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  1. balanceseeker

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    Keyshawn graduated this Spring so I assume that if he is enrolled and competing this year (19/20) that he is pursuing a graduate degree and has decided to stick around Columbus for another 2 years. I really hope it works out and he gets 2 years at his optimal weight.
  2. balanceseeker

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    If Keyshawn does do well and finish as a high AA does he apply for a 6th year medical waiver? He would seem to have a better case than some who were recently granted them.
  3. balanceseeker

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Downey continued to wrestle for another 5 seconds after the match was over and then was jawing at Heflin. He's supposed to shake his hand while the guy is still talking crap?
  4. balanceseeker

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    I really think Hayes ends up back at 141 to finish out his career and does much better there. If the move back down does work out maybe he is a candidate for the 6th year medical waiver? Mattox certainly has the ability to be a very good if his academic/off mat issues that kept him out first semester of last year are resolved. 2x Ohio state champ 4x finalist. Split with David Carr as a junior (beat him during the season and lost to him in the state finals) and majored Dom Demas. Style seems to be college ready as he his mat wrestling and scrambling were already advanced when in hs. I also think there is a small chance Sasso eventually moves up to 157 but maybe that's down the road.
  5. balanceseeker

    Jason Nolf is an.......

    Ashnault is definitely the favorite at 149 but I would not agree that he is totally dominating. That aid Nolf would likely tech or pin him. Not a knock on Ashnault, Nolf is just that good.
  6. balanceseeker

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Lance Palmer. Had college wins over Metcalf, Schlatter, and I believe Burroughs. Initially committed to Russ then re-committed to Tom Ryan. Second Northeast Ohio stud (after Jaggers) and first St. Ed hammer to commit to the Bucks after a long drought. Plus he wrestles bears, beats guys up for money, and likes to party.
  7. balanceseeker

    Battle of the Italians

    Call it what you want. Suggesting people are involved in criminal activity based on their ethnicity is not okay. Again if you were to say someone of African American or Latino decent was likely to be a criminal or gangster based on their ethnicity most would not consider that funny of a joke. As far as how "most Italian-American" would react if you said this "joke" to them in person, I suspect some would laugh uncomfortably while other might be inclined to punch you in your racist mouth.
  8. balanceseeker

    Battle of the Italians

    Yes lots of great Italian American wrestlers. On another note, why do people think it's okay to promote racist (and unoriginal)stereotypes of people of Italian decent. I'm sure people will accuse me of being a snowflake, but think if a thread was started about wrestlers of African American, Latino, or Asian American decent. Would these types of "jokes" be tolerated? I assume most people know people of Italian decent. I am Italian and I am not in the mafia, don't were any jewelry except my wedding ring, don't wear any type of product in my hair. I know these stereotypes and derogatory racist terms like guido and wop are used on reality TV but that doesn't make it okay.
  9. balanceseeker

    Updated: NCAA's Prediction - Mid-February 2019

    There is tons of evidence to support that Micah Jordan is excellent on his feet and extremely lacking from the bottom position. I have a huge sample size to judge from as I have been to most of the Ohio State home duals and follow everything I can find online. Micah has a variety of attacks on his feet to both sides and can attack from tie ups or space. He has a good gas tank but probably his best attribute from neutral is that he finishes quickly and cleanly and avoids funk. While I really wish this was not the case Micah is in fact lacking from the bottom. It is not always as evident because he often chooses neutral. I have seen him rode and turned by some excellent top wrestlers and simply rode hard (but not turned) by average college wrestlers. Again I wish this were not the case but it is.
  10. balanceseeker

    A great show of sportsmanship

    Not typically actually.
  11. balanceseeker

    Edinboro Open

    I think it's very possible that Hoffman heads up to 197 after Moore graduates and 174/184 are manned by some combination of Romero, Smith and Rocky Jordan. Romero went 170 as a high school senior and 174 as a redshirt. Maybe the cut is effecting him. Smith was 184 as a redshirt and most people in the know seem to think Rocky will be the biggest of the brothers. Hayes is a much more proven commodity than Kinner or Mattox and I think at 141 or 149 (if Sasso at 157) he is a contender.
  12. balanceseeker

    Edinboro Open

    I think this is more likely or even Sasso moving up to 157 as he continues to mature. Already owns wins of Pantaleo and David Carr. Imagine next year with 149-Hayes, 157-Sasso, 165-Karchla. Sasso and Karchla at 157/165 for the next 4 years works for me.
  13. balanceseeker

    A great show of sportsmanship

    As I said probably an unpopular sentiment. If the other kid was injured to the point where he could not defend himself then he should not have been able to continue the match. If he was not able to recognize this his coach or the trainer could have taken control of the situation. It's not about feeling great about beating someone that is injured but the fact that he shouldn't have been put in that position to begin with.
  14. balanceseeker

    Name one current wrestler you want to hate, but can't

    Marinelli would be my guy that I should hate and don't. The guy decommitted from the Bucks to go to Iowa (tOSU definitely takes the title last year with him at 165). All that said, I love his demeanor and style of wrestling.
  15. balanceseeker

    Name one current wrestler you want to hate, but can't

    Not really their fault, but RBY in particular and Rasheed to a lesser degree get a lot of hate because of the amount of hype they get from PSU fans who think they should be ranked higher than is actually warranted because they are from PSU. Both talented guys but PSU fans make it easy to cheer against them.