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  1. Now now, those who believe such things will overreact and start squawking and being extra irritating. Or are ya in a feisty mood lol?
  2. Since it’ll probably get buried on other thread. Big Ten Networks official YouTube posted the Big Ten Semi-Finals. Mat 1 Mat 2
  3. Big ten networks official YouTube channel posted both mats of the semi finals FYI. Damn, I legit thought Brooks actually got dinged up in the quarters.. he looked extremely healthy though. Does that mean he’s a Desanto Tbar? You are welcome. Mat 1 Semis Mat 2 Semis
  4. Gotcha. Haven’t watched Lee enough to say for sure.
  5. I can’t watch. He did??? For Shame
  6. I wonder if Lee can jump to Zane Train Levels
  7. Yeah no way to talk about Desanto like that then defend Brooks if you look at the injury time that way
  8. He was doubling down on the second bite for awhile. I don’t hate Penn State btw. He just makes it so easy. The real culprit is the training staff letting nails like that through anyway
  9. But then Tbar wouldn’t be able to claim moral superiority over the Evil Iowa. and trust the social media opinion of a biased father over video evidence. ”video evidence” only matters to him if it confirms his beliefs
  10. I think the focus needs to be just as much on Nelson’s nasty claw nails
  11. Tbar is why I’m glad I wrestled at a mid major. Screwing with hardcore fans is fun. Though apparently being a fanboi makes acknowledging how basic wrestling and tactics work impossible.
  12. I was asking where in the match Brands would’ve have been able to bite him on the back of the arm. The only reason this isn’t obvious that is what I am asking is if you’re being deliberately obtuse
  13. I think the person really to blame is the trainers
  14. I don’t recall a cross face putting my arm in a position to get the back of my triceps bit
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