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  1. JB is a sure thing since he gets to wait out the tournament until the finals.
  2. I enjoyed it. Even though Joe Rogan comes from a taekwondo back ground and later obtaining jiu jitsu experience, he has high respect for wrestlers and even states it as one of the most important bases for mma. Good to see some exposure for wrestling, and JB. Good podcast.
  3. If you left all of wrestling in the USA to the market, you would hardly have any competitors from the USA.
  4. The rage , the rage!!! I agree, follow the rules, if JB misses weight, then do as the rules say. Whether what exactly happened back then seems to be in contention and nothing is given as fact or evidence given. Why is Imar bringing this up now?
  5. Blue Dragon may be PDIII's daddy OR he may be just a troll who has hooked him some fish.
  6. Will this be a trend? First huge pick up by Penn St with Snyder and now Gilman.
  7. By not applying an extra year, this will affect all programs fairly . I feel for those that were in their last year working towards a title , or a podium finish in their last year. The decision is as fair as you can get.
  8. and up to this point, I agree on Lee getting the Hodge. Well deserved.
  9. 2020 will be an * year. I pretty much like what coach Brands said but no one knows who the champion was or is because the matches weren't wrestled. NO oned earned anything.
  10. We have seen alot of top notch high school kids that we all thought were gonna win that natty and in the end not get it, sometimes not even AA, whether it be not clicking with whatever program they end up in or because they actually peaked in highschool or just being overwhelmed by the college experience and not being to handle it on their own. Darrien in hindsight has that "it factor" , didnt matter where he went, he was gonna succeed.
  11. Almost forgot how much of an underdog Darrien Caldwell was, this was before Pat Popilizio's tenure. Before Pop, NC State were nothing in wrestling, the only shining light was Darrien but most people didn't think he would amount to much in a bad program. He showed us.
  12. I likey , likey, Lugo Big 10 champion!
  13. I defer to what coach Brands says.
  14. With the more stringent testing on PED's for Russians this Olympic cycle, I do not see Sidakov in the finals.
  15. You will never, ever never ever see him wrestling again competively, he is done. Just look at Russian wrestlers in the past. He is done! While the crybaby continues to compete.
  16. After reading the initial thread on Joe Lee's wrestling , I got amped to check him out. Disappointed when I watched the match vs Bullard. He looked great that first minute and a half but after that, nada. I really like Fretwell on the mic, super knowledgeable and funny. I miss the previews he and Roper used to do on flo a few years back when Roper was part of Compound.
  17. A typical politician.
  18. Anyone know when the videos will be posted on USA Wrestling's youtube channel?
  19. I can't dispute any of these claims here. Coach Smith is an all time great but he aint no JB.
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