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  1. I actually agree with this. But it’s doubtful brands will
  2. People also forget that kids who dont overtrain or completely peak their development can still massively improve season by season. Even in college. The trend has been of guys pretty much being what they are when they get into college with only slight variation in placing.
  3. I always get a kick out of the guys who get mad and do the “ackchually guys, there’s different types of athleticism”
  4. Not many people really seem to understand the caliber of physical athletes who are both over and under 200 pounds that are going into college DI bb and fb. Our current structure and culture incentives the best athletes to do fb and bb. To say or think otherwise is ignorant. Wrestling is great because any one can use hard work to to well but the simple fact is that there is levels. Also, while the mental game is very important. Sometimes mental game and determination isn’t enough to overcome physical disparities
  5. The problem is that people don’t want to acknowledge reality
  6. While goheels has a very relevant point about how the wrestling community does nothing to help then makes fun of struggling regions/demographics. Two things 1. The people doing this either don’t admit the problem is real or are too dumb to understand. - then again, a significant chunk of wrestling people are so mentally weak they can’t coach kids unless they’re automatically super tuff and athletic day 1. And claim you can’t build mental toughness. So all you can do is all ya can do. 2. goheels, don’t do the southern chip on the shoulder thing. I know and understand why. But most will not understand. Southern wrestling is growing. Fretwell, Bedard, and the rest of the coaches are doing good work. My only concern is how it’s doing outside of the club kids. side notes: *extra reading for the too lazy - Thank goodness CD Mocks dumbass blog didn’t get a program cut. - I wonder if this is a sign of a trend. Spencer Lee was understandable and not shocking. Even if one apparently believes in bushido codes or whatever. This I hope they were sick otherwise it looks bad.
  7. It is weird. Even by modern coaching standards. It really doesn’t have any of the normal logic or rational behind it. Unless they’re hurt.
  8. I think the brands brothers are what people think of with Iowa irregulardless of whether or not it matches reality
  9. Eirman apparently should get a bunch of credit for his system
  10. I’ve been told things by people who’ve been in his Austin and Jersey clubs. I’ve also been told opinions by very very well regarded coaches. But I didn’t put any of that
  11. Mike eirman and roper are too of the better ones today. Don’t know if best but they’re good. Mike Mal uses them to sound more expert than what I’ve been told he actually is
  12. I’m asking my buddy who has a club in a small strip mall
  13. I’ve seen refs call it both ways about equal
  14. Or. I understand it’s a meaningless November non conference dual and don’t blame a coach for keeping a proven senior out. Especially if he’s not ready. And, most importantly, paid attention to what happened during and after the dual meet. There is far more damaging stuff than this. So, calm down
  15. I did not waste words. Text takes longer sometimes. Again. The only actual way it hurts the integrity is if Lee had ducked day of.. he didn’t. Your entire argument comes from wannabe tuff guy rah rah ness and not looking at the right issues. Glory missing weight actually could be used as a much stronger example for your argument btw. Snd as far as Ayres.. you either don’t have the prerequisites experience or just want a chance to rah on brands/Iowa
  16. Yes I am. You’re pissed off about the wrong thing. Lee not wrestling in a non conference match in November isn’t a big deal and isn’t one of those short sighted decisions killing the sport
  17. You specifically said Lee breaks the specific set rules when he wants.. I’d like to know what rules he is breaking.. and if the “super specific” rule set he’s good at is you trying to say “folkstyle wrestling If you literally don’t have the prerequisite experience to actually understand what I am saying. Which in that case, fine. You’re just ignorant. Oh and.. either way. Ayres most definitely wasn’t “making a statement” the way you’ve claimed. so.. my “calm down” stands. If you’re going to be pissed about the short sighted **** coaches and wrestling leaders are doing. This isn’t what you should be focused on
  18. I just am more amused by someone arguing about written down official specific verbiage fora niche sport because it doesn’t line up exactly specifically with a generic dictionary
  19. Thank you, autocorrect keeps changing it but I’ll try to correct it lol. No sarcasm
  20. So a grammar nazi. who just whined about having to actually read. Is deliberately ignoring what the technical official written verbiage is.. is it to feel superior? And I don’t know if Lee was hurt or not. I looked at the situation. As an experienced coach.. What most likely probably happened is Lee was banged up so they announced it ahead of time. Especially because of the past times they ducked day of and wanting to be upfront with Princeton. Glory probably didn’t take his cut seriously enough because he either got cocky and/or was pissed. He missed weight. Ayres, did what a head coach should and didn’t throw his athlete under the bus. Then very likely said what he said to discipline Glory in an indirect way by making him feel like **** by putting Ayer’s in a position where he has to make it look like it was intentional or throw his athlete under the bus* *that last part depends on Glory’s personality though. Of all the short sited decisions hurting the sport. This wasn’t one of them dude oh and what rules did Lee break again?
  21. In the actual NFHS rule book it’s dual(s)..
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