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  1. For guys like Spencer, Cenzo, Hall, etc., yes, I think it has ruined the ability to compare their stats to guys who had 4 chances.
  2. Spencer hasn't won 3 yet but you can't compare 3 timers who had 4 chances to 3 timers who only had 3 chances. There is forever an asterisk for all the guys who had this year stolen from them. Their stats are now in a separate category like Baseball HRs in the steroid era. Basically, this year has ruined all stat comparisons.
  3. Well the NCAA is wrong. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. They made a mistake here and they made a mistake canceling the tournament.
  4. That is not accurate. Spencer Lee has a dominance score of 5...he had 18 matches and totaled 90 points. He would have a 4.50 if you counted Medical Forfeits in Midlands as 2 losses, which of course you do not.
  5. Joe Smith is at 174...Wittlake is at 165
  6. 165 Zach Hartman - Bucknell 197 Greg Bulsak - Clarion
  7. I think he's a pre-med student...so maybe it's just too much for him. (No inside knowledge)
  8. Who's Wood at 197? Did you mean Warner?
  9. Does Spencer Lee get a win for his record/RPI due to the forfeit v Minnesota? Also, does that count as 6 points when calculating his dominance score?
  10. ACC at the very least needs to get up to 8 teams (Dream goal would be 12.) My rankings for which teams would make the most sense for geographic/recruiting reasons... 1. Notre Dame 2. Syracuse 3. Georgia Tech 4. Louisville 5. Boston College 6. Wake Forest 7. Clemson 8. Florida State 9. Miami
  11. Kutler did wrestle at 157 that year before he missed weight, so technically he did go from 157 to 174, but I get your point.
  12. I think Kemerer is a clear favorite to win it all next year at 174. I wouldn't mess with that.
  13. I know you're trolling but how dare you sir. How dare you besmirch Kemerer's good name. 1. He wasn't a small 157er 2. It's been 2 years since he wrestled 157 3. Jordan Kutler and Joe Smith also went from 157 to 174...are you suggesting they aren't "natural"
  14. I graduated from there. My class had 270 kids. I consider that small compared to most big wrestling programs.
  15. He pins plenty of guys...20% this year and could've had more if the refs called it...last year he pinned 31% of his opponents...38% the year before...and he'd pin a ton more if his matches didn't end by Tech so fast.
  16. Franklin Regional (Murrysville, PA) has 2...Nico Megaludis & Spencer Lee. And hopefully Kemerer gets one next season! (I doubt he beats Hall this year). Not bad for a small public school.
  17. And Josh Shields could AA again. Crazy for a small public school.
  18. He just wrestled in both duals this past weekend and Nebraska is their only dual this week, so I see no reason why he would sit here.
  19. You do us all a great service. I look forward to this post every week. I really appreciate it!
  20. 184 is really deep. I don't see any of the 3 guys finishing higher than 8th. Best case scenario, the point differential will still be minimal. Plus I don't think the team race will be all that close anyway. This was a real head-scratcher in my opinion.
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