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    Bray reacted to moodybooty in A step toward reasonableness regarding timespan   
    In a sport that pays little on the professional level, I don't really see why we're so concerned with people's college careers.
    This ain't the NFL or MLB where you'll get your college paid for if you leave early. A lot of top tier dudes are working as volunteer assistant coaches and getting a tuition stipend while they go to school full time, coach full time, practice full time, and still have to do side work in order to keep wrestling after college.
    If they get a few extra years of preferential treatment at their institutions before they have to live a full-time minor league lifestyle, let it happen. Don't be a hater lol
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    Bray reacted to PSUSMC in The Grandfather   
    That makes Nolf Carter's (paternal) Grand-dad
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    Bray reacted to Wrestleknownothing in 4 Match Minimum   
    Your message board warrior license is suspended. One more reasonable statement out of you and we revoke.
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    Bray reacted to Fletcher in What if Suriano never got hurt vs OSU?   
    Let's be a little more sensitive to Gilman and not talk about choking in this thread.
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