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  1. krazzy

    Rus Greco beats FS!

    True but by only one point. Russia only had 1 silver and 2 bronze and 2 5th place. The point system is flawed. Turkey had two golds and 2 bronz, and came in second? According to the point system 5th place is valued more than gold. It''s a really messed up scoring system and should be overhauled. Armenia had 2 golds and came in 5th. Ridiculous. Oh and Iran didn't have 1 gold or 1 silver only 3 bronze and came in 2nd tied with Turkey, what a joke
  2. krazzy

    Rus Greco beats FS!

    Yeah great performance. Last year Russia didn't even have 1 gold! This year 6.
  3. What is striking is that Russia didn't win one gold. This year 6! wow.
  4. Coach J, I recall our conversation some time ago vis a vis Armenians and Turks. And it was heartfelt for sure! Armenia per capita is one of the smallest yet most successful countries especially in GK. This highlights it.
  5. After Russia, the Turks I would say. This year and last year. Turks took a step back for sure, with Akgul and Kayaalp's inexplicable and bizarre losses costing 2 golds or at the least 2 silvers.
  6. krazzy

    Iran Wrestling News

    Yeah it was a walk off. WO.
  7. krazzy

    Kamal Bey at worlds

    Why is this joker named after a Turkish/ Ottoman type of person? I bet he doesn't know what a "Bey" is.
  8. OTC=Over the counter? No you don't take a pill to be a great Greco wrestler. Speaking of which whatever happened to the Greco/Romans? They have not been relevant since 1655. The modern manifestation of Greeks and Italians I mean
  9. krazzy

    Iran Wrestling News

  10. krazzy

    Iran Wrestling News

    Sorry I meant Mahdi Abbas. @97
  11. krazzy

    Iran Wrestling News

    Hello dere? Iran what else?
  12. krazzy

    Iran Wrestling News

    Hamdi Abbas has a shot at Bronze, however pretty slim as he has to win two matches just to get to the bronze match. Last year was pretty dismal for Iran as well. 1 gold in FS and 3 bronze in GR. This year 3 bronze in FS and likely 0 medals in GR. Whats going on?
  13. It's not a real silver. It's a Russian silver.
  14. krazzy

    Worlds Day 3 Thread

    I tried watching Gilman-Atli on the UWW site, "video not available in your country", wth?
  15. krazzy

    86kg Discussion

    why are we talking about Yaz, he's done, Bronze at best, who cares. He's an above average wrestler, that's all.