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  1. balanceseeker

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    Desanto was giving extra pushes and taking liberties throughout the match as were all of the Hawkeyes. Rooney pushed him back and had a few words for him after the match. What about his reaction do you think was over the top? Should he have just taken it from Desanto because he's is from Iowa? People are so quick to excuse the extra curricular as part of the Iowa style but are mad when people push back.
  2. balanceseeker

    Micah Jordan

    So obviously you have a thing against tOSU as most of your posts seem to be disparaging towards them. I've been a Buckeye wrestling fan for a long time and the fact that there are so many OSU haters out there is really further evidence of how elite they have become. That said you make a lot of posts that are not supported by facts I think you probably realize this and do it just to piss people off. Spencer Lee is great and was great before arriving at Iowa. Attacking Nato is pretty low class. The guy is a freakin warrior who wrestled his senior year on a torn ACL and still found a way to beat everyone he faced (including Spencer Lee at Big 10's). I'm sure you'll say that she weren't disparaging Nate just stating a fact, but your not so clever nickname and tone suggest otherwise. Hating on an entire team because they are good is annoying, calling out and disrespecting one of the classiest dudes in college wrestling because he lost to stud while injured is a complete dickhead move.
  3. balanceseeker

    More Jordans

    I love the fact that Rocky Jordan won state in both wrestling and fishing. That's a well rounded athlete.
  4. balanceseeker

    2018 Ohio State wrestle-off information

    I agree that Romero is still a bit raw and will improve, but he is in no way undersized and is in fact pretty big for the weight. Competed at 170 as a senior in HS and 174 last year in his redshirt year.
  5. balanceseeker

    More Jordans

    Pretty sure the Stickleys are also Jordan cousins.
  6. balanceseeker

    RTC discussion on Flo

    I heard that Tom Ryan was seen getting into a Delorean with a crazy white haired old man in a lab coat. I suspect he may have gone back in time and convinced Russ to hire Miron as an assistant in the late 90's so that he could get a leg up on recruiting Carson. True story.
  7. balanceseeker

    RTC discussion on Flo

    How is Nate Carr not a legit hire? The guy is alumni, a 3x NCAA champ and Olympic Bronze Medalist. Previous college coaching experience at WVU and a successful high school coaching experience. Obviously Nate is making the move to be close to his son, but even if David wasn't in the mix I think that would be a solid hire for ISU.
  8. balanceseeker

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    I can see the Jaggers-Sasso comparison. Both are gamers who have a high wrestling IQ and a knack for cradling. Carson Karchla is a stud. I know there are some tOSU haters out there but it's a great training situation for folk and freestyle, he can be part of a title contending team (hopefully), and he stays close to the old man. I'm hearing he doesn't cut big weight and is projecting at 165.
  9. balanceseeker

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Longtime Buckeye Fan. The 2015 National Title and recent postseason success have been great. Johnny Thompson's rundown of the 2004 postseason was right on point. Some great memories from dual meets over the years : -Tommy pins Leonce Crump in overtime to beat Oklahoma and send the Bucks to the finals of 2002 National duals. Decision and Oklahoma wins. Crump stops wrestling when Tommy gets the takedown in OT and Tommy takes him right to his back for the fall. Subsequent celebration results in Russ Hellickson tearing his ACL. -2012 OSU lays a 21-9 beatdown on Iowa at St. Johns after not beating them in a dual for since the revolutionary war. Everything goes right for the Bucks including Hunter Stieber over Marion, Demas beating St. John and Derek Garcia over Mike Evans. After Stieber beat Ramos he did sprints up the incline at St. Johns for the rest of the dual. -Jaggers pins Strayer from Penn State with a defensive fall (arches back and catches his head when Strayer had legs in) to win the dual. Again the Bucks needed a fall to win the dual and J delivered. -TJ Enright upsets number one ranked Nick Simmons at 133 in OSU vs. MSU dual. St. Johns went crazy for the hometown kid.
  10. balanceseeker

    Ohio State 157?

    Jordan definitely the favorite on paper in the 149 wrestle off but Keyshawn has to be considered a title threat at 149 as well given that he owns several wins over #1 ranked Kolodzik including their only meeting last year. Agree that Hayes' mat wrestling may pose a problem for Jordan. Also I suspect Hayes will have added some size and grown into 149 after bumping up from 141 at the beginning of the season last year.