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  1. This would be interesting. MSU seems to be headed in the right direction and that would certainly be a shot in the arm. Would Gabe Dean come in as a college assistant? Not a bad guy to have in the room and it probably would help recruiting.
  2. This is pretty ridiculous. I am a clinical social worker by profession and have been active in advocating for social change in a number of areas that I felt were important. I have also been involved in wrestling and coaching wrestling for most of my adult life. I can assure you that the sport appeals to people across a wide range of philosophical, political, ethnic, racial, and geographic backgrounds. Furthermore advocating that Stanford Wrestling not be dropped because it is unjust or not fair to the athletes effected fits the criteria for "social justice advocacy".
  3. Borelli certainly will be a name of interest for anyone looking for a head coach (again I don't think tOSU fits into that category). Interesting that his Father was a candidate for tOSU when Tom Ryan was hired (I think it may have been mentioned in a different thread). Regarding Miron, he is a very successful club coach and as you mentioned was on Coach Hellickson's staff. That said, being a great competitor/technician/club coach is a completely different skill set than being a D1 College Head Coach. Also, I would assume that he had some say in his son's school choice and is at very least okay with Tom Ryan and his staff (again this is an assumption and could be wrong).
  4. How quickly people forget what the program looked like before TR took over. It looks like we will see some changes in the staff due to people leaving and possibly performance. Logan currently runs a club team in Columbus (Stieber Elite) but the word is he will be the RTC Head Coach and a college assistant. Regarding the guys transferring out, none of them were likely to be starters next year and they had graduated so it makes sense for them to pursue other opportunities. Lots of good names out there but being an elite competitor doesn't necessarily translate into being an effective college head coach. Definitely some changes need to be made. Regarding Lou, he was an incredible assistant while at tOSU but has not had the same success as a head coach. For what it's worth, his family still lives in Columbus. Tommy Rowlands was a great competitor and coach but he has 5 kids and is successful in business so I thinks it's probably unlikely that he would return at this point in any serious coaching capacity. I like the idea of bringing in "new blood" as an assistant coach to roll with guys and introduce different technique but TR should still be the guy calling the shots. Out of the elite competitors listed as possible coaches when they retire I think Jaden Cox would be the best. In addition to his skill on the mat he is intelligent, charismatic, and seems to be of very high character.
  5. I think Paddy Gallagher fits at 157 for a year or two then moves up to 165 the logjam frees up a little. I keep hearing Karchla is big and will be at 174 but I heard that last year too. Maybe 157-Gallagher 165-Smith 174-Karchla 184-Romero/Jordan 197-Hoffman/Jordan. I could also see a scenario where Sasso moves up to 157 and either D'Emilio or Echemendia moves up to 149. Maybe Cleary saw the writing on the wall?
  6. I'm not sure if that's the issue or not. Did have some concerns with the gas tank in high school against elite guys. He might look better at 141 but I don't know that he cracks the Buckeye lineup at that weight and the Bucks don't presently have anyone better to hold down 133.
  7. Full disclosure, I am a Buckeye Wrestling season ticket holder and pretty bias. I believe some of of these are legit and other's are just piling on. I am originally from Northeast Ohio and have lived some other places as well and the idea that Cincy is better than Columbus is ridiculous. I love Cleveland as well but for different reasons (not really an apples to apples comparison). As I see it: True: -Ohio State has missed on some big time recruits including a number of elite 220s (Gardner, Camp, Singletary) as well as some others. Some of these "misses" were related to lack of technique development while others were injuries or off the mat issues. -Some Ohio State wrestlers stink on bottom. Many of them have the last name Jordan. This is often overstated to suggest this applies to all Buckeye wrestlers but recently guys like Pletcher, Martin, Smith are outstanding mat wrestlers while historically guys like Stieber, Palmer and Jaggers were great on the mat. -.Tom Ryan has a tendency to overhype guys and say crazy stuff before they have earned the hype. While many like his energy it is a turnoff for others. I like many other's bought into the Echemendia hype but I feel a little guilty for overlooking our local boy Dylan D. who showed a lot late in the year. Maybe let the guys prove it on this level before loading up on the praise and hype. -Tom Ryan appears to be loyal to "his guys" to a fault. Many of his assistant coaches came up through the Ohio State system and have similar views/training. I think it would be beneficial to