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  1. I work on a college campus. Harvard’s plan to have at risk students on campus (and freshmen in the fall/seniors in the spring) makes sense. Why live on campus - you can focus on studying instead of caring for younger siblings/working 20 hours a week/dealing with internet connectivity issues. Why online classes? Do you want to be in a classroom for hours where the virus is circulating and everyone in the room has a mask on? You’re going to have problems communicating and it’s going to be socially awkward. Small Zoom classes where you can see each other’s faces, supplemented by online lectures and a robust online learning platform would be safer and may well be educationalLy superior.
  2. I’m looking forward to Prince v. Mauller in the first round. Should be a good one.
  3. Is Darmstadt ok? He did not look good against Whitman.
  4. Congrats to the Tigers! Coach Ayres has built a wrestling community at Princeton that extends well beyond the team.
  5. Presbyterian College just started men’s and women’s D1 programs. Put the money there for facilities and to endow coaches’ positions.
  6. Picc still has Glory's number on top, but lost 50/50 positions on his feet. Glory was looking for the cradle the whole match.
  7. Team score currently tied 12-12 going into 141. Princeton had to forfeit 165 due to a skin issue. Glory defeated Piccinnini 9-4 (cradle for 4 points).
  8. PUWrestler


    Any Amish lurkers want to chime in on a non-electronic device?
  9. I’ve heard the model used at Presbyterian College is revenue neutral, once potential donor money is added in.
  10. One way to bring these programs back is to start D1 women’s programs. Presbyterian College is starting men’s and women’s programs in 2019. Title IX can be used to help grow the sport.
  11. Will Chandler have a chance to challenge at 174 if Joe takes 165?
  12. I do follow the sport. I'm curious about the other Smith and the situation at 165. Here's my question: 1) Does this mean Chandler Rogers is wrestling 165? 2) If the answer is "No," then he should not get the auto qualifier 3) If the answer is "Yes," then does that mean that Smith's son is out? 4) If not, and there is a possibility that he goes back to 174, why not preserve his auto qualifier? 5) And if that bumps Jacobe back up, then why not preserve his auto qualifier?
  13. According to SHP, 184 No auto qualifier for Oklahoma State 174 No auto qualifier for Oklahoma State 165 Chandler Rogers qualifier for Oklahoma State Interesting!
  14. Wow, Cael is almost 40 years old. Hard to believe. Time flies...
  15. Something tells me that Honis vs. Brucki will come down to the wire. That will be a good match to watch too.
  16. Patrick Brucki= Brian Shute https://twitter.com/tigerwrestling/status/1049335449284698112?lang=en
  17. You also have to take into account how far scholarship money can stretch. Due to the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition, Penn State can offer more "full" scholarships to in-state wrestlers than out-of-state wrestlers. Of course every state school can do this, but you need to have a state with a lot of wrestling studs in it to make it work. It's not a surprise that Ohio State and Penn State can recruit MORE elite wrestlers with the same scholarship money than other state schools have, because of in-state tuition discounts. Perhaps Rutgers could take advantage of this as well, since NJ wrestlers seem to be rocking these days.
  18. Not everyone who has ESPN has ESPN 2. We don't have a cable subscription, but do get ESPN through Internet TV with Charter Spectrum. We don't get ESPN 2. As more folks move from cable to Internet TV you can't assume that the bundling works the same way.
  19. 125 Tomasello Cruz Lee LaMont Lizak Fausz Rios Moisey 133 1. Gross 2. Parker 3. Micic 4. Erneste 5. Brock 6. DeSanto 7. Tucker 8. Pletcher 141 1. Yianni 2. Meredith 3. Eierman 4. Heil 5. Jack 6. McKenna 7. Tyler Smith 8. Alber 149 1. Retherford 2. Tsirtis 3. Sorenson 4. Hayes 5. Heilmann 6. Kolodzik 7. Leeth 8. Lewallen 157 1. Nolf 2. Hidlay 3. Pantaleo 4. Lavallee 5. Micah Jordan 6. Shields 7. Kemerer 8. Staudenmayer 165 1. Martinez 2. Joseph 3. McFadden 4. Massa 5. Rogers 6. Marinelli 7. Chavez 8. Anthony Valencia 174 1. Zahid Valencia 2. Hall 3. Kutler 4. Bo Jordan 5. Lewis 6. Bernstein 7. Amine 8. Lujan 184 1. Nickal 2. Martin 3. Preisch 4. Renda 5. Venz 6. Foster 7. Abounader 8. Zavatsky 197 1. Moore 2. Darmstadt 3. Haught 4. Macchiavello 5. Miklus 6. Weigel 7. Rasheed 8. Mattiace 285 1. Snyder 2. Coon 3. Nevills 4. Butler 5. Kasper 6. Wood 7. Tall 8. Hughes
  20. When I enter the score of a match in the yellow box next to the winner, the excel document changes the score to a date. Is this happening with anyone else?
  21. I love watching Darmstadt wrestle. He has the physique of a 98 pound wrestler but has harnessed his length to out leverage guys with massive bulk. After two minutes of being on top, he usually has guys completely exhausted. May be the most fun wrestler to watch at NCAA's. A part of me wants to see him make the finals, the other part hopes he loses early and pins his way to 3rd.
  22. Anyone have the inside scoop on Hidlay's ACC tourney? 6-4 SV win over Rahmani and 3-2 win over Finesilver. Those were his only two matches of the tourney. Not what I would expect from the number 1 seed at NCAA's.
  23. Not my team, but Lehigh is sending all 10 guys. Congrats.
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