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  1. Beats Zain and Yanni , both convincingly to capture third! He was on fire, very impressive. As the announcer stated " if there was a ow for third place..." ha ha. Could he be the future?
  2. Loss of weights is a huge point to factor in as you mentioned.
  3. Team USA Murderers' Row kid dynamite , magic man , captain america and the next big thing
  4. I would call JB a "genetic anomaly".
  5. Discussion and trolling are not the same.
  6. JB is a sure thing since he gets to wait out the tournament until the finals.
  7. I enjoyed it. Even though Joe Rogan comes from a taekwondo back ground and later obtaining jiu jitsu experience, he has high respect for wrestlers and even states it as one of the most important bases for mma. Good to see some exposure for wrestling, and JB. Good podcast.
  8. If you left all of wrestling in the USA to the market, you would hardly have any competitors from the USA.
  9. The rage , the rage!!! I agree, follow the rules, if JB misses weight, then do as the rules say. Whether what exactly happened back then seems to be in contention and nothing is given as fact or evidence given. Why is Imar bringing this up now?
  10. Blue Dragon may be PDIII's daddy OR he may be just a troll who has hooked him some fish.
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