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  1. I think even remotely disparaging comments about wimmens wrestlings is frowned upon here. They are very sensitive to this sportings eventings
  2. Well he has Akgul and/or Geno to deal with in the future
  3. They migrated apparently. I don't want to know more than that.
  4. Zain's left testicles no one talks about
  5. Speaking of the Olympic trials remember a few years ago the IOC was going to remove wrestling from the olympics? Yet keep, BMX, golf, trampoline, synchronized swimming ( now "artistic" swimming) et al? That would have been blasphemy. Wrestling is one of the first sports ever and a cornerstone of the olympics. I remember seething in anger when I heard about it and writing a bunch of angry emails to various olympic S%%%heads.
  6. Yanni can beat anyone in the world at 65? Please....
  7. That has become a fierce rivalry. Kinda like Kayaalp-Lopez though Lopez got the better of Kayaalp so it wasn't a "rivalry" in the truest sense.
  8. I guess Akgul is looking for a seed that would put him far from Geno am I right?
  9. Wiz vs Cakiroglu @125 kg . Why is the latter still wrestling? He's almost 40!
  10. I was just kidding, who wrestles at 4 am? Yes close it would be 11 am in Istanbul when 4 am on east coast
  11. They're going to wrestle at 4 am? Well that's good, it will be 6pm here in Seattle. My beers open at 5.
  12. Turkish domination. Azeris are ethnic Turks that's why. Akgul got his revenge and obliterated Geno 7-0. Humiliating.
  13. True but by only one point. Russia only had 1 silver and 2 bronze and 2 5th place. The point system is flawed. Turkey had two golds and 2 bronz, and came in second? According to the point system 5th place is valued more than gold. It''s a really messed up scoring system and should be overhauled. Armenia had 2 golds and came in 5th. Ridiculous. Oh and Iran didn't have 1 gold or 1 silver only 3 bronze and came in 2nd tied with Turkey, what a joke
  14. Yeah great performance. Last year Russia didn't even have 1 gold! This year 6.
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