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  1. jcjcjc

    Foxcatcher Movie

    Cuz of us butthurt wrestlers
  2. jcjcjc

    OSU vs. Wyoming

    Branch’s skills are branching out
  3. jcjcjc

    Foxcatcher Movie

    Give us the movies that make wrestlers look as good as the stealing-lawyer-wrestling-coach, the cigarette smoking athlete, the talent leach/hide from your problems johnnie come lately coach, and the no nothing but we need somebody to coach coach.
  4. jcjcjc

    Foxcatcher Movie

    If you don't have empathy for Mark from this movie, then you didn't even watch the first scene. That is a punch to the gut. Mark did everything all of us would ever dream to do in our sport, and he felt almost no benefits from achieving those dreams. The movie made me so incredibly sad about how our sport fails to give a proper congratulations to our heroes. I think we are getting better at this though, and paradoxically, it made realize how much I love this sport because none of this pain made me think the sport is any less valuable or worthwhile.
  5. jcjcjc

    Foxcatcher Movie

    To each their own. As a lifelong wrestler who teaches English Lit. and creative writing, I thought it was a tremendous movie. I think wrestlers react against it because it shows our flaws as a community. We hate that, don't we? (As a movie, it's like those guys you lose even though you beat people who beat them; they use your flaws against you perfectly.) On the positive side, the current RTC situation seems to correct many of the issues that created the atmosphere where Dupont could manipulate wrestlers into relying on him. It's a movie; it's not a documentary. I understand your frustrations, but I like the movie. It hurts to watch, but it also hurts to hear the doctor tell you bad news. You're still better for hearing it.
  6. jcjcjc

    Is Minny less jack'd than they used to be?

    If this is true, than how’d he get gassed from bottom?
  7. jcjcjc

    Worst Dual ever?

    It’s November and people are projecting multiple wrestlers to finish the season undefeated and placing them in a March bracket... while saying that wrestlers are sitting only for nefarious reasons... maybe you sit more at the beginning because you can actually recover from injuries in four months.
  8. jcjcjc

    Minnesota - 18/19

    It’s still strange and telling of the hype train running on a one way track that feels like it should be getting somewhere but somehow’s neither here nor there
  9. jcjcjc

    Minnesota - 18/19

    I find it strange that people think Gable will beat Dhesi by more than Coon beat Dhesi.
  10. Russia would double their medal haul if they were allowed two wrestlers per weight. It would be harder for every other country to medal despite having two wrestlers per weight because Russia would take even more. We are pretty quick to forget that Snyder has lost to Russians not named Saduleav.
  11. jcjcjc

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    Any video of this dual? I’ve been looking and can’t find any, which is odd for a high level dual outside for promotion.
  12. jcjcjc

    Coon takes Silver

    I'm a poser
  13. jcjcjc

    Most balanced teams in Worlds?

    The third guy on the ladder would be most likely to jump into the decathlon style event. Might still be cool though.
  14. jcjcjc

    Most balanced teams in Worlds?

    That is true. Maybe we should have a decathalon style event in wrestling too. Freestyle, Greco, Sumo, American Folkstyle, all competed by the same person in a weight class. Its not a good idea, but it is an idea.