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  1. Outside of the Big Ten, Lehigh might. All 10 of their guys earned qualifier spots for the EIWA.
  2. Presbyterian College is adding men's and women's wrestling. Here's a quote from the president of the college: "In athletics, we are committed to providing The Promise of PC at the Division I level. We believe the Big South conference in particular is the right place for many of our PC student-athletes to thrive and to be competitive, and the Big South will be our home for most of our athletic programs for many years to come. We also believe that we can expand PC’s promise by offering new athletic opportunities to both current and potential students. We are building our cheer program to attract more students and to begin competing in different events. We are also starting new programs in wrestling for both men and women, as well as teams for acrobatics and tumbling. In each case, we expect that coaches for these sought-after and self-sustaining programs will work with their colleagues in the athletics department to recruit students to campus as soon as next year."
  3. The rumor about Presbyterian College adding wrestling may well be true. Rumors are flying around the PC Community that a head wrestling coach has been hired. As the smallest D-1 school (by enrollment), PC's continued participation in D-1 sports is currently under review. If the board decides to drop out of D-1 football, there may be enough money to maintain existing D-1 programs and perhaps also add wrestling. Interestingly, PC's website has a page for Wrestling, but no information on the page.
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