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    jp157 reacted to IronChef in Will there be any ncaa champs next season that didn’t compete during the Covid season?   
    I'm taking recovery from the injury into my evaluation, but his performance while injured does not factor into my thoughts at all. I am hopeful that he will be 100% healthy next year and our view on him as a wrestler is all about ability and not at all about whether his shoulder stays in place.
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    jp157 got a reaction from jackwebster in Gilman blog   
    One can make the argument that actual mastery is not dismissing inherent truths as banal and studying them deeply and not broadly 
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    jp157 got a reaction from dwkeller in Gilman blog   
    Not personally religious. I just get irritated at the faux intellectualism I see from some people. 
    I actually grew up up around the the fundamentalist crowd in a very catholic area. I have person disgust and distain for the bad aspects of religion and it’s institutions that can only come from having lived around it 
    The science doesn’t scare me the way it does many of my family. Take your attempt to be a philosophaboo to someone else 
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    jp157 got a reaction from GockeS in Stanford Lawsuit   
    I know. I’m just pointing out his obtuseness with you
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    jp157 reacted to dman115 in Stanford Lawsuit   
    He is more of an isosceles
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    jp157 reacted to Drew87 in Stanford Lawsuit   
    Long story short, they messed with the lives and future prospects for their students and their athletes.  Stanford is one of the largest and deepest athletic departments in the world and understands the premise of a career in sport, to the extent that they actively market themselves as a place where athletic elite come to further their pursuits of same.
    If anyone hasn’t listened to the Jason Borelli interview about their negotiations with the AD, it is an important listen, and has a lot of the meat as to why their is potentially a very real real lawsuit here.  I hesitate to just say “Stanford” because it is clearly a specific subset of Administrators therein, but they were extremely disingenuous and repeatedly moved or intentionally misrepresented goalposts.  
    And sure you can say a bunch about “being their for the education,” but the quality and experience of that education for the students is something of very real material importance and value.  Many of these athletes have basically gone through and completed a 4-year education in three or fewer years, which not only adds pressure to academics, it negatively impacts time for social interaction and athletic development.  Broad strokes, it is undue duress. 
    Postponing and inhibiting development in areas outside academics, especially for those on scholarship, is materially damaging to everyone in the stanford wrestling program. They used COVID and COVID restrictions as ammunition and leverage to silence and shun and dissenters.  When you look at the profile if it top to bottom, it is extremely shady,  underhanded and bad faith. 
    Canceling/downgrading the program isn’t the problem, it’s attempting to leverage COVID for ulterior motives that is the problem.  If I had to bet, I’d say they got caught red-handed at exactly that, and had to backpedal, hence the year+ of non-committal shenanigans.  The discussion now within stanford is likely twofold, do we keep these sports? And do we have to fire any administrators to protect the institution?
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    jp157 got a reaction from Tofurky in Hoodwinked by J'Den Cox?   
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    jp157 got a reaction from Yellow_Medal in Hoodwinked by J'Den Cox?   
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    jp157 got a reaction from LifeintheRed in Hoodwinked by J'Den Cox?   
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    jp157 got a reaction from moodybooty in Hoodwinked by J'Den Cox?   
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    jp157 reacted to spladle08 in 65kg qualification   
    Takedown 2... Looks like he's in his natural HABAT-at

    If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask Frank Rizzo because he knows more than me.

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    jp157 reacted to 1032004 in Wrestling Shirt a Day in May   
    Here’s an interview he did with Intermat - 
    Interesting tidbit from this one, he said the president of Gardner Webb University even reached out.
    Speaking of Gardner-Webb, they just crushed their fundraising goals and raised over $72k in a day, over double the next highest team. 
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    jp157 got a reaction from spladle08 in Junior / Senior Nationals   
    If his shoulder is still jacked I don’t see it unfortunately 
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    jp157 got a reaction from Fletcher in Now Heffernan's retired, who replaces him at Illinois?   
    I would agree but I think the Medlin connection will hold him
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    jp157 reacted to jross in Navigating the Uncomfortable   
    Joe needs about $2500 more to cover legal fees for an appeal.  https://t.co/WDSSD1xdLu

    IMO this should be a best of three wrestle off from scratch.  The events in the first match negated the second match.  Joe's strategy changed in the second match... one might assume as result of the first match ref... for example he attempted one snap down to a go-behind rather than a throw.
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    jp157 reacted to Relentless125 in Navigating the Uncomfortable   
    I posted this interview in the other forum about it. His coach Medlin and Peter Kowalczuk (former senior level greco competitor from Illinois) speak on the positions. 
    Medlin mentions how the whistle was blown while the guy is already in the air going through on the 2nd throw. So in that incident its not to prevent choking since Stefanowicz was still fighting it, it was to stop scoring. 
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    jp157 got a reaction from Coach_J in Navigating the Uncomfortable   
    Greco drama is so... exasperating. Even for drama
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    jp157 got a reaction from bnwtwg in Now Heffernan's retired, who replaces him at Illinois?   
    That’s one way of putting it
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    jp157 got a reaction from MSU158 in Now Heffernan's retired, who replaces him at Illinois?   
    It’s not that you shouldn’t want good recruits. It’s that you should have where getting the home state kids you want is almost a sure thing or that your always in the top 3 schools considered 
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    jp157 got a reaction from gobraves101905 in Anthony Valencia   
    Culture change seems to always take longer in wrestling than other sports. I’ve seen very few coaches that are exception to this. It takes a lot of work
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    jp157 got a reaction from Coldy Squares in Best Wrestling Podcasts   
    Inside trip
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    jp157 got a reaction from Coldy Squares in Best Wrestling Podcasts   
    Blood round
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    jp157 reacted to Lurker in How Much Money   
    Spent 20 years of my working career in wrestling, never competed past the junior college/junior international level, never made a lot of money at it.  But man, traveled the world, front row seats to the best action on the planet, tons and tons of friends, experiences, and memories.  Lots of stress and frustrations along the way, but wouldn't trade that 20 years for a lottery ticket.
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    jp157 reacted to MSU158 in The Ultimate Wrestler (Death Knell of the Sport Edition)   
    That was after injuries, though.  His freshman year he scored in bunches.  Then, he was hurt early into his 2nd season and pretty much wrestled injured the rest of his career.  Even injured, he had world class positioning and defense, so he kept winning off that, but his lateral movement and explosion suffered greatly!
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    jp157 got a reaction from southend in Now Heffernan's retired, who replaces him at Illinois?   
    Ramos were interviewed 
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