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  1. Is this why Jack Mueller is with the Ohio RTC? I got excited there for a minute.
  2. Right using real names adds a level of accountability and for the most part keeps people from being a-holes. Lots of former high level competitors, coaches, and officials post there (a lot of us know each other from seeding meetings and hospitality rooms). Sometimes we get a special treat when a guy like Rex Holman will come on and drop knowledge or give commentary after a big match or competition. Rex is intelligent and quite philosophical (in addition to being a beast) and is an interesting read .
  3. I'm not sure if either Demas did Judo but their Dad Lou was a Greco guy in the military and did a Greco club and private instruction in Central Ohio for a while. While Dom is a big thrower Josh was more leg attacks and duckunders with the occasional big lift and return from the top.
  4. No he did not. You continue to endorse this false narrative where Rocky won the spot at 174 last year and moved up when he couldn't hold the weight. This is not what happened. Nobody who follows Ohio State wrestling on any serious level would say this unless your just trying to troll. As outlined above Kaleb won the spot by outperforming Rocky at a number of events early in the season. After Romero was established as the started Rocky competed in opens with other backups until he moved up to 184. As I said I like both Rocky Jordan and Kaleb Romero and have watched both wrestlers since they were in middle school. Going into last season I would have favored Rocky to win the spot but that not how it played out. If you want to make the argument that Rocky is better this year and will win the spot that's reasonable but arguing it based on revisionist history is not the way to make your point.
  5. Karchla moved up and wrestled 174 the second half of his redshirt year last year. There is talk out of Columbus that he will be at 174 but the coaching staff is saying 165 presently. He doesn't look that big to me at 165 but he is kind of blocky and did wrestle 170 his last 2 years of high school. I know Karchla didn't like to cut weight in high school but I don't know if it's the weight cut or presumption that 165 is a much more difficult weight that is driving the decision. I don't know how it goes with him and Romero in the room but my guess is that Karchla is slightly ahead. Romero is probably top four at 174 but Karchla is good enough to win a title there (I think he's probably 3rd at 165). I know that's big talk but he is truly an elite talent.
  6. I don't need to paint any picture. Romero outperformed Rocky at 174 by a lot which is why he was the starter. As I said Rocky was given every opportunity to win the spot at 174 and he did not. Hoffman and Steiner were not getting the job done at 184 which is why they decided to move Rocky up and give him a shot at 184 rather than be a backup at 174. This is not speculation or opinion, this is what actually occurred. Romero is a big strong athletic dude who was cutting too much weight to make 165. He was big at 174 and would be plenty big at 184. I really don't have a personal bias for one guy or the other and would be just as happy with Rocky winning the spot, I just don't think that is how it will play out.
  7. This is not accurate. The wrestle off was a joke. Rocky stalled like crazy and didn't get called, everyone in the gym including the Graham people I was sitting next to knew it. Romero won a tournament 2 weeks later that Rocky failed to place at. Despite that tOSU staff gave Rocky several dual meets starts at 174 that did not go well before Romero became the full time starter. Rocky was the backup at 174 and only moved up to 184 when Hoffman wasn't getting the job done at 184. I like Rocky and Romero equally and figured Rocky was a better option going into last season. Last years results changed my opinion as it was pretty clear to most that Romero had better results and has the steeper learning curve and will likely continue to widen the gap. Again not trying to disparage Rocky as he would be a good option at 184, just not as good as Romero IMO.
  8. I understand why they didn't rank the freshman but why is Singletary not ranked at 197? I realize his results are at heavyweight but I feel like he has done enough there at the college level to warrant at top 20 ranking. Karchla, Echemendia and others will have an opportunity to prove themselves. FWIW I think it will be 165-Smith, 174-Karchla, 184-Romero for the Bucks.
  9. I think a lot of you guys are selling Ke-shawn short due to his injury last year and wrestling up at 157 the year before. The Ke-shawn that wrestled at 141/149 was a solid AA contender who had numerous wins over All Americans and took down Zane twice in the dual meet. My understanding last year is he was going to challenge Sasso at 149 because he had outgrown 141. If he is able to recover from his injury I have to believe he could be solid option for someone at 149. If that means the Bucks slide Sasso up to 157 this makes room for Hayes. While I like Keshawn, I don't see this happening but would love to see him get a shot else where and finally achieve the elusive AA. Excellent wrestler and a class act all around.
