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  1. You have to start wrestling before the last 30 seconds.
  2. Very possible that neither will be a starter this year. Word is Decatur will slug it out with Ech and D'Emilio for the spot at 141. D'Emilio probably the favorite based on win over Ech and performance last year. Decatur's gas tank issues may be helped somewhat by the move up but I suspect his mat wrestling may be an even bigger liability at the higher weight.
  3. Did Lou Rosselli suck at coaching while at Ohio State and suddenly become a great coach when he went to Oklahoma?
  4. You can like and cheer for whoever you like. The point is what you are saying isn't factually accurate. The by any objective measure they don't do a mediocre job. In fact for the past decade or so they have done a better job than everyone else except Penn State. They have great facilities and a lot of resources but as far as I know they don't have any more scholarships than any of the other elite programs. How does that equate to them having bad coaching?
  5. The point was that they have been producing at the highest level for the past 15 years so they actually don't suck, you just think that because you don't like them, hence the bias.
  6. Despite this poor coaching they have continued to produce NCCA champs and AA , World Champs and an Olympic Champ. You're right your not bias at all.
  7. I'm not really on here that much and did not suggest that I had predicted the upset, just that you always go great lengths to post things that are disparaging towards Ohio State and former Ohio State athletes.
  8. Dude you just love to hate on Buckeyes and former Buckeyes. Nate retired briefly due injury concerns. This was definitely an upset but their are lots of reasons to believe Nato is elite when healthy.
  9. Nobody in the world is Mensah-Stock outstanding. That said I think Blades could potentially be a senior level world medalist right now. She looks to be in a different galaxy than girls/women her age and even many of the senior level women as well. Welker is outstanding too and presumably the heir apparent to Adeline. Interested to see Blades and Welker scrap. My inclination is that Blades will be too much for her but Welker is also incredible.
  10. Maybe not, I haven't seen the bracket. Some of the younger women mentioned are at weights where a world medalist already has the spot locked up. My post was more general enthusiasm about the current state of the US women's freestyle team than a commentary on this weekend.
  11. I haven't seen the brackets but I think an interesting story on the women's side is the rise of the younger generation of studs. While Hildabrant, Helen, Mensah Stock, and Adeline are the stars of today these younger girls are coming. Shilson, Figeuro, Elor, Blades x2, Welker, and probably several others are destined for senior level success, the question is when with world and Olympic medalist blocking their path? This group of women have had high level training and competition against other women since youth and women reach physical maturity a lot earlier than men. How soon before "the next generations" supplants the current group of women?
  12. It was pushing back on the idea that Nicky Pushups couldn't benefit from working with Stieber by stating that he's really good at freestyle wrestling and a person of high character. You don't really have to dig too hard to find Stieber haters and yes the fact that he is a good guy makes it a bit more perplexing and irritating.
  13. As a Buckeye fan I'd love to have Suriano in Columbus. For those that try to denigrate Stieber I just don't get it. Dude is a stand up guy who straight up gets it done. His world title was over Lomtadze and he also has international wins over Ramonov and Aliyev. No asterisk necessary.
  14. Kolin Moore was not a highly touted recruit coming out of high school btw. While he performed below expectations his second year (losing twice to Conell) he wrestled up to expectations each other year and showed marked improvement throughout his career. While the shade is unwarranted in each of these cases it's particularly dickish as Moore was robbed of his opportunity of finally fulfilling his potential and winning a title by Covid (I know nothing is a sure thing). I will echo the question above: What are your accomplishments that allow you to consider a bunch of multiple time All Americans a "Never Was"?
  15. 1000% agree with you guys. Fried was one of my heroes and an all time great. This got me thinking about a great interview with Fried that was on one of the Ohio wrestling sites "a few years back". Very good read if your an Alan Fried fan and haven't seen it. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/1555/One-on-One-with-Alan-Fried?
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