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  1. They are better known for having AA's consistently.
  2. Thanks for serving. However, PTSD isn't something everyone diagnosed with can just kick it to the side. It does hinder civilian life, cause suicides, divorce etc...
  3. Guess who has been awarded the most Medals of Honor, Bronze and Silver Stars, Navy Crosses and Purple Hearts? Those good ole REGULAR ENLISTEE'S. The entire United States Marine Corps exist to support a five man team, all enlisted, 19-21 years old.
  4. "am also assuming that you have an APA certification and know exactly how "crippling" PTSD is. It isn't so bad with treatment". And you accused someone of not knowing anything about the military? Are you a trigger puller, squad leader, platoon sergeant, Corpsman?
  5. You nailed it in your first sentence. You're catching on as a new fan.
  6. He is 10 pounds heavier Grilled Stickie, that's all that matters. Don't you fret none.
  7. Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps. The greatest fighting force on earth. Semper Fi to all my brothers and sisters who wore and wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.
  8. Have you looked at thier road schedule? AZ ST, Lehigh, Neb, Iowa, Wisc, Minn. I'd say they are top competitors.
  9. Clarion Open. As impressive as any college wrestler was. The biggest story was high school senior Ed Scott, State Champ from Dubois. Hammering college competition on way to finals. Loosing on RT to fifth year senior and strong AA candidate Brock Zacherl of Clarion. Scott will be attending NC ST As for Beard, he was gassed, out muscled and out wrestled. Think the same thing happened to Mark Hall. He recovered.
  10. Pretty decent road schedule, most on BTN.
  11. Bulsak is a true bull, Beard was struggling. The star was high schooler, Scott from Dubois, manhandled a few college guys for a,third place finish
  12. Two different things, times, motivation ECT. We shall see or not see, depending on grades, coaching.........
  13. From Bio Was a four-year starter at Hempfield High School. He won the AAA Champion in 2017 at 145 pounds...Amassed a 140-15 career record, including his senior season at Hempfield, when he went 25-1 overall and capped the year off with the state title...Placed fourth as a sophomore in 2015, going 46-7...Has two brothers, Derek and Trevor, and a sister, Alexa...Father and two uncles (Ron and Jeff) both went to Penn State.
  14. I'd say It's about Hwt results. With credit to Nevills being a 2X AA, it had been awhile since any pionts were recorded.
  15. High School participation numbers are down, but quality is up. So are the additions, at every college division and how bout women's programs. Resilite is packed with new orders, had thier best year ever last year too. Flo is great for existing fans with good streaming capabilities. Bad for stealing PA States without offering a Pay Per View to one time watchers. Best way to promote? #TakeaFriendToAWrestlingMatch
  16. He's all in with ROTC, loves Greco, hung with MM, having, you know, fun. His little brother is talented too.
  17. After the last of the Seven Sons has graduated.
  18. Or has Koll been invited and turned it down because he didn't get the job? Yeah, that's it.
  19. Lock Haven qualified 5 guys two years in a row and came home with a pair of AA's, one a national finalist. Hardly lower tier finishing #18 of 62.
  20. As for PSU, I'd guess all returning champs do.
  21. Lee wrestles 125. Kem and Bull, 174 & 165. Teasdale drops out.
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