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  1. jcjcjc

    Olympic Red Shirt

    Micic is taking one of these...
  2. jcjcjc

    DF or Russians?

    Trolling 3/10
  3. jcjcjc

    What we learned at Dogu

    If he cut it to one pack a day, he probably gets the tech...
  4. jcjcjc

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    I had a flash of that thought watching him this week too. He seems to be a wrestler that can trick and out think you, and that is an attribute of Dave. I’m 35 so I might be mischaracterizing Dave, but it seems both of them score in situations that are often stalemated. Dake is similar in this way, but Yianni’s personality approaches Dave more so than Dake.
  5. jcjcjc

    Zain not Learning

    Ya know, like Molinaro did.
  6. jcjcjc


    Looked like a cramp to me. Those quads on both guys seem to get pretty hyperextended.
  7. jcjcjc


    He don’t play games. zain plays games...the L game.
  8. jcjcjc

    Who Wins the best two of three?

    Can David Taylor be the special guest referee in this match-up? That way a bad call could allow Taylor to finally put an L on Dake.
  9. jcjcjc

    DF or Russians?

    This board seems way more contentious than 10 years ago. You think it’s the influence of DF creating more troll accounts or the Russians sowing dissent with their bots?
  10. The real DF doesn’t go derivative of his own material. If this clown was real, he’d tell of DF’s salacious climb up the corporate ladder after his wrestling career ended.
  11. jcjcjc

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Kendal Cross’s Olympic Championship my have been devoid of leg attacks. His matches against Terry and the Canadian in the gold medal final had no leg attacks. I haven’t seen the other matches in his run. Downey wrestles a bit like Cross, so basically, he will beat Taylor in a beat two out of three next year and Taylor will try to climb the mountains of Washington and Alaska for a few years. Cael will pull him off the elk meat diet in time for a 2024 comeback which will result in him earning a bronze that he refuses to look at until a young M2 trained boy wins bronze in a world championship and Davis feels proud of that and finally comes to terms with his career.
  12. jcjcjc

    PDIII Needs your dough

    It’s nice to see PD3 get some international support from Saduleuv and now Yazdani’s lefty underhook. https://www.gofundme.com/help-get-my-family-to-the-world-championships
  13. jcjcjc

    Our guys lift weights too much

    What's with this board's propensity to compare all wrestling anomalies with politics? Also, they make money based on their social media followers, and by they I mean all three people mentioned by the shucker of heads, so the answer to this question is: money...and maybe pride and fun.
  14. jcjcjc

    Nick Suriano

    Is Suriano next season’s D. Heil?
  15. jcjcjc

    Nick Suriano

    Great question im wondering how to answer them as well