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  1. Favorite non Hawk of all time! He is done because of concussion issues. He was in talks with TnT about becoming a member of HWC but he was just too worried about hurting himself anymore.
  2. Pretty well known that Bill Zadick greatly prefers JB and Cox to Dake and Taylor. I think DT thinks that Zadick interfered with the officiating.
  3. Really getting better in that NLWC room LOLOLOLOL
  4. I hope they find a way to wrestle for Puerto Rico or somewhere in the future because USA Wrestling will not give them a fair shake (I'm sure Rimmel will ban me for this but oh well). They don't give Dake scores and let Cox ice skate across the mat and refuse to wrestle. It's ridiculous and I hope they find other opportunities to wrestle at World's. I would root hard for them both, over our current illegitimate guys.
  5. Don't forget it is currently Ramadan, he was likely not at his best
  6. Did they move there a year before enrolling? Because that's exactly what Lee did for PSU this past year in order to get better training & get in state tuition. That's what I did on the recommendation of a friend who did it for undergrad. It works man.
  7. Lol Dake just wasn't opening up. It's typical Dake.
  8. A years residence there as an independent should do it.
  9. Wow one has been training under the mighty Carl and the other with TnT...I see when you have 2 similarly talented athletes who the better coach is.
  10. It'll be Iowa with a year at HWC to start off to get in state tuition & to bulk up to 133. You heard it here first. He hasn't really wrestled year round and I think being in a tough environment like that will be super beneficial for him.
  11. When you are proven wrong by the true master, you will apologize for your trangression.
  12. When he is wrong, he will admit that I am the true guru here and address me by my correct name "HAWKFANACTIC" or forever leave this board with his tail tucked between his legs.
  13. I mean hey he comes to Iowa, wins a natty title, and quits the dumb sh*t like drinking in season or posting sh*t like that...I will come shake your hand personally.
  14. He has posted nudes of girls at least 5x, him having sex, and a video of a girl giving him top all without their permission. He has posted videos of him smoking and drinking in season. That's not what you want from top wrestlers. He's a talented and tough kid but he's better off a free agent than in my hawkeye program.
  15. Wow like I said...Meija, Lugo, Delgado, and soon to be IMar. Guess I'm not just some loon.
  16. Oh he's full of crap and so are you
  17. Should be a big improvement for the room in terms of recruiting and skill development.
  18. 3 weights over 200lb for HS kids? No freaking way.
  19. Wait...wasn't Teasdale supposed to be a 113 this year?
  20. Agree completely. That was pure bs. Cael and DT were robbed. Cox was given a gift and I loved his coach talking **** to DT after the match haha he'd have gotten his face beaten in.
  21. Nickal was too scared to come wrestle Downey. I wish he was going to Iowa, he'd have been great at 197. We'd have moved right up into title contention with him and McKenna.
  22. Warner will win this weight. You heard it here first.
  23. You have no idea what you're talking about. It may get you "jacked up" but it kills your endurance. It also has nothing to do with strength.
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