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    AMastrandrea reacted to VakAttack in OTT Finals Thread   
    I imagine it's a little difficult given how Dake has talked to and about Jordan during the duration of the rivalry.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to gimpeltf in Echemendia nickname?   
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    AMastrandrea reacted to 77again in Is this a joke? USA Wrestling sending team to France after boycotting Worlds   
    So USA Wrestling is sending 33 athletes to the Henri Deglane tournament in France next week, after declining to send a much smaller team to the World's last month, and also refusing to allow any US team members to go on their own.
    They fed us some tearful dialogue about their concerns for the safety of the team due to covid. Now a month later when covid numbers are even higher, it is OK to send twice as many wrestlers to a second rate tournament in Europe.
    Twilight zone.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to MadMardigain in Hodge   
    In the twilight of his life the guy was still willing to attend youth tournaments to help give out trophies.  That’s all the character of a man I need to know.  
    Pass it on. 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to gimpeltf in NATO   
    The current administration would oppose funding NATO!
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    AMastrandrea reacted to alliseeisgold in Chamizo Tweet   
    Dake better accept this cause if not we will never see him against elite foreigners and once jb beats him hell be old and he'll never see elite competition in his career besides jb who he cant beat
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    AMastrandrea reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Where is Suriano?   
    Say, that's too bad.  Just think, their fans could've chanted, "WE ARE...US"
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    AMastrandrea reacted to jerseywrestling in Best Wrestlers in TCNJ History   
    Best Wrestlers in TCNJ History

    https://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Best Wrestlers in TCNJ History
    The top five wrestlers in Lions history won a total of eight NCAA titles and eighteen medals and include a three-time NCAA champion, a three-time NCAA finalist, two two-time NCAA champions, and an NCAA champion and four-time All-American!

    Check out the best TCNJ wrestlers of all-time ranked by NCAA DIII medals!

    Here are the top five!

    Rank - Name - Score - Medals

    #1 - Tim Jacoutot - 58 - 1,3,1,1
    #2 - Ron Bussey - 46 - 3,2,2,2
    #3 - Bob Glaberman - 42 - 1,3,1
    #4 - Steve Rivera - 41 - 8,3,2,1
    #5 - Glen Sandull - 38 - 6,1,1

    There have been 89 All-American wrestlers who have won 155 medals in TCNJ history!


    Check out the full story from the photo!



    Like and follow us on Facebook!

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    AMastrandrea reacted to Scorenomore in Nolf vs Dake   
    Nolf will be too old in another year against the younger Dake.  
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    AMastrandrea reacted to Plasmodium in Dake and JB FRL   
    To be fair, Dake got worn down looking for his contact lens and didn't want to give a quarter percent advantage up. Burroughs doesn't even wear contracts, so they weren't on an even playing playing field. 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to MadMardigain in Dake and JB FRL   
    But he was in the body of a much much old man back then. 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to nyum in Dake and JB FRL   
    They can both be dicks on the mat, nbd. But, in real life you should also be able to turn it off.
    plus Dake was all over the place in the interview arguing like a 9 yo...
    Dake “I don’t wanna talk about that I wanna talk about the future”
    *JB starts to engage*
    Dake “We’re not talking about now, we are talking about 2011 & 2013”
    JB “you literally said let’s talk about now” 
    Dake “okay yeah let’s talk about now” 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to 82bordeaux in Gilman going to Penn St   
    I think this is the clip you were looking for.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to D3UC157 in Gilman going to Penn St   
    Nico is downstairs drilling right now.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to KSchlosser in College Wrestling could be a thing of the pass...   
    If a state high school athletic association sponsors a sport then a state college in that state should also sponsor that sport. 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to VakAttack in Sanderson: Better Never than Late   
    Cael now 160-0.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to boconnell in Why doesn’t hall go 165 and Joseph 174?   
    Actual head size.  He looks like a walking candy apple. 
    He definitely doesn't seem full of himself and I mean to insult only his giant noggin, not his excellent wrestling or character.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to LJB in Freestyle Senior Nationals_Final Day   
    while i am no fan of valencia, it was a little ridiculous... that ref was not too interested in protecting the athletes...
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    AMastrandrea reacted to Billyhoyle in Mason Manville OR   
    Is collecting social security an NCAA violation? 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to ugarte in Too many teams/wrestlers ranked   
    lemme tell ya what wrestling needs: less wrestling.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to Husker_Du in Willie at Flo   
    thanks for the mostly kind words guys. (also thanks for following some of my work over the years).
    i'll give an explanation sometime in the next couple days. still love the guys at flo and appreciate all the invaluable opportunities 
    they've given me over the years. but also looking forward to doing my own thing and the excitement and challenges that come with it. 
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    AMastrandrea reacted to Boompa in If Rob Koll had become the Penn State Coach?   
    To really go down this rabbit hole of hypothetical dreamland:
    1.  Who takes over at Cornell assuming Hahn follows Koll (which I think he would).  Popilitzio?  Who then would be HC at NC State now?
    2.  Would TnT be fired by now because ISU would've passed Iowa by now.  Who would be in charge now?
    3.  Aside from the big PA 4 (Mega, Zain, Nolf and Joseph).  With no TnT at Iowa, does Lee stay close to home and wrestle for Koll?  BTW, the big PA 4 all would've ended at PSU under Koll, all 4 looked at.  Two couldn't afford it with no scholarships and one couldn't get into the Ivy League curriculum.
    4.  Who would've transfered from Cornell to PSU?  Dake?  Does Bosak come home and win a title for Koll at PSU?  Does Dean come to PSU then?  Director for the NLWC is probably a better gig than FLWC.
    Both Isu and PSU would have won NCAA championships in the last 10 years.
    To suggest Koll would've never won one at PSU is just flat out stupid and anyone who thinks like that should just walk away from the sport forever because you offer nothing to it.
    Wright, Molinaro and Ruth weren't going anywhere.  Imagine Dake/Molinaro and Bosak/Ruth/Wright all on the same team.
    Bubba would've never left either.
    PSU would still be a powerhouse.
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    AMastrandrea reacted to gimpeltf in Fix should have been on the backside   
    Apparently, he was on his backside!
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    AMastrandrea reacted to Perry in Yianni/Zain Ruling   
    I got a notification of a lot of replies and thought some real news was out. Come to find it's the same 16 pages with or arguments we've already seen lol
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    AMastrandrea reacted to KCMO2 in 86kg 2020   
    Cox showed his true character in gritting out that win.  Taylor showed his true character on Twitter.  Cox is the man in 2020.
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