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  1. sisi

    What we learned at Dogu

    I truly believe whether it be Yanni or Zain as our rep, either one will do well if they are at 100.
  2. sisi

    What we learned at Dogu

    What we learned is that we got a great team and we are right there with Russia. Ten years ago we were just an after thought on the world stage but USA wrestling has come back.
  3. sisi

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Didn't Sadulaev do just that.
  4. sisi


    I get what you are saying and Askren himself made a good case on this issue BUT... Askren is breaking a cardinal rule in not only mma but in wrestling. He is shooting without setting it up,! How many times have you all who coach youth wrestlers yell during a match "Set it up!". And this is when it comes only to strictly wrestling where the repercussion is nothing compared to taking a shot without a setup in mma. We saw the result of that at UFC 239. Even Royce Gracie who was a jujitsu specialist back in the day when everyone was only a specialist had that low front shuffle kick set up before attempting to take his opponent down. Ben is gonna have to adjust and adapt from this loss, if he don't , same result will happen.
  5. sisi


    I really like Askren's response on the outcome of his fight. Made no excuses and accepts the loss and does not dwell on it. Also commends Masvidal on the technique and strategy. Also some great insight on suffering and failures in life. I am not a fan of his trash talking but his character after this loss and taking the time to give an interview 2 days after the fight shows me why he has been and will continue to be successful on whatever he does.
  6. sisi

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    I was just telling my boy that Askren better watch out for flying knees right after the under card fight between Vera and hernandez. Hernandez got caught with a flying knee going in for the td just like Askren. Askren coaches just haven't been keeping up with the trend lately, wrestlers being caught with flying knees such as Pico and in Sonnens their last matches.
  7. sisi


    Pattern for olympic years is alternating, so he golded in 2012, DNP in 2016... All I see is gold for 2020.
  8. sisi

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    DeSanto is not moving up and neither is Murin. It is not impossible for Teasdale to make 125. Lee will be taking an Olympic redshirt.
  9. sisi

    Final X - Lincoln

    Best post match interview. I like, like. Congrats to Mr. Graff!
  10. sisi

    Is Nickal done now?

    What was the reasoning for being 10 lbs under I wonder?
  11. sisi

    I think Downey can do it

    PD3 will win.
  12. sisi

    Steveson vs Gwiz

    Very, very , and extremely impressed by Gable's performance. That being said, Gwiz is almost, just as athletic AND HAS experience so I give the edge to Gwiz this year.... But next year is a different story.
  13. nawwww... It is possible, but one thing that is probable is Jden Cox winning. I just don't see Bo winning after watching Mach vs Bo at the world team trials.
  14. sisi

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Congratulations to PD3. Taylor's health is the unknown here, if he is 100 then PD3 will have to wait until next year. If not then PD3 will represent the USA come world championships. Look at PD3's interview afterwards, he is not perfect but much improved as far as attitude since last year.