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  1. I live in a B10 town. Some of the highest paid administrators in the confetence. The race to attract residents between updated dorms and newly built apartments and townhouse is robust. Pools, fitness centers, spas, massages, study lounges, hair care, transportation and more. All for a price. Lots of empty beds are in the future.
  2. They don't have more 'wrestling' money than PSU. When Cael was hired, at the press conference, when asked why PSU? His response, "I wanted to come to the source." Not by definition loyalty but in recognition of the best wrestlers in any given state. This, as his current team comes from seven different states.
  3. There are two other Taco Bells and a brand new one being built in State College. What's all the Hub-Bug?
  4. Again, Eric at The Hummingbird Room is classically trained, traveled ECT.
  5. Eric Sarno, Hummingbird Room, Spring Mills. Most accomplished chef in three counties. But Don't take my word on it.
  6. Jim's is worth it. Spats is no more, Duke opened a farm to table Port Matilda address.
  7. Ever been to Jim's? Also. Harrison's Overlook Grill, top of Centre Hall Mtn. 559 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Centre Hall. The BEST view of any restaurant in the region.
  8. I am sitting at Duffys. No lineman eat here on any regular basis. Who would pay? Used to be Joe sequestered them at Toftrees, they ate there, but that was 20 years ago.
  9. As a State College area resident and former Tavern manager my first plug is for Pat Daugherty and The Tavern. You cannot imagine the contributions he has bestowed on town and campus. Wrestling is the only sport he directly supports. Kelly's Steak and Seafood as well as Duffy's Tavern, both in Boalsburg are terrific. Kellys has been voted best seafood and steak for 5 years. Hublesburg Inn, a short drive, is also good. If you want a true local favorite, then seek out Jim's Itailian Cuisine in Bellefonte. Beers? Otto's, Happy Valley Brewery and Milhiem's Elk Creek Cafe. Otto's also has Barrel 21 a distillery in front. Bellefonte has Big Springs. What else?
  10. Trying not to cry. We love that daggum wrestling man, love it.
  11. $1000 from scalpers? $300 is average price over past 10 years or so.
  12. RBY pink eye, might not wrestle Sunday either. Vinjo didn't make weight.
  13. He does have another year. Article in local paper says it is unlikely he will use it.
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