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  1. You must have lived in the time of the time of Riza Pahlavi. It's strange, I mean society may have been more affluent at the time but it truly wasn't real, as in it was all CIA concocted. Nothing new here. The assassination of Mosaddegh was a tragedy. Who can blame the anger and the ascendant regime of Khomeini and the Mollahs after that? Yes it's sad that when Israel and Iran wrestle it's a WO. On another note I wish Turkey played in Asia. But it's a double edged sword. If you play against teams that are not elite, you wont get better. There are high level teams in asia though ,; Japan, Iran, South Korea...but not much after that. The case of India is very curious. Too, China. How on earth with that population can they not have good teams -I mean even better than average teams?
  2. It's so arbitrary why some countries are deemed Asian and some European. Turkey obviously is a conundrum as it straddles the two continents, Europe barely. But why Azerbaijan and Armenia are considered to be part of Europe is odd. Georgia too. Russia is almost %75 located in asia, the landmass. Perhaps they (UWW) are trying to achieve parity between the two. Same goes for FIFA. Israel , Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan play in Europe for instance. And Kazakhstan! Go figure....
  3. Oh I see. Do you like the idea? I mean the Asians can be a good tune up for the back ups for sure. And Iran usually wins the team titles anyway apparently with the B team though not this year in GR. Though it did win the most golds.
  4. That's a strange regulation. Does this apply to all UWW tournaments? Like say Russian gold winners at the worlds can't compete in the Euros? For instance Kayaalp wins a Gold at worlds and wrestles at the Euros for instance.
  5. Why didn't Iran bring their gold medalists from the worlds?
  6. You probably watched Lopez, Kayaalp.....
  7. Lets add BMX and synchronized badminton and do away with greco. j/k....
  8. I think if you haven't wrestled greco and are oblivious to the many nuances and techniques involved you would be bored. This is the same crowd who thinks baseball is so exciting but soccer is boring. It's a severely under educated mob who has this unsophisticated viewpoint.
  9. Look , don't watch, don't do Greco if you hate it so much. No wonder we fail at greco, we just want flashy, monkey dancing. Greco is where real men wrestle. Takes balls and strength to do greco. I did FS, I love it, I had no choice, no greco at college. I respect FS. I wonder where this vehement ,deeply ingrained -very curious odium towards greco stems from I think it's from the lightweight freestyle crowd
  10. Yeah I was looking up names in the Encyclopedia Brittanica before google came to town . Karelin or karlin, K-A-R-L-... Get to page- no entries. Well I had to wait for the update index book, a heavy tome to arrive the next year. I love the fact that I can span generations , from an abacus ( calculator) to a yellow toned CRT pc. Even the acronym CRT is beyond obscure to most here. I used to buy a plane ticket at the travel office with a check, or I sent one in. Those days we flew Pan am or TWA, even PSA. Forget 24 hour photo. I had to wait a month to get the 36 shots I took with my Pentax SLR. I was hoping I loaded the cartridge correctly. I fantasized about those shots, were they as I imagined them to be? Did I , or could anything capture that sunset in Cancun? We read books and magazines - not our phones. Life was static not flowing at 600 mph. I don't know what is better, if anything. Better or worse- it is fundamentally different.
  11. Oh because that was so boring. Look- I don't care about what you think, I just want wrestling to be more popular globally. Remember when wrestling was almost NOT an olympic sport? Grow up and embrace the fact that Greco is a massive part of wrestling perhaps not here in the US but in all other serious wrestling powerhouse nations.
  12. It's like sumo. Yawn....No action, just bulldozers at 3 mph head to head -moving inch by inch. Freestyle snobs don't know.
  13. My decades of watching wrestling and being a part of it, I haven't seen a nation that has the friendliest wrestlers. The Turks always shake hands and pat backs of even Armenians and archrivals Russia and Iran win or lose. Other countries have prima donna complexes and never reciprocate.
  14. Pahliwan pahliwan, that group is going to be tough to overcome. How come no one is talking about Louis Finesilver? ha ha.... Anyway I hope Majid Hosseini has a successful run as he plays for Kayserispor.
  15. Without Russia, The Turks and Azeri Turks dominated.
  16. I stand corrected. I forgot, maybe I wanted to forget -Zare vs Akgul, what a disaster that was .
  17. Anyone catch John Smith saying that European freestyle wrestlers aren't hard and tough, not verbatim, but he implied that. This was during the Olympics. Kind of like Europeans are passive and more technical. Bunch of horsesh+t.
  18. Zare and Akgul have never met nor Akgul vs Gable. Nor Gable vs Zare...should unfold in a very "delightful" worlds and Olympics.
  19. Geno has always looked flat and borderline soft. Physique is so deceiving. Remember "Big Country" in the UFC? He looked like some overweight homeless guy. He never reached his potential because he was a slob.
  20. Akturk is a scary dude! I don't know this cat...I wish Russians were in this as any gold feels somewhat sour.
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