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  1. Here are even more links. This is why refs and coaches should always try to be on the mat little bit and playing with positions as much as they can. Biggest reason for a lot of the old school critics of newer stuff is because they have no idea now it actually “feels” or works. Nolf roll Nolf roll 2 not sure how to embed like the above post lol
  2. I’m originally from Ohio and I don’t disagree. My only caveat is that I think is what has happened since Rosseli left. When Rosseli was there, there was definite technical development and way more “program products”
  3. I don’t necessarily disagree but I do think you definitely see the regression, technique wise at tOSU to this day since Roselli left
  4. I actually think Snyder was decent at the lateral movement. Angles. And attacking both sides.. when he was with Rosseli. I think he’s gradually regressed since Rosseli left
  5. McFadden “lifted” to the split the middle.. then Nolf launches himself into the roll and clearly is taking McFadden the direction he wants to go. No wrestler who was in on that shot and then got hit by that counter would tell you they initiated putting Nolf to his back.
  6. I’m still startled how anyone am can think nolfs “going towards his back” was in anyway caused by McFadden once he split the middle
  7. No no no sir. You should be the one to tell me what “real” wrestling is. You brought it up and are clearly defending some sort of old timer honor Or some such thing. What is “real” wrestling?
  8. Shrug, I’m simply relaying what has been told to me by people involved. I’ve quiet deliberately left it as neutral and Non inflammatory as possible and still convey what they said. What exactly is “real” wrestling? I’m genuinely curious. These type of comments are always quite amusing. And to everyone. McFadden “lifted” as in he split the middle.. Nolf clearly launched himself into the Roll When he felt it.
  9. How the hell can someone who knows wrestling say red initiates the move. Nolf launches himself into the win-Dixie roll
  10. I’m just relaying what they have expressed. One is a little more dramatic than the other. But on this topic they are consistent. I get it’s anecdotal. That’s why I only said what I did. Saying the really inflammatory stuff I’ve heard would only cause unsubstantiated drama and whatnot. When I described the Yianni/Zane match to the more level headed one. They asked if it was Tucci that made the controversial call before we even watched the match together. (I was curious how a current rising FS ref would call it). They also expressed absolutely no surprise at Tucci or some of the other panel refs being the ones involved. My point being that it explains the inconsistency in the Senior level reffing
  11. I know a couple younger (early 20s) people who are on the freestyle reffing ladder. Whenever I watch matches with them, they get extremely frustrated about how older refs aren’t held to the same standards, or expected to have the same consistency, and don’t call situations correctly. And how the old guard definitely play favorites (and other accusations). They all cannot wait until Sam Julian takes over. And it’s especially frustrating because other countries (including Russia) have expressed jealousy of the US having the most thorough and standardized referee training and advancement program.. BUT once you get to the senior level with the entrenched old time officials, it looks like we’re just as bad, inconsistent and biased as the other countries refs
  12. It’s a weird problem with wrestling culture in the US. The dad coaching directly leads to burnout and kids peaking too soon and having limited tool sets. It also leads directly to a system where if 10/100 kids who startEd in elementary wrestling, wrestle more than 2 years of high school, it’s an anomaly. I don’t know a single College wrestling coach who likes the system, or does it with their own kids .but they have to recruit those kids to keep their jobs. And dads like those are what fuel the new wrestling economy of the last 10 years or so. It’s why I don’t care about whether or not they switch the styles, (I would benefit as a coach from a switch, I’m not anti freestyle) even if we switch to freestyle, there will be just as much overtraining, overcompeting and burnout as there was before. None of the underlying issues would be addressed much less solved. That same person I talked about earlier was like “no there’d be less burnout cause look at how the Russians and Europeans train”. Just because the style changed doesn’t mean parents will magically change how they coach or handle their little “stud”. It also wouldn’t change how the competition is set up. The point of my ramble is. That dad coach culture is one of biggest reasons I’m genuinely worried about the survival of the sport. Especially because I’ve found they are the ones who are most active and vocal in preventing necessary changes. But that’s a whole different discussion
  13. Yeah I forgot about the Bill Farrell matches. It’s not something I would be mad or stress about being wrong about it. That matchup is just very intriguing to me
  14. While that may or may not be true. From a technique standpoint and film standpoint. I give Cenzo a much better matchup style wise vs Burroughs than Nolf. One of the biggest being I can’t really remember that many times that Cenzo has been taken down by pure leg attacks. Everything I have heard about Cenzo says that his major issue is motivation and burnout not the ability. The stories “I’ve heard” about Cenzo in the room.. paint the same picture as stories everyone in college heard about Taylor and Ruth in practice. i actually think Burroughs is continuously underrated especially on the technical side. I was mainly commenting on styles
  15. Why wouldn’t Cenzo match up well?
  16. I’m saying that about the match up with that in mind
  17. Nope. I have my issues with LBJ. Mainly that he’s a bully and can dish it out but can’t receive. This was a different person. I’m used to them saying stupid stuff but this was a new level tonight
  18. Flo better be careful. Especially with Rokfin understanding the mistakes Flo has made.
  19. I just listened to a dad coach who fancies himself a freestyle guy.. say Bekzod looked like a folkstyle guy trying to wrestle freestyle in the first few seconds before any exchange.., and didn’t know he was a multi time senior medalist. God I hate youth wrestling culture
  20. Vincenzo has such amazing concrete hips. I low key feel like he’s the most underrated of the penn state Murderers row the last few years. Im aware it’s entirely in the eye of the beholder. But I think he matches up with burrows far better than Nolf
  21. jp157


    Just remember guys. If your son was good in elementary and you hang around college coaches. You’re an expert. But only when they can make vague or judgmental statements lol. While the little freak out and out of proportion reaction he’ll have is amusing (out of proportion if i wasn’t right at Least) how did the Yianni match go. I had to take care of some things.
  22. Everyone: please note the use of exaggeration and hyperbole to try to twist and and replace what was actually said. The appeals to emotions and words like conspiracy. I’m bored so let’s address these one by one. I never said it was a conspiracy. I pointed out the fact I learned. Said it was sketch but also acknowledged it was an Olympic team. Not college and asked about that. Then acknowledged so when informed. I never said once or even implied Fix doped since he was 13. I pointed out that using the view of a parent watching another kid cut weight and wrestle in elementary and high school as “proof” or an argument against him doing it now was ridiculous and disingenuous. I also pointed out that with current weigh in rules and having to be ready to go right away after a hard cut much more consistently.. that Fix popped positive for the exact supplement one would use. I never said age group medals mean “nothing”. They are age group medals. They are an impressive relative accomplishment as a stepping stone on the way to higher things. The same way a first year kids first medal is, a kids first state championship, or an eventual national champion’s first time all-American finish. In their context, relative to that kid and the situation. They are amazing and should be lauded. They are not however.. National titles in DI and/or medals/titles at the senior level. Things which are the peak of the respective styles. With only other grown men just as competitive overall to beat. Where even in the growing top heaviness of the sport. One still has to be ready to go and at your best day in and day out. The average elite high school kid doesn’t have to be ready to go nearly as consistently as they do in the adult levels. A big problem in our country is overrating age group success and accomplishments and not focusing enough on getting more talent and depth beyond high school or college.
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