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  1. Sorry to disagree with a post from two years ago but I have to disagree. Palmer was a freaking animal with a modified power half and is often overlooked because he doesn't have the standard leg rider body type. He was a Mitch Clark disciple in high school and initially signed with Hellickson mainly because of Clark (from what I understand). When Tom Ryan was hired prior to his freshman year Palmer re-committed to tOSU despite the change in coaching staff.
  2. Regarding Ohio State I agree twill a lot of what you said but strongly disagree that Romero looks a weight class too high at 174. He is a big 174 and part of the problem last year was 165 was too big of a cut. I agree with some who said 174/184 will be some combination of Smith, Romero and Jordan but I believe Romero is the best of the 3. I think he stays at 174 because it clears out after this year and he could be a high AA/finalist next year if he continues to progress. Smith is at 165 this year but was obviously a 174 last year and competed at 184 during his redshirt year so it's not crazy to think he could challenge at 184. I would favor Smith over Rocky presently but Rocky is the bigger man and seems like he might be turning the corner so who knows by next year. I don't see Decatur as a 141 next year and early weight troubles seem to be under control. Would love to see Sasso at 157 as it seems like that would be best for the lineup. Finally, everything I'm hearing says that SIngeltary will be at 197 next year, and I believe he will be top 4 at that weight.
  3. The Bucks looked ready to wrestle this weekend. Good win for Cleary over Barrone and Rocky over Braunagel was nice surprise at 184. Romero continues to look like a guy who could be a serious AA threat in March. Ethan Smith has shown steady improvement and is knocking on the door as well. Gary Traub's handfighting, snatch singles, and workmanlike awesomeness are well documented. We've been spoiled as Buckeye fans the last decade with guys that come in ready to be be high AA right out of the shoot. It's fun watching some of these young guys develop and figure it out on the job.
  4. I guess I missed the push. When did it occur? As far as post match, he was pumped up and was drinking in the support of the crowd, didn't really do anything to show up Grello. Funny that as a Rutgers fan you would have a problem with this. Isn't your team in general and Ashnault in particular, know for this kind of stuff?
  5. What's your beef with Romero other than him beating a wrestler on the team you like? He is quickly becoming one of my favorite Buckeyes. Many people wrote him off after last year and said that with Smith, Jordan, and Karchla he would never make the lineup. He beat out Jordan to the surprise of most (including the OSU coaching staff) and has been on an upward trajectory since. Hard working kid with big upside. I think he will AA this year (5-8 range) and contend for a national title next year.
  6. 125-Malik still looks undersized and is suspect on bottom. Courtney bigger and little better. 133-Decatur looked raw but got the job done against a tough senior 141-Pletcher continues to look fantastic 149-Sasso looked good against Maruca and has widened the gap since last year. Would have liked to see him get the major. 157-Teemer should attack more. Had at least on other double that he should have got a takedown for. 165-Good match that was controlled by Shields. Smith was game but Shields won all the scrambles. 174-Romero physically beat up on Anthony and the score could have been worse. Valencia should have been hit for stalling a couple more times, particularly at the end of the second period. Blood time allow AV to get a little breather or this would have been a major imo. 184-Agreed with everyone that had Zahid played the takedown game and he would have had the tech easily. While close, Hoffman did not looked pinned to me and I was sitting in the bleachers in front of the mat. Had they not done out of bound on the cradle in the 1st period Zahid likely secures the fall. Regarding stalling on bottom, Hoffman was literally trying to not get his head ripped off. Getting your head/neck wrenched liked that for a few seconds is painful, having it done for 5 and a half minutes is torture. Props to Hoffman for continuing to fight for the team and I'm quite certain he can't turn his head today. 197-Good match. Norfleet is game and his reshots were a thing of beauty. I have to admit I was nervous but Moore rose to the occasion and got the job done. Probably good that Moore gets pushed. I think Norfleet will AA this year. 285-Disagree that Traub was stalling in the first period. Both guys were handfighting hard. Several times Hall attempted to push him around with the underhook (he was much taller) and Traub circled out of it and cleared the tie. Traub had at least as many legitimate leg attacks as Hally and turned up the heat in the 3rd period. Traub is undersized and never won a state title in Ohio but has huge balls and has become a crowd favorite at the Covelli. Overall great team effort by the Bucks. After the big 3 (Pletcher, Sasso, Moore) Smith and Romero have emerged as legit AA threats.
  7. Jordan, Cleary, and Gary Traub all take home titles for the Bucks. Decatur takes 3rd at 141.
  8. I like the Molinaro Pletcher comparison. Pletcher can ride guys and will turn lesser guys with tilts. More importantly he can get out from bottom and doesn't get turned.
  9. People love to talk about Pletcher not scoring points and winning close matches but that's 2 years ago Pletcher. Last year Luke had more offense and this year up a weight he has looked fantastic! A variety of nice leg attacks from the handfight/tie ups and great re-attacks and go behinds. His positioning has always been great but now he score off his own attacks and his opponents. His attack rate is way up at 141. I'm very interested to see how he matches up with Lee but he looks to be a cut above the rest of the pack at 141.
  10. Whatever weight he chooses the idea of Echemendia, Sasso, and Karchla back to back to back (in whatever order) is pretty exciting as a Buckeye fan.
  11. I wanted to respond to this but didn't. I know some people hate tOSU because they're good but I never understood why people go out of their way to take potshots at specific guys. Bo and Nate both super classy guys. I will add that Lee rode Tomasello when Nate had a torn ACL.
  12. Massilon Perry has at least 2 with Steve Luke and Dustin Schlatter. Maybe David Carr adds to this?
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