bring in an outside perspective. The original staff of TR, Rosselli, Heskett, and Tommy was great because they all had Ohio ties but came from different programs and perspective. -Ohio RTC not bringing in outside athletes has hurt. Again it's good to be loyal to your guys but also important to bring in different styles and elite guys to help with your current wrestlers development. They seemed to get this at one time but for whatever reason (funding, competition with other RTC's) this is no longer a thing. Hard to argue that they don't develop guys as Snyder and Stieber both trained at RTC. False: -Tom Ryan is a bad coach and tOSU has been underperforming for a long time. I don't get this take as Ohio State as prior to this year they have been in the mix every year including winning an NCCAA team title. They likely would have won a few more if not for historically good Penn State teams. -Ohio State doesn't develop talent. Ohio State gets 9.9 schollies like everyone else. They have had some excellent recruiting classes over the years but so have others. How have they been so successful if they don't develop. It's not like they had top recruiting classes every year. Did they just "get lucky" with all those guys that won NCAA titles and became multiple time AA? -The sky is falling. It was a down year, that was expected. They still return 3 AA including a finalist, 2 round of 12 guys (admittedly Rocky was a surprise), a much improved Heinselman, and Karchla. They also have Paddy G., Shumate, and Feldman coming in and some recruiting grounds in Ohio. I see 5 AA and a couple finalist next year.
  8. Koontz's twins are solid. One of them had a couple top 20 wins last year at Vegas and both are excellent Greco guys. I understand that it's a foregone conclusion with Spencer Lee but that could be said about just about any other 125 as well.
  9. You're right Lewis was on Olympic rs. Also not repeating doesn't mean they didn't improve. Myles Martin was way better his senior year than his freshman year. If you want to argue that tOSU staff didn't have him mentally prepared for the finals or he choked that's probably valid but that's not the same as not developing. Regarding Nato, he wrestled his senior year with a torn ACL and still found a way to beat Spencer Lee once (at Big 10) and finish 3rd at NCAA. You can say that's lack of development but clearly having a torn ACL and facing a generational talent played a part.
  10. I never questioned you're wrestling credentials or how close you follow Ohio State. I would assume most people on this site follow wrestling pretty close (I coached high school for 20 years and am a tOSU season ticket holder. I disagreed with you and other who selectively use "facts" to back your opinion. I agreed that Ohio State is not developing talent as well as Missouri or NC State but totally disagree about Okie State. John Smith is my hero but they get at least as many blue chip recruits as Ohio State and have not (at least in the last 15 years) done nearly as well. Pop and Brian Smith are great and definitely do more with less (although Missouri gets some pretty nice recruits at this point). Interesting Tom Ryan was a "more with less" guy at Hofstra which is why he got tOSU job in the first place. Cael gets great recruits and is great at developing them. As far as your modified response I think its closer to accurate but I still don't understand how you justify this as tOSU continues to finish ahead of other "Top Tier Programs" that are supposedly better at developing talent.
  11. Hall split with Kemmerer and was maybe 50/50 to repeat, Cenzo had the guy that beat him the year before returning at his weight. Could also be argued that Tom Ryan would have likely have 2 more champs if they had wrestled it including not highly recruited Kolin Moore.
  12. Losing Lou was huge (I am a Rosselli fanboy) but he's not the only one in the room that can coach. J and Tervel are both obviously very accomplished as athletes and coaches. On this years team I would argue that Heinselman, Ethan Smith, and Romero as athletes that have made significant development in the past several on the current squad. Sasso has gotten a lot better as well but he was pretty dang good to begin with.
  13. Mark Hall never repeated. Vincenzo Joseph only won one more after his freshman year. Is this because Cale sucks at coaching or because it's super hard to win an NCAA title let alone multiple titles?
  14. Once again the perception that there is a lack of development in tOSU athletes. The Buckeyes have won a team title and been runners up 5 times since Tom Ryan has been coach. They have had a host of incredible wrestlers including numerous NCAA champs and AA, a 4 x champ/champ world champ, and a 3x champ Olympic Champ. Ohio State gets really good recruits but they don't walk through the doors ready to win NCAA and World titles. Do you guys really hate Ohio State that bad that you cannot see this?
  15. That's where the part about him being really successful at Hofstra comes in. He was super successful there without all the resources which is why it was him and not " many guys" who got the opportunity.
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