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  1. I think Grey will control ties much better than their 2019 semis, where she had stitches in her hand I believe. I think she’ll take an early lead with a takedown or push out and then be in control with some counter points.
  2. I think Grey just beat her biggest threat. And though Rotter Focken looks solid, we’ve got to be happy to not worry about a Japanese woman who lives just down the street from the arena.
  3. Maybe it came from a woman weakenin’ knees
  4. I want to know what the coaches are doing!!! Rumors in the street have me looking into several possibilities. Is Zaddick finally on Magic Man’s good side for taking Cox out of the trials? Is Kevin Jackson traveling to ancient Mayan crypts to unlock the mysteries of time? Will Tokyo be the stage for the USA to seize the day and take home the most medals? which we would surely have gotten away with if it wasn’t for those pesky Russians.
  5. American career list: 1. John Smith 2. Big Bruce 3. Jordan Burroughs Bruce’s longevity is insane; he went back to back almost a decade after his first world title. If someone (Snyder?) did that today, everyone would call them the GOAT no questions asked. If Snyder keeps medaling and then goes back to back with an Olympic Gold in 2024, we’ll all put him at the top in my opinion. I named my cat Jordan Purroughs though, so he’s my favorite.
  6. I want our women to win and I think all six are amazing wrestlers and it is awesome to think how much success they will have; however, We could win 3 golds and still not do as well as Japan. Thats how good Japan is.
  7. I don’t really see a ton similar between Dake and Khudakov other than their end results of points being chest wraps and Inside reaches a good amount of the time. To me, similarities between wrestlers are more important from open to first touch or predominant ties. They seem to vary a good amount. also, Dake is probably analyzing Khudakov much differently than we are. He didn’t win gold at the Olympics. Also, in the matches Dake lost to Burroughs, he was scored on when trying to be too offensive. He had his most success counterattacking.
  8. I mean, you could be right, but there is no way for us to know. To argue against you, I would say Terry Brands was over aggressive and it cost him matches. the. You would point to Joe Williams’s losses or Buvasar losing to Slay. Dake biggest advantage throughout his wrestling career has been his amazing defensive skills and top wrestling. Why would he wrestle in a way that makes his best assets a small percentage of matches?
  9. I was hoping to get more traction with my “tire change” topic today on FRL. I asked which wrestler will be most likely to retire and then come back. Who seems to be done for the moment, but may give 2024 or sooner another run? I think Gwiz might take a year off, and then come back, especially if Gable is a hype beat in WWE. I feel like JO will compete when he’s 40 but retire a few times too.
  10. Do t you think we perceive the best wrestlers’ offense as unstoppable mainly because they are so smart and tactical and attack mainly from exceptional positions? if they attacked more they would be attacking from poorer positions and look and be stoppable.
  11. I’m an extremely streaky poster on themat mainly I just check in to see if DF has returned.
  12. I showed it to all my classes the last two days. I started showing it to my creative writing class, and then my US history classes heard of it and asked for it. maybe they wanted to kill 8 minutes of class, but just about everybody was wide eyed for the foot sweep and the interviews.
  13. I’m gonna drag Kyle to these boards by his ear and make him read this, and then Cox will get the wrestle off us posters all deserve!!!!
  14. You’re optimistic and fresh off last weekend’s trials for our team. You aren’t nuts, but you are very optimistic.
  15. Yes, this might be another way of what I'm trying to say. They aren't going to ignore the fact that DT or Zain is taking someone down a specific way, so they will coach the situation of that takedown which helps the room progress past that end point of wrestling. They continue through every position; to me it seems like they get sad when something works on their guys in the room because it stops the chain of flow. I remember Cael talking at camps about how wrestling is a game that needs to be played and progressed. To me this is his way of playing the game to its most satisfying. I may be wrong, but it is beneficial to me as a coach to try to get in his mind, despite being a high school and club coach who doesn't have his resources and only some of his problems.
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