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  1. I understand. No I was not talking about you
  2. There is something truly pathetic about the person that always falls back on “I’m just joking brah” whenever called out
  3. Not sure. Don’t see Chris C leaving unless it’s a head coach job
  4. Cal Poly is looking for an assistant
  5. Because people always assume you’re “hating” for saying something that many people have talked about behind closed doors out loud
  6. I think O’toole will be the most dominant but it’ll be given as a career achievement award
  7. Give Penn State an upset due to being at penn state
  8. They actually provide a bunch of resources for free or not that hard to get. Coaching, practice planning, technique and nutrition. And guys have put a bunch of it out on YouTube. Most people either ignore or don’t know about it
  9. My favorite was a guy that any sort of head club whatsoever.. he stopped the match and went “guys this is wrestling not a brawl”. I promise I’m not making that up. I heard him complaining about refs with less experience who never wrestled getting picked over him for postseason. He seemed genuinely confused
  10. Dake looked kinda flat and a little bit uninspired this tournament. Not sure if that’s the right way to explain it. And I know close defensive matches are his thing. But he seemed a like off or showing his age. this is probably a great move for him to keep him on track and give him the right practice partners
  11. One of the big problems for non revenue sports is that other conferences are starting to see conferences that have less sports like the SEC do better over because they can dump more funding into those sports and the money isn’t too thinly divided
  12. When Dake deliberately used the same system to game Dieringer after screeching for years about it when it hurt I kinda lost any fandom I had left
  13. Step outs technically lol. But yeah that’s a big part of it
  14. I actually think in freestyle that Gilman is a horrible matchup for Lee
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