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  1. IMO his ability to follow police blotters and report the demise of wrestlers is second to none in the business.
  2. A title in a one and done organization. Tommy Maddox was the last athlete I know of who garnered glory in a pitiful league and went on to get a ring.... albeit as a backup. I just don't see it happening with DT.
  3. Agreed. Season one should should provide some entertaining behind the scenes footage of wrestlers at the PROWL house. Random clips showing the human side of wrestling. Scenes of Logie Bear dealing with male pattern baldness, T-Ram sporting a red MAGA hat, and the evolving romance between Dom Bradley and David Taylor... I am hoping their love will stay strong into season two so we can follow and see them struggle through the adoption or surrogacy process.
  4. This is a travesty! A betrayal of epic proportions. DT was destined for glory in the fighting pits of Madrid. And just like that his devoted fans get Pearl Harbored by this news. The only way DT and USAW can make us whole is by bringing home 2018 Gold in the Paris and Madrid Grand Prix, the Schultz Memorial, Granma y Cerro Pelado, the Farrell Open, and the Canada Cup. Anything less and the DT faithful will leave their Magic Man socks on the mat and walk off bare foot into the sunset.
  5. I am gonna have to walk back my words on bmi in relation to Rowlands. Please Tommy for the sake of PD2's white pickup truck, put down the shovel and get on a treadmill!
  6. That would require us to be world leaders. Sorry to say that ship has sailed.
  7. We all know there's only one program that fits that description. This year's All Valley Tournament just got more interesting!
  8. You got that right! Hopefully him and Green face off in the finals at Paris this year.
  9. Its more than two guys that he couldn't/can't get past. 2012: Andrew Howe who lost to JB 2013: Kyle Dake who lost to JB 2014: Jordan Burroughs 2015: Kyle Dake who lost to JB 2016: Kyle Dake who lost to Cox 2017: Jden Cox
  10. This is forum gold. 15 years from now when people start waxing nostalgic about the Mocco, Metcalf, and Nickerson threads we can walk down memory lane and reminisce about PD2 defending his son's revenge porn.
  11. Indeed, I am thinking it will end with an overdose of bath salts, heroin, meth, or viagra.
  12. A very wise man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave disagrees with you.
  13. If we didn't have the electoral college the leader of the free world would be a woman from the US instead of a woman from Germany.
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