  10. This. Just not buying it. It was the old man's PED's? Come on man, take responsibility for your mistake and move on.
  11. A lot of people forget Nate was wrestling with a torn ACL (tore at U23 trials against Fix). He sat out the first half of the season, lost close to Lee in the dual (got rode like a Harley), gutted out at win at Big 10, and was pinned at NCAA by Lee. Still 3rd at NCAA and 1-2 against Spencer Lee with a bum wheel is pretty amazing. Super nice guy too, would often stay after matches to talk to youth wrestlers and sign their shoes, posters, etc. Class act.
  12. Congratulations to Nate and to Duke Wrestling.
  13. Flo guys were doing lineup breakdowns for tOSU vs. Nebraska and tOSU vs. Cornell. Those guys disagreed about where Karchla will be weight wise initially slotting him at 165 then moving him to 174. They discussed Romero getting bumped out of the lineup in this scenario and barely considered the idea that he could bump up and beat Rocky. They also said Kemmerer may be up at 184 which makes 174 even more attractive as Karchla and possibly Romero could both been seen as title threats at this weight. I think Smith at 165 > Rocky at 184. Both guys are probably round of 12 types but Smith showed more grit and has the better wins so I think he is more likely to push through and possibly be a low AA. I think Rocky's ceiling this year is round of 12 while I think Romero is and AA at 184 provided he is big enough (pictures suggest he is). Flo guys also like Singletary at 197 and didn't even mention Hoffman. Choice A 165-Karchla-mid/high AA but probably tops out at 3rd or 4th 174-Romero-Top 4/Possible title contender 184-Rocky-Round of 12 Choice B 165-Smith-Round of 12/low AA 174-Karchla-national title contender/top 4 184-Romero-Mid/low AA I'm not sure what maximizes tournament points but I think ultimately it will be choice B.
  14. I think a big part of that was Joe McFarland being from North Olmstead (Cleveland Suburb) and had a lot of connections to the area. Obviously Ryan Bertin, Mike K, Hrovat were good one's that ended up moving the state to the North. Elinsky, Heffernans, Roger Chandler, Sam Neider, Ryan Lang, and Al Fried were all great St. Ed's guys that Russ missed on.
  15. Good topic. When Tom Ryan took over at Ohio State he stole a line from Jim Tressell and said he wanted to "build a fence around Ohio". One of the big knocks people had on Russ Hellickson is that he didn't recruit Northeast Ohio very well and never got the top St. Ed kids, who left and won NCAA titles at other big 10 schools(Holman, Disabato, Ramsey, and Rowlands all Central Ohio guys). This changed when Jagggers came during Russ' final year and Lance Palmer was actually a Hellickson recruit that re committed to Tom Ryan. Ryan subsequently signed other St. Ed studs Sean Nemec, Colin Palmer, Mark Martin, and more recently Cade Hepner and Paddie Gallagher. Ryan also did a better job with northeastern Ohio as a whole getting guys like Pucillo, Johnstone, Jameson, Tomasello, and Decatur. Interesting, the pipeline to the other Ohio High school powerhouse Graham seemed to be non-existing until Bo Jordan came. Subsequent Jordans, Bojo on the coaching staff, and Jeff Jordan's business relationship with OSU guys like Rowlands and Leng through RUDIS seems to indicate that this pipeline is likely to stay open for the forseeable future. While Ryan's early teams were Ohio heavy, his recent squad's have a mix of Ohio guys and out of state blue chippers. The eastern states are fertile ground for a lot of coaches and Maryland (Snyder and Martin) and PA (Pletcher, Smith and Sasso) have been particularly fruitful for Coach Ryan. Last years Ohio State Lineup 125-Heinselman-Colorado 133-Decatur-Ohio 141-Pletcher-PA 149-Sasso-PA 157-Cleary-FLorida/Kinner-New Jersey 165-Smith-PA 174-Romero-Ohio 184-Rocky-Ohio 197-Moore-Ohio Heavy-Traub-Ohio So 50% Ohio.
  16. As I mentioned I agree the weight is a valid concern. I absolutely think mat wrestling improves for a lot of guys once they get a few years in a college room. Most athletes coming out of high school are not ready for D1 college mat wrestling.
