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  1. And to think back in 2011, Burroughs was a bright hope for USA freestyle wrestling. United States just came out of a disappointing year in 2010 where we placed 22nd as a team with no medalist. Everyone debating and pointing fingers on what had to be done in order to bring USA wrestling back from our low point. Enter JB, the new kid on the block without no major freestyle experience yet beats the defending champ at 74kg. Right there and then, we knew we just witnessed something special but never did I imagine he would be winning a world gold 10 years later. Amazing.
  2. Great points by all of you. Great thread so far. Yeah , I think now with the D, it is a great improvement for Yianni, good to see his progress and improvement. And like they say , styles make matches. Something else added to his toolbox. Should he need the gumby flexibility, it is there, should he need the leg D, it is there. I think he will adapt it accordingly to whomever he is wrestling.
  3. Awesome interview! Like his self assessment on his progress and what he needs to work on. I'm hoping he really lets go of the past, or it can eat you away.
  4. If Gable were my son, I would tell him , do you boo.
  5. Yes, the sweat is key and something Sadulaev has never experienced.
  6. Yes, it is interesting to hear perspective on freestyle from sports fans who know nothing about it. Even though they were newbies , they still appreciated and saw the greatness of what Gable accomplished.
  7. So if he doesn't win bronze then it's a failure?
  8. Liked how John Smith admitted how much harder it is now with only 6 weight classes.
  9. yep, she is raw, imagine if she got hi level training
  10. Snyder did what he was supposed to with the Cael haircut.
  11. Guzman vs Kz is an upset. That girl from Ecuador is scrappy!
  12. Gable is on the fast track to the WWE. Any lose after the Olympics will take some shine off that medal. He ain't gonna wait another 2 months to compete.
  13. Not really, the casual media won't look at world title , they will look at a Olympic title for a flash, and in that flash Gable will make his move and cash in. Business wise , smart move. Why risk a lose at the world's if you are an Olympic gold medalist?
  14. I am 100% with you on this. Zare was the worst matchup for Gable.
  15. I am a fan of the Belarusian now! https://ok.ru/video/2844372501812?st._aid=VideoState_open_search
  16. Yeah he did but he did say "tentatively" .
  17. Ed Gallo wrote a great bracket analysis piece on Bloodyelbow.com. He was fully aware of the danger Kadimagomedov posed for Dake. He wrote: "Dake’s quarterfinal is murder, he’ll likely have #3 Magomedkhabib Kadimagomedov. I wrote about Kadimagomedov’s fantastic run at the Last Chance Olympic Qualifier, he’s in fine form heading into this tournament. Kadimagomedov is an excellent counter wrestler, and is great at utilizing upper-body setups to get to safe attacks on the feet. It’s as close to a mirror match as you’re going to get at this weight. Make no mistake - this is a dangerous matchup for Kyle Dake, and it’s really a shame that this bracket was so poorly assembled." So essentially Dake was wrestling his twin. I encourage you all to read Ed's take. It is a good read and kinda explains Dake's loss once you understand how good Kadimagomedov is. I knew nothing about him until I read this article a couple of days ago. Here are the 2 links on the preview and his description on Kadimagovedov's fantastic run. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2021/8/4/22609266/2020-tokyo-olympic-games-mens-freestyle-bracket-analysis-74-125-kg https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2021/5/7/22423958/wrestling-breakdown-magomedkhabib-kadimagomedov-upsets-salkazanov-to-become-olympian
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