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  1. jcjcjc

    Minnesota - 18/19

    It’s still strange and telling of the hype train running on a one way track that feels like it should be getting somewhere but somehow’s neither here nor there
  2. jcjcjc

    Minnesota - 18/19

    I find it strange that people think Gable will beat Dhesi by more than Coon beat Dhesi.
  3. Russia would double their medal haul if they were allowed two wrestlers per weight. It would be harder for every other country to medal despite having two wrestlers per weight because Russia would take even more. We are pretty quick to forget that Snyder has lost to Russians not named Saduleav.
  4. jcjcjc

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Any video of this dual? I’ve been looking and can’t find any, which is odd for a high level dual outside for promotion.
  5. jcjcjc

    Coon takes Silver

    I'm a poser
  6. jcjcjc

    Most balanced teams in Worlds?

    The third guy on the ladder would be most likely to jump into the decathlon style event. Might still be cool though.
  7. jcjcjc

    Most balanced teams in Worlds?

    That is true. Maybe we should have a decathalon style event in wrestling too. Freestyle, Greco, Sumo, American Folkstyle, all competed by the same person in a weight class. Its not a good idea, but it is an idea.
  8. jcjcjc

    Russian coach receiving team trophy

    ...hey, it's easier to just hate them, bro.
  9. The time zone factor makes it tough to give a quality analysis this year.
  10. jcjcjc

    Most balanced teams in Worlds?

    Let's add Women's in and find out the total package wrestling powers. Do you think it would best to have a team score that factors in all three styles? I do. Wrestling is wrestling, and I think it would push the world to collaborate more between the styles and increase the overall quality of all three styles; especially improving greco in the USA, women's in countries like Iran if they can overcome cultural factors, etc.
  11. jcjcjc

    Coon takes Silver

    haha...with the same move...which is also Coon's best move and position Coon had a great tournament. He had three wins by fall, but they were mostly gutty performances with the homerun style.
  12. jcjcjc

    Maroulis gets smashed.

    We only know her situation because of interviews like the one you are talking about, but you also want the interview that you are talking about to not exist...how does one lead a horse by a cart? I showed this interview to my wrestling team: some of them knew Maroulis and love her, many of them didn't know her just like they don't know Gilman or Gwiz. The interview inspired them to be great teammates. Why ask the question and do the interview? Why wrestle? Why tell your spouse you love them? The answer: Taking a look at the feelings of people who influence you allows you to better understand the struggles they have and better prepares you to better serve them directly or better prepare yourself to prepare for similar struggles.
  13. Would the kids kick each other without the adults? I think they have to make the kids shake hands because they imply that they have to kick them. The kids pick up on the culture's implications and are weirded out by the forced ritual of shaking hands as it does not fit in to the culture. Kids follow our lead, and what they don't want to do is often a value adults don't actually value. Kids also don't want to eat or chew or brush their teeth, so I could be wrong....I just don't like kids punching and kicking each other.
  14. jcjcjc

    Sadulaev Interview - from wrestdag

    Last year Sad was Saladin and Snyder was Richard. This year Sad was Saladin and Richard.
  15. Good thing those adults were around to make sure the child fighters didn't get out of hand.