  17. He was a true freshman and the Big 10 is incredibly difficult. Losing to the Maryland kid Sandoval really hurt him. He got hit with a cement mixer and fought hard to not get pinned. He battled back but ended up losing by a point or two if I remember correctly. He showed that he can wrestle on his his feet with anyone taking down Gross multiple times and Desanto at least once (prior to getting crushed). I think he had the Nebraska kid beat and got screwed on a bad call for the late reversal. He showed enough to make me think that if he worked hard to improve on some of his deficits he could eventually be a guy that wins a lot of matches and challenges for AA later in his career. I've heard the weight concerns and do believe that if Jordan Decatur has a future at tOSU it is at 133. With Echemendia, Sasso, Kinner, and D'Emilo the middle weights are already pretty crowded and if JD does ends up a starting college 141 I think it will elsewhere.
  18. I like the Gonzales pickup too. Lightweights are so hard to recruit as people grow at different rates and it's hard to tell who will stay small. David Taylor wrestled 112 his junior year of high school. I don't think it's that they haven't tried to recruit an upgrade at 125 as they were in on Stevo and Richie Figs they just didn't get either of them. California State Champ and double Fargo Champ is nothing to sneeze at. It's seems reasonable that he could grow into 125 particularly with a red shirt. Regarding Jordan Decatur, I'm not ready to write him off just yet. Everyone knew that he would struggle on the mat and could use a red shirt but TR likes to wrestle the best guy available. By all accounts Jordan is a hard worker, and it's reasonable to think that he could make some adjustments and still be successful.
  19. Hoffman looked pretty good as a redshirt at 184 but seemed to regress last year. He lost his wrestle off to a guy who he was expected to beat soundly (Steiner) and then under performed at early season tournaments. He showed some grit in the dual against Arizona State and may have won the dual for the Bucks by not getting pinned by Zahid despite nearly getting his head twisted off for 7 minutes (seriously my neck hurt for 3 days after watching it). That was the last time he was at 184 as Rocky bumped up in January. It came out that weight was a big issue and he actually finished the year wrestling opens at Heavyweight.doing pretty well but obviously being undersized. I read an article saying that he went home to PA and regained his confidence and mojo and is planning on challenging at 197. As I said, my confidence in Singletary is not shared by everyone and some feel he is the heir apparent at 197. I personally believe Singletary has shown a lot more than Hoffman or Rocky but I suppose any of the three could emerge as the guy. There is also the chance that Rocky holds the spot at 184 but I feel pretty strongly that Romero was a cut above Rocky last year and is on a steeper learning curve. In Myle's Martin's recent interview he talks about staying in town to train with Kolin Moore and Romero and between that and the obvious time in the weight room I think we see Kaleb make another jump.
  20. Mike Buddie was amazing. He pitched for Yankees, won 2 state titles and led Ignatius to a team title over St. Ed his senior year, and caught the winning touchdown in the state championship game. Dude knows how to win.
  21. That's a good question. I am on record saying I think Singletary will be very good (high AA) at 197 but that certainly isn't the consensus. I think Rocky might be the odd man out, not because he isn't good but because Karchla and Romero are better. Maybe Rocky style plays better at 197? He seems to have trouble with really athletic guys and is good from the top position. I guess time will tell.
  22. That's been mentioned as has Karchla and Romero wrestling off at 174 with the loser challenging Rocky at 184. I live in Columbus, am a season ticket holder, and coached high school in Central Ohio for a long time. Most people that I would consider reliable or "close to the program" are saying Karchla is too big and unable to make 165. This is good news for Smith and probably bad news for Rocky. I think it ends up being 165-Smith, 174-Karchla, 184-Romero.
  23. I thought Tony Jameson was going to make a bit jump when he got to tOSU, but he never really emerged due to injuries. I thought Jaime Clark would be an elite lifetime 125 and challenge for national titles,
  24. Being disrespected by your opponent can be a great motivator not just for that match but also moving forward in training. This story reminded me of something that happened to me my junior year. I had qualified for districts as a sophomore but really didn't make a jump until the following year. At an early season tournament I won my semifinal and went out to check the bracket to see who I had in the finals. I stood back and watched as my finals opponent and his teammate a weight up viewed the bracket. Both of these guys where known commodities and when my opponent asked his teammate about me (not knowing I was in earshot) he replied "He's nobody". I didn't say anything but did go out and major the guy in the finals. A couple months later his teammate cut to my weight and I had the pleasure of pinning him at sectionals. I was talking to him the whole match including when he was on his back (not something I typically do). I don't know if the outcomes would have been different had I not heard their conversation but I do know that I was able to use it as motivation that year when I wanted to dog it or give less than my best effort in practice.
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