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  1. I defer to what coach Brands says.
  2. With the more stringent testing on PED's for Russians this Olympic cycle, I do not see Sidakov in the finals.
  3. You will never, ever never ever see him wrestling again competively, he is done. Just look at Russian wrestlers in the past. He is done! While the crybaby continues to compete.
  4. After reading the initial thread on Joe Lee's wrestling , I got amped to check him out. Disappointed when I watched the match vs Bullard. He looked great that first minute and a half but after that, nada. I really like Fretwell on the mic, super knowledgeable and funny. I miss the previews he and Roper used to do on flo a few years back when Roper was part of Compound.
  5. A typical politician.
  6. Anyone know when the videos will be posted on USA Wrestling's youtube channel?
  7. I can't dispute any of these claims here. Coach Smith is an all time great but he aint no JB.
  8. 100% This man has been doing it since he left college and has stayed in the top 3 all this time, by 31, many wrestlers have faded, JB has improvised and improved, if not so, people who have scouted him would had run him over by now and he would had been a has been like so many great Russians who go thru the cycle for a few years. He is hands down a legend already and still is competing at an elite level.
  9. The wrestler was wrong, then the ref was wrong. I don't condemn them. I'm just pointing out they were both wrong . Both should be reprimanded.
  10. I truly believe whether it be Yanni or Zain as our rep, either one will do well if they are at 100.
  11. What we learned is that we got a great team and we are right there with Russia. Ten years ago we were just an after thought on the world stage but USA wrestling has come back.
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