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  1. No he didn’t do it again...2 years ago, a bunch of dingbat kids played Assassins Creed (video game) Where a character would do the throat slice after an assassination and Cornell teammates nick named him the Assassin....it was totally wrong thing to do and he knows it now.
  2. I think it was more of the “stay of execution” he received in the 11th hour... Columbia has to take ‘em any way they can get ‘em...
  3. Cornell will wrestle 5 duals SDSU, MSU, WY, Mizz, Minn.
  4. They need to make an app for firestick And Roku....and get rid of the pop ups....
  5. State Route 84 over by Carson City.....
  6. Darmstadt’s biggest opponent this weekend was the ****z and fluish like symptoms both days....184 is in the rearview Mirror....
  7. New rule winner of toss can choose starting weight....definitely intentional at Ithaca... Don't know about Binghamton.... could of been last because marque match....
  8. he’s not in good shape yet and the weight cut adjustment showed being first match out....consider a broke vertebrae, 20 month layoff and it’s only November.
  9. And to think he is really 6’5”.
  10. That is Conel’s downfall not being one to be in shape... when he does get in shape lookout (NCAAs) The finals were a tale of who had more gas out of 2 gas cans. This weekend being FS I can’t imagine conditioning being a priority, but participation being it. Considering he walk away from wrestling a year or two ago.
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