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  1. Apologies if this has already been posted. Huge get for the Bucks. Upperweights set for the forseeable future with the current depth at 197 and Heavy and Shumate and Feldman in the pipeline.
  2. The word is that Kinner is taking the semester off and is not currently enrolled at tOSU.
  3. I stand corrected. Congrats to Dylan D. Go Bucks!
  4. The guy has been in the Ohio State room for a year now and has been training folk style for 2-3. He has Sasso as a workout partner and Jaggers and Stieber in the room as coaches and all are excellent mat wrestlers. By all accounts he is explosive and work hard so I think there is a lot of reason to believe the guy we see this year will be a significantly better mat wrestler than the version who wrestled in Arizona HS with very little folkstyle training.
  5. No disrespect to D'Emilio but I don't think that will be a close wrestle off. Echemendia had a couple years to train folkstyle now and as you said is incredibly explosive. I suspect tough top wrestlers like Nick Lee will give him trouble but I'm pretty sure that can be said for Lee and a lot of people. The don't need him to be Mitch Clark on top but being able to get out and not get turned should put him in the mix. Echemendia has been in the room for a while so they have a pretty good idea what they have (he wrestles Sasso a lot and I'm sure wrestled Pletcher before he left). Again no shade at Dylan or the other potential 141 prospects but Echemendia is a special talent.
  6. Full disclosure, I'm an Ohio State fan so a little bias, but what has Kerk done at the senior level to mentioned with the other 3 at 285? The guy has shown great things at his age level and may ascend to the level of the other 3 but mentioning him with those guys is premature at this point IMO based on his accomplishments. FWIW I think Steveson will be the guy but I'm annoyed that he didn't wrestle Parris this weekend. As much as it pains me to say it as a Buckeye fan, I really like Parris' progression and think he has the steepest learning curve of the bunch.
  7. College is expensive. The whole getting 5 years of school paid I would think provides some motivation. Injuries and other life events happen it might be nice to a college degree to "fall back on". The two guys who "went pro" that were mentioned had very different outcomes. I'm sure Pico makes a lot of money or whatever but a chance to win NCAA, World and Olympic titles would seem to be the goal. He already has a great training situation at Ohio State and the RTC, how would not wrestling in college benefit him?
  8. This is not the information that I have heard and I am a season ticket holder and coached in Central Ohio for 20 years. As recently as this summer the word was that Carson was strongly considering 174 and that making 165 was one of the contributing factors. Romero was also reportedly big this summer and their was a somewhat lively discussion on this board about what a Romero vs. Jordan wrestle off would look like at 184. At that that time I was of the opinion that it would end up 165-Smith 174-Karchla 184-Romero. With Karchla saying he will likely be at 165 I think it's most likely 165-Karchla 174-Romero 184-Rocky. I think Romero is next best after Karchla.
  9. I have to go with Karchla. I think a lot of people knew this was possible but probably didn't think this soon. Interested to see him against Massa. I was hearing this summer that he wanted to do 174 and the OSU staff wanted him at 165. I thought (and voiced on here) that he is a title contender at 174 and 3rd or 4th best at 165. I now reason to believe that he is a title contender at either weight and he said in an interview that it's probably 165. Also very impressed with Yianni teching Sasso and beating Green but he was already a known commodity.
  10. Is this why Jack Mueller is with the Ohio RTC? I got excited there for a minute.
  11. Right using real names adds a level of accountability and for the most part keeps people from being a-holes. Lots of former high level competitors, coaches, and officials post there (a lot of us know each other from seeding meetings and hospitality rooms). Sometimes we get a special treat when a guy like Rex Holman will come on and drop knowledge or give commentary after a big match or competition. Rex is intelligent and quite philosophical (in addition to being a beast) and is an interesting read .
  12. I'm not sure if either Demas did Judo but their Dad Lou was a Greco guy in the military and did a Greco club and private instruction in Central Ohio for a while. While Dom is a big thrower Josh was more leg attacks and duckunders with the occasional big lift and return from the top.
  13. No he did not. You continue to endorse this false narrative where Rocky won the spot at 174 last year and moved up when he couldn't hold the weight. This is not what happened. Nobody who follows Ohio State wrestling on any serious level would say this unless your just trying to troll. As outlined above Kaleb won the spot by outperforming Rocky at a number of events early in the season. After Romero was established as the started Rocky competed in opens with other backups until he moved up to 184. As I said I like both Rocky Jordan and Kaleb Romero and have watched both wrestlers since they were in middle school. Going into last season I would have favored Rocky to win the spot but that not how it played out. If you want to make the argument that Rocky is better this year and will win the spot that's reasonable but arguing it based on revisionist history is not the way to make your point.
  14. Karchla moved up and wrestled 174 the second half of his redshirt year last year. There is talk out of Columbus that he will be at 174 but the coaching staff is saying 165 presently. He doesn't look that big to me at 165 but he is kind of blocky and did wrestle 170 his last 2 years of high school. I know Karchla didn't like to cut weight in high school but I don't know if it's the weight cut or presumption that 165 is a much more difficult weight that is driving the decision. I don't know how it goes with him and Romero in the room but my guess is that Karchla is slightly ahead. Romero is probably top four at 174 but Karchla is good enough to win a title there (I think he's probably 3rd at 165). I know that's big talk but he is truly an elite talent.
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