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  1. Housebuye One thing I can assure you is this.... MyMar knows he can beat Bo and so does Bo. There is not a guarantee either way. Dean was the favorite as well as was Gilman and we saw what happened. That kid was a true Sophomore last year and placed 5th while going up in weight class. He could of very well been in the finals again at 74 after certifying there and moving up for the team. I see how those kids buy into team. Very reason you can expect to see NATO at 25. Many in this forum didn't even think he would place. I'm sure he will be a different wrestler next year coming in with much more confidence while setting in that weight class. Matches are not won on paper nor does predictions mean anything. The records in previous matches mean zilch. All indications coming out of Columbus is the kid is a special kid and he is staying in Columbus training his entire summer unlike last year.
  2. Just having fun Mr 21 Guns Im sorry I'm new at this lol
  3. Sorry I couldn't resist hahahahahaha I don't care if you Call Comey That's right he got fired by Trump lmao
  4. Mr Internet police- Mr Truthteller did you threaten to fight Mr 21 Guns Mr Truthteller- Yes Mr Internet police I do want to fight Mr 21 Guns Mr Internet police- Do you know where he lives Mr Truthteller- yes Mr Internet police I do, he lives somewhere in virtual world in the US of A Mr Internet police- Please don't fight him Mr Truthteller Mr Truthteller- But he called me a moron Mr Internet police and I will give you $5000 for his address Mr Internet police- hold up I will be right back with his address LMAO
  5. Man I'm not worrying about no petty as charges for wanting to fight a man name 21 Guns lmao
  6. Only one that's threating is you about calling the internet police lmao When you got money those things don't bother you but since I see that your truly a punk I'm done with you. I'm bout that life and you clearly are not. Bounty Hunter by trade. Now say another slick comment and I can show what I'm about better then I can tell you. As for all the talking I'm done. This is a wrestling forum where people enjoy discussion about wrestling
  7. Housebuye I didn't blame the school and I don't even understand how you misinterpreted what I stated. I said some PSU fans which doesn't mean All. Some are great it's just the bad ones are really bad.
  8. At one time I thought I was being bias. At one time I thought I was just being a hater. At one time I thought it was me being a Ohio State homer but after reading this article I now understand why I can't stand some Penn State fans!! At a time when they should of been on their feet cheering this young man on for a incredible high school career this is the memory they chose to leave a 17-18 year old kid with. Pathetic!!! I bet one of those fans was 21 Guns a True piece of ****!!
  9. At least I know you can count to 4 Dick Head!!! I don't need to PM you about anything Save me some time and send it yourself tough guy!!
  10. If it's not about NATO going 25 I don't care 😀
  11. I know I will find plenty of zebra's in a zoo lmao
  12. If you think for one second someone is trying to type perfect while using a phone that automatically puts words in you are sadly mistaken. I could give a damn about typing correctly. As far as being tough, you threatened to run to the police so I left it alone because only pussies do that however if you keep running your mouth I will find you just like I promised I would last time. And that's your last and final warning! I find people for a living so you will be easy to find son
  13. 21 Guns gets the 1st place award!!
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