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  1. DEFan79

    Nick Suriano

    I'm sorry, he's a fantastic wrestler, but he needs to be called out and appropriately penalized for his constant hands-to-face. Colon was pretty annoyed by it, and I'm not sure how Suriano gets away with it as much as he does.
  2. DEFan79

    Suriano vs Colon at BTS

    Supposedly Suriano is not going to WTT. Which seems very strange to me, but obviously he can do whatever he wants. Despite the loss I thought Colon looked like the better wrestler for most of the match, and I would expect him to be able to make the necessary adjustments. Also, Suriano's CONSTANT head-posting and hands to the face will come back to bite him at some point. Would love to see Suriano v. Nico. I heard things got testy between them when they would wrestle in the Penn State room.
  3. DEFan79

    Props to Suriano tonight

    This makes me wonder how strong Spencer Lee is. He's the only guy I've seen who was really able to move Suriano around and out of position. Other guys that have taken Suriano down have relied on a super quick single leg, but Lee was the only guy that I've seen who was able to decisively win the position battle against him
  4. DEFan79

    Suriano vs Colon at BTS

    Nope, wrong again. It’s like you didn’t even watch NCAAs. Myers took him down in the first period. But yeah I’m sure colon isn’t as good as Myers in neutral. Come on man, you’re embarrassing yourself now
  5. DEFan79

    Logan Stieber retiring

  6. DEFan79

    Sadulaev is 22 years old

    Yeah, Sadulaev is 22 years old. And Grizzly Adams had a beard.
  7. DEFan79

    Logan Stieber retiring

    If he wants to create his own forum titled “MEAT IS MURDER!!!!” then I have no problem with it. But virtue-signaling on a wrestling forum? Sorry, no one wants it
  8. DEFan79

    Logan Stieber retiring

    Keep digging that hole. No one cares about your political beliefs or lifestyle choices. Take it elsewhere. And stop being a judgmental prick
  9. DEFan79

    Logan Stieber retiring

    Please keep your elitist political crap off the forum.
  10. DEFan79

    Suriano vs Colon at BTS

    So Korbin Myers and Desanto can take Suriano down, but colon can’t. Think and/or research before you write
  11. DEFan79

    Suriano vs Colon at BTS

    Sorry, but Lee dominated him in the 125 lb final in 2018. If you watch that match objectively there’s no other conclusion. Suriano hasn’t wrestled freestyle precisely because his tendency to stall against top guys will be penalized. And someone is saying colon can’t take Suriano down? If Korbin Myers can do it, I think Colon can.
  12. DEFan79

    Nolf at 70 kg

    For me, the most instructive match to watch relating to Nolf and FS is his loss against Jimmy Kennedy a year and half ago. It was obvious in that match that some of Nolf's skills are somewhat neutralized in FS. Nolf threw everything he could against Kennedy, but Kennedy's positioning was so solid throughout. Once Kennedy adjusted to Nolf early on, he controlled the match after that. Nolf still has a ways to go when it comes to FS
  13. DEFan79

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    Probably some of the same bias you suffer from, preventing you from seeing the obvious, and what most people here can plainly see.
  14. DEFan79

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    I’m not attacking you as a fan of any particular program. I don’t even know who you support. I’m attacking you because you repeatedly act like a child on these boards
  15. DEFan79

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    Glory’s a great talent. He’s not even close to the league now that Suriano was in last year. Let’s be real.