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    sisi reacted to NJDan in Michael Chandler   
    I don't follow MMA, but I noticed that Chandler won his UFC debut on the card that had the Colin McGregor fight last night. Looking him up, I see he was a one-time AA for Missouri in 2009. He is the kind of guy who would never sniff a wrestling world team and, even if he had, would likely be long retired--he is two years older than JB. Even the guys who beat him like Jordan Leen and Michael Poeta have long since retired from competition. Neverthess, in MMA, he is still at it and his career actually seems to be on the rise. He may even get a title shot. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/30760653/ufc-257-results-michael-chandler-makes-smashing-ufc-debut
    It's also interesting that in 12 years he has only had 27 fights. 
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    sisi got a reaction from bfrito17 in Otoguro Go Behind/Backside Attack Breakdown. Featuring JB   
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    sisi got a reaction from grappler111 in JB on Rogan   
    I enjoyed it.  
    Even though Joe Rogan comes from a taekwondo back ground and later obtaining jiu jitsu experience, he has high respect for wrestlers and even states it as one of the most important  bases for mma.   Good to see some exposure for wrestling, and JB.  Good podcast.
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    sisi reacted to TripNSweep in Ben Askren to box YouTube celeb in March   
    Yeah but Askren has competed where people can and have hit him. Other than a flying knee he got rocked a few times and kept fighting. He's a lot tougher than people think. Just because he got hit with a 1 in a 100,000 flying knee doesn't mean anything. The guy can take punches from professionals wearing much smaller gloves. Boxing some YouTube star who is not a real fighter is going to be pretty easy. 
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    sisi reacted to pa in taiwan in Russians looking fantastic   
    No, I don't really love Russia. You guessed wrong. I appreciate their talent and ability. I love to watch the Russians wrestle. Guess what? I appreciate Iran's talent and ability. I also love to watch the Iranians wrestle. True competitors. The Japanese as well. They're coming on strong in certain weight classes. The Azerbaijanis are excellent as well. Do you see what I'm getting at? I am American, and I love our team, but I also admire and enjoy watching and even rooting for the wrestlers from other nations. By the way, I don't think anyone expects a similar performance from the Russians in the Olympics. And even if they perform well, there will be no team title. 
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    sisi reacted to Coach_J in Snyder better at NLWC?   
    Not questioning Snyder's phenomenal early results. But definite signs of regression, being decked by Sadulaev in 2018 and then totally shut down by Sharifov in 2019. The international guys are figuring him out; superior cardio and weight training power can only take a single leg so far. Now being outwrestled by Gadson before the injury and then Gadson being handled by Moore does not bode well. Can he turn it around? Of course. Unless he grows as a technician, though, not gonna happen. He's always taken some losses at small meets (being beaten by juice freak Boltukaev, etc.) but I think this recent spell is very different.  You age quickly at this level. The 24 year old cannot and should not train the same as the 18 year old.
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    sisi reacted to Lurker in Jordan Burroughs commits murder   
    Are we really pulling out the dictionary over beefcake between two world champ athletes???
    Taylor fired, JB fired back. It’s okay, it really doesn’t need to be overanalyzed and someone in the pair be made a “bully” (god I’ve grown to hate that word. It’s killing us)
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    sisi reacted to AnklePicker in Jordan Burroughs commits murder   
    Get a grip. Taylor took a shot, Burroughs, as per usual, down blocked and took a better shot. 
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    sisi reacted to LJB in Jordan Burroughs commits murder   
    i do not have any interest in seeing taylor outsize JB...
    he had his chance...
    he failed...
    now he's picking on a smaller guy and looking like exactly what he is while doing it...
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    sisi reacted to VakAttack in Jordan Burroughs commits murder   
    I think your perspective would be fair if Burroughs was the one who initiated this "confrontation."  It's not like Burroughs has been giving interviews calling Taylor a coward for running from him ever since Taylor moved up.  And Taylor didn't ask for another shot, he essentially insinuated that Burroughs was taking the easy way out by taking on Zahid as if he himself had not taken the easier route to a world team spot by moving away from his nemesis.  And I'm not saying he needs to carry it forever, but when it comes to this particular man, Jordan Burroughs, who beat him repeatedly before Taylor (and Dake) left for perceived easier roads....yeah, you have to wear that one, especially if you initiate the "confrontation."
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    sisi reacted to VakAttack in Jordan Burroughs commits murder   
    I didn't say he isn't allowed.  I said you'll sound like a tool when you were at the same weight and you left because you couldn't beat him.  It's no shame, he wasn't the only guy, Dake did it, too.  The reason there haven't been more Burroughs/Taylor matches isn't because of Burroughs, it's because Taylor left the weight after repeatedly losing.  Take the names off it.
    Wrestler A and Wrestler B wrestle each other several times.  Wrestler A wins them all.  Wrestler B moves to a new weight class.20 pounds heavier than even his college weight.  Wrestler A continues to dominate the same weight.  Wrestler A comes up for a one-off exhibition match, and Wrestler B tries to call out Wrestler A for not wrestling Wrestler B.  It's ridiculous, so of course Wrestler A mercilessly dunks on Wrestler B.
    Use it in any forum.  Lets say you and I got into many scored debates on this forum and you won them all.  Then I left and started posting exclusively at another forum.  You came to that forum for one debate, and then I called you out for not debating me.  I left.  I could have kept debating you here, trying to beat you, but I left.
