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  1. AMastrandrea

    USA vs Japan 2:30ct

    Gilman looks huge
  2. Already a State Champ last year, Benner took out the #4 ranked kid in the country to make the finals for the second straight year. Great signing by Rutgers
  3. AMastrandrea

    PSU vs Iowa

    They really need to stop showing Nolf getting hurt
  4. AMastrandrea

    Spencer Lee

    I never understood this. Who is in the Penn state room that could help him? Zain who weighs 24 pounds more than him? Nico left so who did he workout with?
  5. AMastrandrea

    PSU v tOSU

    it's too easy sometimes
  6. AMastrandrea

    PSU v tOSU

    Couldn't even beat him at home
  7. AMastrandrea


    10 might be too long for him, so just give an example since 2011
  8. AMastrandrea

    Dan Dennis and the Pullup Record

    i don't think he said anything about a minute, just in a row
  9. AMastrandrea

    Kyle Snyder the pinning machine?

    Which PSU guy has gone 2-1-1 the last 3 NCAAs, again?
  10. AMastrandrea

    Jordan Oliver

    True "Amphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant that is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, narcolepsy, and obesity." I did wonder if I was being naive, either way it's a shame since he's so fun to watch
  11. AMastrandrea

    Jordan Oliver

    https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6075733-jordan-oliver-suspended-through-april-2018-by-usada If this is all it is, a year sounds like a long time to be suspended. Or is the consensus that athletes should know this rule? Big fan of a JO come back
  12. AMastrandrea

    Kyle Dake...

    Was there a write-up on the cup? The only thing I saw was the topic on here
  13. AMastrandrea

    Where is Penn State at?

    Would be really cool on prime time but not tape delay...with social media the way it is it'll take the excitement away
  14. AMastrandrea

    Richie Lewis Finals Opponent

    Green won that match via TF
  15. Anyone scout him yet? The only thing I could find is that he lost to James Green at the 2016 World Cup http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Kumar+Omprakash+Vinod