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  1. Victims come out when they feel supported. People were pointing out flaws if Flo and Downey, so a support system is ready to help out when speaking out against them. The fastest way to that reality is to not question the motives of victims of creepy behavior when calling out creepy behavior. Your questioning of them now multiplied by everyone else questioning them is why they didn’t do what you say you wanted them to do.
  2. If it wasn’t a reversal, it should have been tied, since the only thing stopping the reversal was Z holding the ankle, and he started holding the ankle with 5 seconds on the clock. a review would have shown it clearly and we get to see overtime.
  3. If you don’t think either is going all out, the much bigger guy is definitely not going anywhere near 80%. Snyder got to the ankle on Sharifov and couldn’t pull it in...how would that go against a similarly accomplished guy who weighs 40 pounds more? To me, the biggest issue seems to be people have studied Kyle and wrestled from his best positions in practice to be able to slow his offense. If this is the case, heavyweight would be his worst place. Adding to his tactics would be the best way to improve off his “slump” of continually medaling in the world championships.
  4. I was looking at flo after the Beach worlds, and noticed that the app told medalist was at the Beach of the Beast tournament in Michigan.
  5. We looked much better than I expected, but I’m hoping this isn’t because of the exodus of non-Olympic weights.
  6. NBC Olympic channel? Is that going to work? I’m on a Roktv that I bought a week ago.
  7. We had six compete at Beast of the Beach in Michigan this summer. It was an awesome time.
  8. Iranian fans love wrestling. Americans love bragging about their favorites.
  9. Micic is taking one of these...
  10. If he cut it to one pack a day, he probably gets the tech...
  11. I had a flash of that thought watching him this week too. He seems to be a wrestler that can trick and out think you, and that is an attribute of Dave. I’m 35 so I might be mischaracterizing Dave, but it seems both of them score in situations that are often stalemated. Dake is similar in this way, but Yianni’s personality approaches Dave more so than Dake.
  12. Ya know, like Molinaro did.
  13. Looked like a cramp to me. Those quads on both guys seem to get pretty hyperextended.
  14. He don’t play games. zain plays games...the L game.
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