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  1. For those who want to talk wrestling and not act like grade schoolers...


    Been watching Suriano all year and have seen some Lee and Nato matches. I'm pulling for Suriano as I'm NJ but I feel he doesn't has enough in the toolbox to take on Lee. Seems too one dimensional. Whereas a Lee and Retherford are on another level. See it Lee, Nato, Suriano or maybe Cruz feeling disrespected and getting into the top 3 but not 1. I'd bet on Lee right now.


    Feel like getting in the RU coaches ears saying aren't you scouting and bringing him along to take on his biggest challenges at b10 and NCAA? The other thing, he's not working out with the best nor the best in his corner.


    Still can't believe he left PSU. That's like asking for a trade from the Yankees. Same with McKenna. To walk away from that degree....not like he's #1 in his weight. Who am I to judge....


    But I do hope Suriano adds to his arsenal.



    I never understood this. Who is in the Penn state room that could help him? Zain who weighs 24 pounds more than him? Nico left so who did he workout with?

  2. I know we talk about ESPN, but would it be better if wrestling were back in prime time on NBC, CBS or ABC? I remember the finals being tape delayed on CBS back in the late-'80s/early '90s. Benefits?

    Would be really cool on prime time but not tape delay...with social media the way it is it'll take the excitement away 

  3. I apologize for unfairly characterizing a two time AA with a national championship to his credit losing a wrestle off to a guy who has Zero NCAA AA accolades to his credit as an upset. After all Shields was the #9 seed last year. If it wasn't for his losses to also ZERO time AAs Clagon and Rahmini, their resumes would be almost identical.


    My bad.




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    clagon was an AA freshmen year

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