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    sisi reacted to ugarte in Dake at 74Kg   
    Obviously he's biased - and as to @hammerlockthree's point, also Out There.  But so what? Bias doesn't really come into play here. Nor does Palacio being Out There - Yianni isn't a wildman and he RT'd it. Why would anyone cut for a Flo exhibition? Arujau and Alvarez wrestled at 140. Taylor and Martin wrestled at, what, 200? 
    My point is only that neither Dake nor Chamizo is going to have trouble with the cut to 74.
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    sisi reacted to maligned in Dake and JB FRL   
    If you have people in your life that seem nice on the outside AND live life thinking of others and building others up on the day to day--even privately maintaining respect and trying to reconcile with ones who mistreat them--it's no longer impossible to believe that those types of people exist elsewhere too. 
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    sisi reacted to Nutterbutter in Dake and JB FRL   
    LBJ, are you that cynical that you think a GOADED JB was still just playing a game?  I talk **** to my TV during sporting events, but in a work meeting I can behave.  It's not disingenuous, it's called being civil.  You ever met a meathead who couldn't refrain from cussing even if he was accepting a medal, at his daughter's wedding, or in any setting?  Same thing, and I appreciate a guy who can keep his emotions in check.  You make self control sound like a bad thing?  
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    sisi reacted to spartak in 1991 USA v. USSR in Boise   
    Only slightly off this topic, but I recently remembered the Rapid City dual in 1980 few months before boycotted Olympics in Moscow. I remembered, because I was going to reply to recently posted interview with Chuck Yagla. He said that he was sure he could win Moscow Olympics, but he was totally dominated by Petrenko, who didn't even make Olympic team. And that was few months before the Olympics. Frankly, Petrenko(I just want to remember him, he is from my city) was the best from 1976 to 1980, and he could win multiple world titles, but his career was ruined by circumstances. He was a student of the same coach as Pinigin, and his coach pushed him to wrestle a weight higher. He never weighted more than 70kg. The evidence is he wrestled worlds in 74 kg 1979. Lost, took 3rd. Of course not enough horsepower to beat Lee Kemp. But few months before that he won European at 68kg, and few months after was this dual in 68kg. He wouldn't cut weight for this event. He was a beast for 68kg, but not for 74kg unfortunately. And yes, in 1976 he was much better, than Pinigin, we all new his coach asked him to lose the match on nationals. I watched it. Sorry if I bored you with my post.
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    sisi reacted to Alwayswrestling in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Congratulations to Lee a great and well deserved honor.
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    sisi reacted to 1032004 in Campbell University New Coach   
    Yeah that’s kinda the point.  You have to start somewhere.  Yes Campbell was able to get Kolat, but the biggest name they were likely going to be able to get was maybe someone like Tony Ramos.  And pretty much all he has over Sentes is better credentials as a competitor (which shouldn’t be that big of a factor IMO).  I think it makes sense that’s they’d choose familiarity with the school/program/wrestlers over that.
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    sisi reacted to Lunaticfringe in Campbell University New Coach   
    I guarantee you nobody wants to be the next Pat Popolizzio, what was he about a 2x NQ and never even close to AA? Sentes was a decent recruit. Central Michigan was getting good recruits around that time. They got Ben Bennett, 4x AA I believe. They brought in Mike Ottinger, Joey Kielbasa, Zach Horan and Nick Hodgkins in 2011 I believe as all top 50 recruits, some had injuries and other issues as many do not work out. In 08 Central Michigan had the #3 recruiting class in the http://d1collegewrestling.net/Recruiting_Rankings2008.html
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    sisi reacted to klehner in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    "So-called experts," eh?  If you lived in a hurricane zone and the "experts" said there was a good chance that a Category 5 hurricane would hit your area in three days, would you prepare for the worst, or wait until it is too late because, well, you are skeptical of the experts?  If you had a diagnosis of cancer and the "experts" said you'd be dead in a month if you didn't receive treatment X, would you listen to them or not because, well, you are skeptical of the experts?  Which "experts" do you heed, and which do you ignore?  Oh, and look up the Dunning-Kruger effect.
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    sisi reacted to RajaThaiKnee in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    Sad to see that people like the one who started this thread care nothing for anyone else. I am a healthy person. I am a 33 year old man who works out, does cardio, and Thai boxing daily. I eat very healthy. So I’m a very low risk person. That being said, I am also a family man and I am very close to some loved ones that are at risk. My 80 year old grandparents are very healthy for their age, but they are at risk. My mother is a tad over weight so that puts her at risk. Lord knows we all have unhealthy friends who are at risk. Heck, If you care about nobody except your own family, surely as a wrestler you care about Dan Gable. At his age he at risk.
    This stuff is not political. I have a close family member who works at the cdc, and told me two week ago (when my main concern was the NCAA’s being Canceled) that it’s not a matter of if, but when, that the government will have to start closing schools, canceling events, etc... I suggest people that believe this is a bio weapon listen to someone who knows their stuff. Listen/watch Joe Rogan’s recent podcast (# 1439) with an infectious disease Epidemiologist. This guy breaks it down and proves just how bad it’s going to get in America. He also states that man could not come up with a bio weapon this bad. The reason it came from China is because they eat any kind of food from monkeys straight from a tree, to dogs on the street.

