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  1. I think there is a divide between the cynical realists and the people who want it as fair as possible. While I don’t like it. And it’s pretty much established Burroughs missed weight. Anyone who doesn’t understand USA wrestling’s main goal is medals and the funding that comes from them is delusional. I could give lots of reasons and examples. But that’s reality. Too many people are incapable of looking at things the way they actually are. And only see what they want or “how the world should be”. Before anyone screeches or says I supposedly have no honor. I was actually very annoyed at the time Medlin and IMAR didn’t make a bigger deal about it. The impression I got was that they shrugged and dealt rather than getting “told” to accept it
  2. Ive heard from multiple sources Burroughs most definitely did not make weight. Additionally Askren and Rowland’s said they heard he didnt on their old Rudus podcast. It was always weird to me that Medlin and Hefferan didn’t make a bigger deal about it, my theory was USA wrestling told them to shut up and deal
  3. Isn’t the whole reason we have our referee training and ranking system to prevent a night of bad calls like this?
  4. Based off how he was wrestling and interviews with Roper I had him getting top 3
  5. Dean is straight up just wrestling like a coac.... never mind
  6. Like I said. Grading for quarter grades melts your brain. I could go through and correct every error but no I don’t support the south. As to whether they won, it kinda depends on how you view reconstruction
  7. No more so busy as hell grading. So didn’t double check before sending. Though interpreting what I said as saying the south won when actually describing its hypocrisy is kinda funny
  8. No I don’t. But I also understand something lost-cause idiots don’t. One of the reasons the south succeeded was because they were mad northern states were practicing their own states rights in not enforcing the fugitive slave act. They wanted the federal government to impose on the northern states rights and then threw their little rebellion when they didn’t get their way. im well aware of the republic vs democracy angle. So let’s play the hypothetical that concerns me. Party A controls state legislature and governors office. In presidential election, the people vote for party B, early and on time. But party A instead of just accepting an election loss and retooling their strategy for next time. Decides to appoint electors from party B not party A. Who then votes for the candidate that lost the states vote. Are you ok with that?
  9. Since you’re going to drag up an old argument to try get a pathetic little “gotcha” moment. Asides from the fact that I’ve seen far more instances of right wing provocateurs. The PA situation is turning into a cluster which I’m not close enough to comment on. My opinion has and is based on actual encounters with supposed “Antifa”. As well as having lived in several major American cities including during the rioting. How about reports of deliberate plans of certain state governments to appoint electors from the party that doesn’t win the popular vote in a state? I’m more worried about things like that currently quite honestly. Since while violent groups can be repressed or killed. A political party having open talks about deliberately going against the majority will of the people, (whether or not I like that will btw)so they can win an election is far more concerning to me. Im actually fall way more on the right on most issues. Despite what the couple of little idiots who’ve accused me of crap believe. I’m just sick of the obvious cult of personality, blatant hypocrisy, and people justifying unconstitutional and Undemocratic crap to “win”. Most frothing at mouth people I see on both sides have no real experience around the other groups
  10. Lurker pretty much summed it up. I did call him a PCP Karen lol
  11. Gosh darn it guys. Stop persecuting me ;(. lol. We had though.
  12. Hey! Don’t blame me... it was a collective bad decision
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