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  1. Hey, this is awesome, thanks! I checked, and it does indeed list every match in order, nothing is given away. The only eye-squinting that needs to be done is after the match is clicked, enlarge the video without looking at the 'Feature Matches' news scroll across the top. Much thanks!
  2. Just in case anyone else is looking to accomplish the same thing, thought I'd list the steps that might accomplish the goal (watch a match without inadvertently knowing who won). I submitted a ticket to TrackWrestling and got back a couple responses....they didn't really offer to make any changes, but did provide one additional way of doing it. This is a bit elaborate, but oh well: 1. Load up the events page using this link, the page is clean: https://www.trackwrestling.com/Login.jsp?TIM=1568647022720&twSessionId=yirfumzbxf 2. Click the "World Championships 2019 - Seniors" link, which will bring a pop-up to log in, 'Enter Event'. Once you click that a new page comes up, blur your eyes and close the 'News Feed' column on the right by clicking the x in the corner. Page is now clean. 3. Click the "Brackets" link in the blue bar at the top of the page. Now you can select the weight from the 'Bracket Menu' drop-down on the left. But don't do it yet, got to get a couple other windows set up first. 4. You'll need to open a new browser window and repeat steps 1 and 2. On this page however, click the 'Archived video' link in the center of the screen, then blur your eyes and click the 'Search' button towards the top, above the first video. 5. Now open up a new window that you'll use to move around and block some information. Go back to the Brackets page, and choose a weight class from the drop-down...once you select it, don't look, and drag the new window you just created all the way across so that it is covering up everything except the leftmost 'bracket menu' column. Slowly move this blocking window to the right, until you can see the wrestler names. Here's a screenshot of what this might look like: https://imgur.com/a/eFxDxdm 6. Now, the goal here is to slowly slide the blocker window to the right, until you can see the match#...don't go too far tho, or you'll see the beginning of the flag icon. Here is a screenshot of what you're going for: https://imgur.com/a/GQcydTD You can see the match# of Coon's first, 307. Remember this number. 7. Click back into the window you created in step4, that is sitting on a search page. Type the match# into the "Bout No" box, and search. It should bring up the single video link. The order of the names is not an indication of who won, it just goes from top-most to lower-most. 8. Click the video. You'll have to do some eye-blurring here, and the first time you may need to log in and wait 30seconds for device registration, but then you can launch the video and quickly maximize the size to take up the whole screen. 9. When done watching the video, close out that window and go back to the search page (from step7). Click the Search button, and you'll be all set to enter another match. 10. Go back to the brackets window from step6 (being careful to use your blocker window)...if the wrestler won, you can slowly move the blocker window to the right until you can see the next match#. And then just keep repeating that process. Btw, the reason you don't simply type the wrestler's name into the 'Search Videos' box from step7, is because that will spit out all the videos for that wrestler...so you'll immediately know how many matches they wrestled. A bit elaborate, but at least you can enjoy the matches without having them spoiled.
  3. Watching the World Championships life isn't really an option for me, and I'd like to be able to view the matches without knowing who won. It is fairly straightforward to navigate to the page where you can select the brackets, and avoid seeing any blurbs/results. However, at that point it becomes nearly impossible. I've attached a screenshot of an example bracket, the 130kg Greco. I can use another window to cover everything up except the left-most column, and slowly slide it to the right...when it gets close enough to the end, I used to be able to blur my eyes (or close them), and then change focus to the bracket menu, and guesstimate moving the mouse and clicking on the green result, then the match window would open. A little more creative squinting, and 80% of the time I was successfully able to watch the match without inadvertently knowing the outcome. It's more difficult now, that they have put the flag icon of the winner there. I went just a smidge too far with the blocking window, and couldn't help myself from seeing the slimmest segment of the flag icon on Coon's match...and that was all it took. This might not make much sense, so try this: bring up the attached pic, and pretend you want to watch Coon's first match without seeing who won first....move some windows around, etc. Anyways, I'm not optimistic that I'll be able to watch the freestyle matches later this week, without having them spoiled.
  4. Finesilver gave it up like he didn't realize it was OT...
  5. Amazing how much not having the scores, ruins the experience.
  6. I could swear that last year, it was possible to get 2/3/4/etc mats going in the same browser window, and then choose which mats to watch in each 'spot'. Did they change things, or am I just not seeing how to get that setup?
  7. Somewhat new around here, only read a few of his posts. I really want to believe mudflap is a real person. Think I just might decide to.
  8. Maybe if enough of us ask for this, flo/track/espn could possibly consider? I'd like to be able to watch matches without knowing the winner, after the match/event has concluded. The way to accomplish this, ideally, would be if the content site provided the bracket without any revealing info. As an example of what I have to go thru, check out the attached image of the Junior Worlds 74kg bracket. Frequently I'm unable to watch events live (Worlds), or there are many matches I'd like to see and I can't watch one without seeing reference to another (ESPN's NCAA coverage). "Luckily" the sport is still niche enough that I can go about my normal day without worrying about spoilers, as long as I avoid social media and select internet sites. So then it is just a matter of navigating to the bracket page and loading up the matches, without seeing anything revealing. Which is probably pretty comical for anyone watching me accomplish that. Squinting my eyes so everything is blurry, positioning other windows in such a way to block information, even asking my wife to get a match ready to go and then pass the computer back to me. And of course most of the time I have to have the sound off, because the announcers will make references to other completed matches that I haven't seen yet. You can imagine, looking at the 74kg bracket attached, how challenging it can be to watch, for example, the second round Mark Hall v R Valiev match. Once the bracket page is up and I've chosen the weight, and moved another window to block most of the page, I slowly move the blocking window to the right until just the barest corner of the green arrow icon is revealed. But if I go too far, I might accidentally see the first character of the winner's name (the round1 Diana/Yamasaki match for example)....so, I have to cross and blurr my eyes. Then when the mouse is positioned, close my eyes completely and click. When the match window then pops up, quickly (with eyes blurred) move a blocking window over any possible "related videos" on the sidebar, mute the sound, and move a blocking window to the bottom portion of the window where other results and scheduled matches are scrolling by. If all that works, rejoice because I can watch a match "live". Then repeat over and over again for all the athletes I want to follow. I expect to be doing this for the senior worlds in a couple weeks. Anyways, it would be fantastic if the site could put up a blank "Senior Worlds" page, that contained minimal info needed to allow users to make their way thru complete brackets, without seeing any info that gives stuff away.
  9. I'm curious about this as well....is there anyplace to view past NCAA matches in full? Quite a few are on youtube, with some odd exceptions that maybe I'm just not seeing. For example, I'd like to re-watch Hall v Valencia 2017 and Hall v Jordan 2017, and Snyder v Cox 2015. Flo has quite a bit, but annoying highlight vids, not full matches. Surely it's possible to find the full (for example) Hall/Valencia semi match somewhere?
  10. Anyone know if these can be viewed online (real-time or close) anywhere?
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