but please don't ruin it by changing to freestyle.
  18. Where in the world did he come from??? He graduated from Buffalo at age 18! Did he ever do anything while at Buffalo? This is an insane story.
  19. Cassar had serious injuries for 2 seasons where he didn't wrestle at all. I think he may have withdrawn from school one of those years. So it was not due to his inability to crack the lineup. Also, he may not even come back this year.
  20. Any idea what other schools he was looking at? If you can't divulge that info I understand.
  21. As a Pitt wrestling fan I was hoping they would recruit Chris Donathan as Rahmani's eventual replacement at 157. I noticed he is going to Tiffin. I'm not trying to disparage Tiffin but I'm curious as to why he would go there instead of a major D-1 team. Anyone have any insight?
  22. Kemerer was 145 as a high school Senior and seemed like a 149/157 recruit. No need to go after him hard when you had Zain and Nolf already there and Joseph already signed.
  23. I think they think they have a real chance at taking out PSU this coming year and are more concerned with that.
  24. Pretty disappointing for Nolf fans. Now he has no chance.
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