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  1. Great points by all of you. Great thread so far. Yeah , I think now with the D, it is a great improvement for Yianni, good to see his progress and improvement. And like they say , styles make matches. Something else added to his toolbox. Should he need the gumby flexibility, it is there, should he need the leg D, it is there. I think he will adapt it accordingly to whomever he is wrestling.
  2. Awesome interview! Like his self assessment on his progress and what he needs to work on. I'm hoping he really lets go of the past, or it can eat you away.
  3. If Gable were my son, I would tell him , do you boo.
  4. Yes, the sweat is key and something Sadulaev has never experienced.
  5. Yes, it is interesting to hear perspective on freestyle from sports fans who know nothing about it. Even though they were newbies , they still appreciated and saw the greatness of what Gable accomplished.
  6. So if he doesn't win bronze then it's a failure?
  7. Liked how John Smith admitted how much harder it is now with only 6 weight classes.
  8. yep, she is raw, imagine if she got hi level training
  9. Snyder did what he was supposed to with the Cael haircut.
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