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  1. Glad to see you back to normal instead of whining about blatant hypocrisy being pointed out
  2. What am I desperately seeking? You mentioned it
  3. Thank you. I’m cautiously optimistic. The dedicated kids are training at the local club I coach at until practice starts. A bunch are in football. Then we’ll always get a few new kids. Im actually going to be overloaded with upper weights. We are about to do our first fundraiser as well.
  4. I’m pointing a giant hypocrisy of his. He’s extremely selective about what qualifies as an “excuse” and what doesn’t. Especially when it involves people he likes. He’s responded by attempting to passively aggressively belittle where I coach, and then claim outright falsehoods about me. Lifelong Bullies usually can’t handle someone who can handle their schtick. He doesn’t at all act like this around the coaches and people he hangs around and uses to promote himself as legit. Leaving all that aside. And leaving aside personal opinions of either of us. Ive asked direct questions. He has either evaded, tried to shift topic, Or throw out insults insults instead of just answering.
  5. It very much seems you are hero worshiping Dake. Or at very least saying his excuses are okay. What excuses have I offered? I have already said multiple times JB flip flopping was weak. I simply pointed out your hypocrisy. As far as excuse making. I never once.. just happened to mention anything like my athletes only having say.. umm 3 months training when talking about their results.
  6. Again. Dodging the question. You keep on being the wannabe groupie
  7. Again, if you want to talk about accountability. Leaving aside Dakes insults… Will you actually answer the point made. Are you saying that Dake did did not offer excuses for past losses and whine about the rules? Also, for someone who’s throwing a hissy fit because I accidentally said “no training” instead of “limited training” and calling me a liar because you don’t like my opinion. You are conveniently ignoring my full acknowledgment of what Burroughs said and flip flopped on about 79kg. So again, if we’re talking accountability. You seem to be saying that Dakes excuses are okay and there should be no accountability for them. But Burroughs is the bad guy for stating 79kg was a weak weight in reply to Dakes excuses. If so, you seem to be saying that excuses are okay.. when it’s people you like. You can incorrectly insult me all you want. I know your panties are going to be twisted either way. But it’s kinda pathetic if you keep dodging the actual question
  8. I clearly stated that If he flipped his tune that it’s not a strong look. I simply pointed out that while Burroughs made a factual statement. Dake spent a giant portion of that argument making excuses about past results, and whining about the established procedures in place. Which you of course ignored. If you can factually find a way to say he didn’t and I’m lying. Feel free to do so. So unless you can present otherwise. We have one dude giving lots of excuses and the other pointing out he wrestled in a weak non Olympic weight. Again, if he’s backtracked, that’s bad for him. But he also never spent 30 minutes whining about rules and offering excuses. Im simply curious if excuses are only okay when it’s people you like..
  9. Eh, I’ve always been neutral about Fix fan wise. As far as rooting for him at worlds.. He clearly was caught using the exact PED that someone in his position would use and then offered the lamest and cliche excuses to try and cover it up. That’s what makes it particularly obvious to me. He didn’t pop for a random banned substance. He popped for the exact substance that he would need to most greatly benefit his wrestling and the weight he wrestled. If he’s clean and staying clean. Go USA. However, I’ll always have what he did in back of mind btw. Amphetamines can help weight cutting immensely. While I know he’s prescribed (insert ADHD amphetamine here) for other reasons. I had several teammates in college who used the extra sweating as a side benefit.
  10. Considering the fact that Dake ambushed Burroughs with a slew of personal insults and then piled on excuses and whining about rules… JB stating that a 79kg world title was comparatively weak.. wasn’t really acting cool but responding with facts to the person insulting him and giving excuses when pushed back on. Now if Burroughs is lauding 79kg.. that’s a little bit weak. That being said, I’m genuinely curious as to how Burroughs stating a fact about the depth of a weight compares to Dake spending 30 minutes of that roughly 45 minute podcast giving excuses and whining about the rules.
  11. Incorporating the drills and skills even as games as a first step is a good way to at least get them comfortable upper body. Getting them comfortable is the biggest key. I wouldn’t recommend teaching headlocks first or early though. They tend to be over dependent on them if you do. Always remembering excuses are situational.
  12. Even accounting for the probable need for foreign imports. It’s still a good idea to showcase in one place and encourage viewing of and trying out of the stuff. As well as encouraging coaches to try them out. Considering that for many who come into wrestling. The coach who introduces them to wrestling is how they understand wrestling and what they try. Just “having a state Greco tournament” doesn’t really matter if the coach isn’t teaching and encouraging it. So actively showing and making resources available to coaches can only help. It’s an actual part of a “solution”. Part of being mentally tough and working hard to grow sport. If one wants to be mentally soft and lazy. and just make it all bout “dem kids who’ve never been exposed or coached to do Greco is a feared or scared” oh, and be a hypocrite. How to do so has been abundantly demonstrated. Thank you for posting TS
  13. This. The people that are okay with coaches regularly screwing over athletes then have the balls to criticize the athletes for making rational decisions.. is galling
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