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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to cjc007 in Zahid Valencia   
    He looked incredible against Hall in the finals. He was never in danger of losing that bout.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to Yellow_Medal in Zahid Valencia   
    Bold statement
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to wrestlingnerd in Bekbulatov about americans   
    The quote that matters:"he's 2x world champ, he knows better." 
    Snyder does know better. All other factors being roughly equal, the stronger guy wins. The Russians would not be risking disqualification with anabolics otherwise. Strength is a major reason why Snyder is the best wrestler in the world, and every Russian who says lifting is time poorly spent would be better were they to lift consistently.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to GoNotQuietly in Bekbulatov about americans   
    Snyder, and the Ohio State guys specifically, work with Dustin Myers..one of the best wrestling strength and conditioning guys out there. We also have many professional coaches at the IOC, and the RTCs who can program for strength as well as mobility. It's much more common to address flexibility and imbalance now than it was a couple decades ago.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to nyum in Bekbulatov about americans   
    Gudeuv doesn't lift...... right
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to LemonPie in DeSanto to...   
    Mods, please lock this boring ass thread that keeps creeping up to the top.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to Housebuye in World Cup Takaways - USA   
    You could look at it that way 
    Or you could say he got silver last year and the guy he lost to is moving up
    Yazdani is also obviously gone. Also saying that loss was bad because Yazdani got a silver is silly. We all know how good Yazdani is. He was on that same path in 2015, just not quite as refined.
    I’m not picking JG for gold, but with the right draw he could win it all.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to boconnell in World Cup Takaways - USA   
    To be clear, things like world cup and Yarygin don't count and only worlds counts when USA beats Russia in those events, but when Kyle Snyder wrestles and loses at Yarygin or World Cup but wins at Worlds those matches suddenly count and Snyder isn't 'wow' against Russia?  I just want to be clear on which times to ignore results.  It seems the easy way to remember is any time an American wins there is a reason it doesn't count.  
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to spladle08 in World Cup Takaways - USA   
    I think Greens ability to get 4pt takedowns keeps him competitive with anyone who wrestles a standard style. He had 0 chance against Chamizos funk/counters but wouldn't count him out against any at the weight  
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to spladle in USA vs Azerbaijan 4pm Ct   
    No he doesn't. Let them wrestle.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to jeffr_ideal in My proposed solution for the world cup mess   
    Me too!  Don't judge a people or a place from their leaders or political system is what I say.  
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to cjc007 in My proposed solution for the world cup mess   
    Doesn't get any better?  
    It would be better if Iran and Russia we're entered the World Cup;
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to sgallan in USA vs Japan 2:30ct   
    Two sick comebacks is my way of saying epic. He will always have that world title. And four NCAA's. He is clearly not a scrub. Just reached his peak is all. 
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to pamela in DeSanto to...   
    Haha, I can't believe I'm getting sucked into this debate, but I think people say "state's" because they're using it as a possessive and not a plural.
    Like, they're not talking about multiple states or several tournaments within the state tourney; they're saying "state's" as a shorthand for "my state's tournament". Same way that "Big Tens" is actually "Big Ten's" or "the Big Ten's tournament" and "NCAA's" is "the NCAA's D1 wrestling tournament".
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to hammerlockthree in DeSanto to...   
    A lot of italian posers call red sauce gravy but we aren't referring to the lowest common denominator.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to GoNotQuietly in Frank Chamizo   
    For my money, Chamizo wrestles possibly the worst style imaginable to compete against Burroughs.  Legs wide open and counters/scrambles which, while technically sound, rely on superior speed, agility, and athleticism, which he will not have in this match.  That said, Frank is a smart guy and brilliant wrestler, so he very well might adapt a novel conservative strategy, but if he tries to be stylish he will likely end up tech-smashed.  Gedeuv demonstrated the way to beat JB, but it seems like Chamizo would hate wrestling like that.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to CoachPrebes in World Cup - quality of competition   
    So what you're saying is, the USA will lose a few matches but win on criteria?
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to Coach_J in 133lb transfer....   
    "There's an old saying in Tennessee.  I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, 'Fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. Fool me... You can't get fooled again!'"

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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to VakAttack in 133lb transfer....   
    Won't lie to you, I was exposed to the term on these boards, and if I remember correctly it was from quotes given by Ben Askren. 
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to pamela in Coach Tony Ramos   
    Just chiming in to say, the new Tony Ramos interviews on Flo are pretty enjoyable. I know he's been on a pretty good path since settling down, having a family and moving to Chapel Hill but I thought he was pretty ridiculous in college (although he has ALWAYS been good with the fans and especially kids) and he's nowhere near that right now. He doesn't seem to take himself so seriously and comes off as a mature, personable guy and positive role model. 
    I know he's technically a volunteer on the UNC staff while he is still competing internationally, but I bet he would make a very good hc one day. I wonder how the wrestlers and coaching staff like having him around. 
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to LemonPie in Coach Tony Ramos   
    No longer drinking that Iowa City Kool-aid.  I've done some Ramos trolling in my day, but he seems like a good dude.  
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to gowrestle in DeSanto to...   
    Autism is a difficult issue to understand. I worked with autistic children that exhibited behaviors that were difficult to understand. For some, they were repetitive and impossible to prevent. There are degrees of autism. Some autistic people are highly intelligent and others are mentally challenged. April is Autism Awareness Month. When trying to understand autistic people, please show compassion.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to ScarletKnight in DeSanto to...   
    It took the refs a long time to award 1 point for pulling on the headgear.  They almost didn't award it.  
    That was actually worse than I remembered, like the shot after pulling his headgear off, after the whistle was blown.  
    I'm not sure why so many programs want him after this.  Plus what was his corner supposed to say when he was down 10-1?  He pretty much does the same move from neutral every time.  
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to superbowlhomeboy in DeSanto to...   
    Trenge’s behavior was usually a reaction to people messing with his goggles. Hands to the face was definitely a strategy against him. Desanto’s behavior appears to be a reaction to getting beat. Big difference.
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    AllISeeIsBronze reacted to VakAttack in DeSanto to...   
    Why are regular posters engaging with Cletus like he's a real person and not a gimmick account?
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