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    sisi got a reaction from simple in Was DeSanto injured?   
    I defer to what coach Brands says.
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    sisi reacted to whaletail in RBY should have been DQ'd   
    Or, more likely, she saw someone get violently taken to their back, heard your (almost certainly biased) reaction, and responded in kind.
    In real time, nothing looked off at all, and even in slow motion, it's questionable that his knee hyper extended at all.
    The idea that RBY should have been DQ'd is laughable, and if that's in fact a rule, it's a terrible one.  RBY did nothing wrong, and I suspect DeSanto was going over regardless.
    That said, I'm biased.  Much as I appreciate DeSanto, the Carver fans are so annoying that it's hard not to tar the wrestlers with the same brush.  Nor does DeSanto face adversity like that very often, and I wonder whether he experienced a bit of what he puts most of his opponents through.
    I'm sure he'll bounce back, learn from the experience, and be better for it.
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    sisi reacted to spladle08 in Make your Olympic team picks   
    I'll play. 

    I'm a homer and Love FIX but I think its a toss between he and Gilman. 
    Gross looked great and I understand the love from everyone, but he was 1 second from losing to Suriano, if he doesn't get that tilt, is the hype train still at the station.

    Yainni..... JO, Zain, Frank are all great, but I see him as the most complete of our reps.  JO is similar but has 0 gas tank, and mentally or whatever refuses to wrestle 6 minutes. 
    Zain remains Metcalf Junior, solid enough to win domestically but meh, not many expectations due to limited attacks. Frank is frank, also limited attacks but small, and tough to score on. 
    I think Yainni is our best bet at a medal, but one bad/good weekend opens the door for any of these 4. 

    JB... as much as its fun to say Dake has gained this tremendous confidence by beating Jabril Hasanov, I've watched JB go to war with Chamizo and Sidakov, and elite elite. people, either winning or losing by the slimmest of margins.  i know the stigma of a non olympic weight can be blown out of proportion, but Hasanov would legit be 4th domestically. I honestly don't see him having lost a step, and apparently i don't see Dake in this new majestic light everyone else, does. He's had some close matching with Valencia and RInger over the last 2 years and I think most would agree JB is better than them. I think it's a war but i like JB to hold serve. 

    Cox: I still believe he goes down. DT has been on the shelf so that puts him a little further back, but honestly I wouldnt favor a healthy and active DT, much less one coming off the bench.... Cox wrestles this weight and puts up a memorable performance come the Olympics. 

    SNyderman: I think Nickal could add some intrigue and I genuinely wouldnt be surprised if he pulls the upset.  If Bo goes down.  Obviously there is 0 intrigue and its as clear cut as it gets.  but predicting against SNyder seems foolish. 

    Gable. We've see the Gwiz show. and it's been close with Gable to this point..... i think a year of wrestling men, and concentrating FS. willl give ole Gable to little bit of separation he needs. I don't think we have a chance of beating the top 2 guys here, but whoever we send will be capable of a Bronze. 

    THats my story and I'm sticking to it. 
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    sisi reacted to ThorsteinV in 74 kg discussion   
    Sidakov is excellent but I just can't envision him beating Dake.  
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