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  1. I mean, it's all relative, but Ringer has never been exactly fleet-footed. He has his go-to high C, his fireman's carry, but if you block those off, he couldn't do much else with his handfighting. I didn't say Ruth was explosive, and I do agree that he was more fluid and agile, but those traits would be deemed athletic as well. I just can't see a style like Ringer's posing much of an issue for Ruth, whereas Dake would with his explosive speed and ability to scramble with Ruth.
  2. I think with his unorthodox style and freakish athleticism, he would have split with Dake, and been ahead of Ringer. I don't think anyone at 79 could match Ruth's athleticism except for Dake and maybe Zahid. Ringer is fundamentally sounder, but too flat-footed (relative), which plays into Ruth's style.
  3. At the end of the day, resistance is resistance, whether in the form of a barbell or your own body. As long as you are overloading it in some form of way (heavier load for deadlifts, more reps for pullups, shorter rest periods, etc), you are probably going to see some adaptations by your body. No doubt many of the Russians are ridiculously strong with their functional training, but to say they don't do any weightlifting (even comparing to Snyder's freak workouts) is a little disingenious.
  4. He couldn't have prevented it. I was pointing out that that is one of the roles of an AT, since you and some other folks don't seem to know what the job of an AT is. How did he treat it? You are right that what he said and how he said it wasn't to my liking, but how did he treat it? If I'm mistaken, then I'll apologize, but I believe I read a post here that said that the AT basically told Yianni to suck it up and go on? I usually read the posts here early in the morning before uni or work, so maybe I misread it wrong? Correct me. You too had to be convinced? That wrestling one-legged is an advantage? OK. The fact that so many of us here, and even others like Jordan Oliver and Spencer Lee, are talking about this means it is an unusual case. It worked out this time, fortunately for Yianni. The AT's demeanor and willingness to pitch Yianni back in there is what is concerning to me. Maybe he just didn't know the severity of it, I'll concede that. Look at Shun Fujimoto, the Japanese gymnast who basically crippled himself while performing and still pulled it off to win gold for Japan- cool as ice. However, we shouldn't have to rely predominantly on an athlete's own attitude on their injury, especially with their biases and motivations for pressing on. If you're done with your sarcasm, we can actually debate this, as it raises ethical on the role of supporting staff for an athlete.
  5. The role of an athletic trainer is to help prevent or treat injuries sustained by an athlete. Since he did neither, and in fact encouraged Yianni to go out and continue, he failed his job. Yianni did his, which was fantastic. I'm not sure why I am even debating body parts with you, since you believe wrestling with one leg is an advantage, lol
  6. As I said before, I'm happy for Yianni that everything worked out. But it worked out in this case; what if he ended up having a career-ending injury? My issue is with the athletic trainer himself. He has a job, and he pretty much failed it.
  7. Yeah, sorry, as a person who is entering healthcare/medical field, the people around failed him. It worked out THIS time, and I'm happy for him (I wanted him to win, along with Bryce LOL but can't have everything). But does this set a precedent going forward? It may not be as serious as a concussion, but the line of thinking is the exact same as when football coaches would tell a concussed player "You just got your bell rung, drink some water and go back out there, tough it out." There is a line, guys, lol.
  8. Bo is just fine in freestyle. Won gold at an international event in Turkey a few years back, and didn't he make a Junior team? He was second only to Zahid that particular year. Folkstyle's a different beast, but I see Zahid taking this. He's big and just as lanky as Bo, and fundamentally sound especially with his defense. I think Zahid survives a scare or two from Bo's big moves, but picks his shots with that tricky left sweep single of his.
  9. Mentioned in another thread, and it was in freestyle, but Zahid beat Bo twice in the Junior trial finals.
  10. He got a TD against Cenzo at the end of Big10s, I believe. Probably the nerves, and the fact that he knew he was behind against a monster in Cenzo. Props to both guys though. A helluva career.
  11. I don't even have that many veins in my entire body. Oh wait *dies
  12. I never particularly liked his style of wrestling, but damn was he successful for a long time. Also, just going through his Instagram recently, he actually seems like quite a nice guy. He obviously looks up to John Smith a lot- I'm sure this weekend is killing him, so hopefully he can bounce back and be successful in another aspect of his life.
  13. I'm with any thread that got some B2K in it. Bump.
  14. I wrestled in high school, 112 lbs. The city where I'm from was never a huge wrestling hubbub, and I was never particularly good tbh. Never won my section (which was just my city LOL), so I never went to State as a wrestler. My last year, I injured my neck pretty bad in practice, and that took out half my season. The chiropractor said I had the neck of a 40 year old in a car accident, LOL. Still, I fell in love with it and what it taught me. My coaches were fantastic guys and I still look up to them. I coached up until last year for my high school for about 4 years. I do boxing now abroad and love it, but damn do I miss rolling on the mats too. Interesting to read some of these, including DF's historically accurate biography.
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